Powerful Feminist Topics for Research and Essay Writing

Feminist Topics

A feminist is someone who believes in social and political equality for all gender. While some believe that men are expected to take political and leadership positions, a feminist believes that a female can do the same. Feminism has been one of the most trending and hottest discussions in this age. It has generated a lot of controversies and debates.

Unlike the popular belief that females made up the feminist movement. You need to understand that a feminist can either be a male or a female. It is not gender that makes you a feminist but the belief inequality between the two genders.

Students in the social science discipline might be asked to write an academic paper on feminism. Although a hot debate topic, it can be quite hard to generate a good feminist topic. The complexity of this topic is because it is a general discussion. You must have an appealing and interesting topic. As a solution to this, here are compilations of the best feminism topics you can consider in your next research and essay writing.

Best Feminism Debate Topics

Like it was mentioned earlier, feminism has generated some of the hottest debates in this generation. While the belief system is right with some people, others totally disagree with it. You can choose to write on the debated topic of feminism to give your own opinion. The following are the best feminist debate topics you can consider;

  1. The role of women in society compared to that of a man.
  2. Debate the role of women in the history of American politics.
  3. Debate on the position of Elizabeth Candy Staton on the fifteenth amendment.
  4. Discuss the real bitch manifesto and give your position.
  5. The struggle for right inclusion of women in politics: a facade or a move for actualization.
  6. Does Islamic law support feminism or against it?

The Feminist Topic for Discussion

Feminism is always a good topic to discuss. Rather than debate, a discussion will help to better propagate the feminism agenda. Discussion is also a better way to clarify some unclear conditions of feminism. The following are feminist discussion topics to write on;

  1. Why are women denied combat positions in the US Army before 2013?
  2. The Seneca Falls Convention and the details of the convention.
  3. Discussing the impact of the speech- Sojourner’s truth Ain’t I a woman?
  4. The invention of the contraceptive pill as a milestone in the fight for equality.
  5. Discussion on Amelia Earhart and her legacy.
  6. The struggle for women’s rights in society and the effect of Comstock’s Law.

Best Feminism Essay Topics

Writing an essay on any feminist topics topic is inevitable. Essay writing is a good way to express yourself on any topic. Expository and descriptive essays, for instance, are good ways to explain the concept of feminism. The following are feminist paper topics for essay writing;

  1. Witch trials in Europe as a gross violation of women’s rights.
  2. Do World War I have any influence on women’s rights?
  3. Women’s right to own landed property in the United States – How was this achieved?
  4. Considering the comparison and the difference between women’s health and women’s rights.
  5. The challenges and the prospects of National women organizations.
  6. What factors contributed to the popular opinion of seeing women as inferior.

Best Feminism Research Topics

There is a lot to research about feminism and feminism. You can research a leading figure or a milestone achievement in the struggle. Here are feminist research paper topics good for you;

  1. What are the achievements of Molly Dewson in the women’s rights movement?
  2. Research on the equal pay act and the progress so far.
  3. Research on factors leading to Russia’s women suffrage law.
  4. Research on equality law in Japan.
  5. The famous five of the women’s rights movement.
  6. Research on women’s rights in Russia and England.

Feminism Argumentative Essay Topics

Feminism over time has generated heated arguments. You can write an argumentative essay on a particular position on feminism. The following are feminist research paper topics to consider;

  1. Feminism is more dangerous the society than racism.
  2. Justifying Elizabeth Candy Stanton’s opposition to the fifteenth amendment.
  3. Comparing women and men narrative in slavery.
  4. There is no difference between women’s rights and human rights.
  5. Is feminism an Antichrist?
  6. Arguing the effectiveness of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her fight against the description of women in the United States.

Controversial Feminist Topics

Feminism is an agenda that is controversial in nature. While it is appealing to some, it is a disgusting agenda to others. Here are controversial topics about feminism;

  1. Is black feminism a separate kind of feminism?
  2. Why is being a gentleman considered sexist by the feminists?
  3. Is the gender concept even needed?
  4. Is it impossible to achieve complete gender equality?
  5. The challenges of ableism in intersectional feminism campaign.
  6. Controversy on the relevance of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper’s Speech and Poetry.

Feminist Persuasive Speech Topics

Some feminist research paper topics are persuasive. The campaign itself should be persuasive rather than offensive. The following are topics of feminism that are persuasive;

  1. The advantages of gender equality in society.
  2. History of American women in politics and their impacts.
  3. The role of women in theater acting and how it can influence gender equality.
  4. The global challenge of feminists and a need for gender equality.
  5. Gender-oriented politics and its effects.
  6. Reviewing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s book, we should all be feminists.

Feminist Project Topics

Besides writing on research paper topics on feminism, you can also come up with a project. Such writing allows you to write on the new approach or a perspective strategy for the movement. The following are good project topics in feminism;

  1. Can men be feminists?
  2. The development of patriarchy.
  3. Matriarchy or a patriarchal family: which one is more peaceful?
  4. Provocative methods and topics of feminism and what could be the results.
  5. The possible outcome of reproductive rights in gender equality.
  6. Feminist research topics methodology and its influence on education.

Interesting Feminism Topics

No doubt, feminism is an interesting topic to discuss. Certain feminist topics are enlightening and exciting. Some of such interesting feminist topics to write about are;

  1. What is the ‘Pink Tax’ and why should it be abolished?
  2. Why is sexism in advertising a problem?
  3. Identifying the goal of girls in the tech industry.
  4. Beauty pageant and its role in strengthening or weakening girls’ body image.
  5. Female circumcision: a cultural tradition or women’s oppression?
  6. How to avoid gender biases as a parent.


No doubt, there are a lot of feminist topics to talk about. However, the above-listed topics are the best pick for you when writing an essay or research paper on feminism. You can carefully review the listed topics and choose the best ones for you. This will enable a seamless flow of writing in your paper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most pressing issues feminism seeks to address?
Feminism, also referred to as fourth-wave feminism, aims to address issues thousands of women face daily. These include street harassment, campus sexual assault, and workplace harassment, among other things. These are issues that affect or could ruin women’s lives, careers, and personal relationships, as well as damage their mental and physical health.
What are some ideas about feminism that will make a great essay?
Feminism is a broad topic with a many aspects to research and write an essay on. You can talk about domestic violence and what role women play in the modern world of business. A great place to get great, interesting, and contemporary ideas on the topic of feminism is social media.

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