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racism essay topics

Racism is a popular subject in society. Students in fields of study such as history, art, social science, and politics may not do without the subject. As a student in any of these fields, you might have to write an essay or carry out research on any racism topic.

Hence, the need to familiarize yourself with possible racism essay topics. There are diverse ways of writing an essay. It all depends on the type of essay you are writing.

Regardless of your style of essay, you can find racism essay topics for your next essay assignment. Likewise, you can also find a befitting research topic about racism.

General Racism Essays Topics

Racism is a topic with a broad scope. Exploring all of racism can be a big deal. However, you can streamline your essay to the general overview of racism. This option allows you to build up your essay quickly. The following topics are general essay topics on racism;

  1. The root cause of racism in Europe
  2. Racism and its effect on Africa and India
  3. American and racism
  4. Racism as a social problem
  5. Relationship between slavery and racism
  6. Comparison between racism in the 19th and the 20th century
  7. Racism in America compared to the United Kingdom
  8. Impact of racism in America
  9. Racism in the American music industry
  10. The social construct of African American racism

Controversial Racism Topics

At times, racism can generate controversies. Not everyone has the same view about the issue. Some Europeans and native Americans see it as nothing. Meanwhile, it is considered a significant threat to the world’s unity by others.

You may need to focus your research on this aspect. The following are controversial racism topics for the research paper;

  1. The impossibilities of eradicating racism
  2. Tribalism and prejudice as forms of racism
  3. Equal rights between the whites and blacks in America: unachievable phenomenon
  4. The universality of racism
  5. Racism: Crime against humanity or the law?
  6. The atom of racism in every heart
  7. The need for racism and racist in society
  8. Can humans ever control racism?
  9. Mexicans are more racist than Americans.
  10. Racism is more natural than the holocaust.

Racism Topics for Research Paper

Racism is a subject that is fit for research purposes. History students may have to write on the historical aspect of racism in the world or specific countries. Perhaps you are a history student, and you need good racism research paper topics. You can choose from the list below;

  1. African-American racism in America: What are the factors responsible for the racial discrimination
  2. Research on the prevalence of racism in America within 1783 and 1836
  3. The social effect of racism on blacks and immigrants in America
  4. Sociological view of racism: The institutional and interactional levels of racism
  5. Research on racism in the 20th century
  6. Political and social institutions as the tools for eradicating institutional racism
  7. Research on underlying traits and aspects of racism the world has failed to see
  8. Research on Trans-Atlantic slave trade and racism in England
  9. Research on racism in Australia: The Aborigines and the racial discrimination
  10. Research on racism in Asia: China and Korea as a case study

Historical Racism Research Topics

Racism can be traced back to the 17th century. As such, there are more historical facts to check about the subject. Learning about the origin of racism is done when the history behind it is analyzed.

The following are historical topics about racism you can consider in your research;

  1. Black workers in the 1950 and the effect of racism on them
  2. Research on historical figures and their fight against racism.
  3. Harlem Renaissance: An art movement or a revolt against racism
  4. European colonialism and its promotion of racism
  5. Historical analysis of racism in ancient Greece
  6. Charles Darwin research and its effect on racism
  7. Apartheid: Racism and its effect on South Africa
  8. Martin Luther King: The anti-racism movement and his assassination
  9. The 1960 women movement and its effect on racism
  10. Fidel Castro and the fight against racism in Cuba

Analytical Racism Research Paper Topics

Analytical research on racism is the best way to get information on the subject matter. It answers the question ‘How,’ ‘What’ and ‘Why.’ It is a research process social science students might have to adopt in their research papers. The following are racism essay topics for analytical research;

  1. Racism in the educational system: Why and how to eliminate it.
  2. What are the career and educational barriers caused by racism?
  3. Analysis of racism in Latin America
  4. Analysis on the effect of racism on racial minorities in America
  5. What are the consequences of racism in society?
  6. Analysis of the effect of racism in the sports industry
  7. Institutional racism: Its effect on the healthcare system
  8. The difference between racism and ageism
  9. How to deal with racism as a workplace manager
  10. What are the effects of social media on the anti-racism movement?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Racism and Racism Debate Topics

Racism is no doubt a controversial subject. It has resulted in heated debate both by the public and among the government. There are enough racism argumentative essay topics to consider.

The following are specific racism topics good for debate and argumentative purposes;

  1. Who built racism: the white or the black?
  2. Is racism immoral?
  3. Racism is not hatred but a mental disorder.
  4. Can racism ever be eliminated?
  5. Islamophobia: racism or fear of terrorism
  6. Religion as a cause of racism
  7. Racism is homophobia.
  8. The irrelevance of racism in Europe
  9. Racism is an artificial concept and not a natural phenomenon.
  10. Cultural diversity as a cause of racism

Persuasive Essay Topics on Racism

Not all racism topics can be argumentative. There are persuasive topics about racism for easy writing. These topics essentially seek to override people’s views on racism. The following are persuasive essay and research topics on racism;

  1. Can people speak up about racism?
  2. The need for social process in eliminating racism
  3. Interracial connection as a solution to racism in education
  4. Black Lives Matter campaign and its possibility of eliminating racism in Europe
  5. Ethnic integration and socialization as a solution to racial difference
  6. The effect of racism on the societal imbalance
  7. Psychology as a tool to eliminate racism among high school and college students
  8. Preventing racism in modern society
  9. Interracial heritage and its influence on individual opinion about racism
  10. The psychology of racism

How to Get a Racism Essay Paper Best Grade

Writing an essay is an easy task. However, writing essays on popular subjects such as racism can be tedious. Such writing requires in-depth research and evaluation. Therefore, you must consider the following things to get the best out of your racism essay paper.

  • Choose your best topic

It would be best if you didn’t go for the most exciting topic. It would be best if you chose the racism essay topic that is best for you. This act gives you the chance to make the best out of the topic.

  • Consider the history behind the topic

There is always a history behind every racism topic. Endeavor to integrate the history into your essay. This act portrays you as a good researcher.

  • Give examples where necessary

Racism is not hearsay and abstract occurrence. There are quite a lot of examples of and societies involved in racism. You must ensure you give an actual example and illustrations that relate to your topic.

  • Don’t hesitate to seek professional help

Writing a racism essay can be a cumbersome task. However, you can find professional writers to help in your essay writing. It helps you with the necessary resources needed to get the best grade.


Writing racism quickly becomes less complicated when you get the best racism essay topic. Above are various racism topics you should consider for your essay and research papers. You can have a persuasive, argumentative, or debatable racism topic for your essay. You will find all of these in the above-listed topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you consider racism topics for essay writing purposes?
Writing an essay on racism can help you explore your personal experiences with the subject. Also, it can help you explore the history of racism and also raise more awareness about the issue. Racism is a contemporary topic that will not run out of relevance, so writing on it makes great sense.
What should you note when writing an essay on racism?
When writing an essay on racism, regardless of the topic, ensure you mention the type of racism you are exploring. Also, note the social environment you took as the background of your study. Also, consider exploring influential personalities and compose an essay that will instill hope, however little, in readers.

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