Meet the Team

Since founding, we've employed only the best talent out there. Because that's what your project demands.

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Every week, around 100 applications from prospective writers are reviewed by our recruiters. But only a select few will pass the vetting procedure.

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The first stage of the selection process is the resume check. We look at the applicant's prior experience and academic credentials to ensure they fit the bill.

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We offer the candidates a timed language test, weeding out those whose knowledge is not sufficient to deliver error-free work for you.

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The only way to assess someone's expertise is to see them actually employ it in practice. Candidates complete a trial assignment for us before they're allowed on board.

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No matter how talented or experienced our people are, it's you who gets the final say in everything. Choose from the best, and pick the one that's perfect.

Honorable Mentions

Our writers are the ones we pamper most, but there are many others working to ensure your success.

In-House Editors

To err is human, but you want results, not excuses. Our editors review every project before submission, making consistent quality our brand.

Support Managers

Always friendly and passionate about helping you, our support staff is on call 24/7, trained to sort out any issues that might get in your way.

System Admins

While they rarely get any credit for it, system engineers and admins are the ones keeping our system safe, thus enforcing our confidentiality guarantee.