Best Picked Psychology Essay Topics For Your Next Paper

Psychology Essay Topics

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior. It focuses on studying the behavioral pattern of man and some other animals alike. As relatable as psychology could be, writing a psychology essay can be a tough thing to do. The most difficult aspect of writing is getting a perfect topic for psychology research paper.

Psychology has a very wide scope and this has been the challenge many students face. Streamlining your idea into a perfect essay can take much effort. To be of help, we have compiled a lot of topics related to psychology you can choose from. The topics cut across different types of essays and aspects of psychology.

How to Choose the Best Psychology Paper Topic

Since you already have the arrays of topics to choose from, you only have to choose the best now. Choosing the best topic for psychology research paper requires you to follow three steps. These steps are;

  • Choose a branch of psychology to write on

Psychology is quite a wide area of study with many branches. When choosing a psychology topic to discuss, it would be best if you choose a particular branch as your focus area. Writing on a generic topic can make your research more complex. You may need to streamline your topic to either behavioral psychology, educational psychology, or abnormal psychology.

  • Draw your outline

It is proper to have an outline while writing a psychology research paper. To test if you have chosen the best topic, you must be able to draw a good outline for the topic. This act also will help make your writing easier provided you have selected easy psychology topics.

  • Check out the available resources

A psychology research paper requires a lot of research. You must be ready to write out convincing facts. Hence, the topic chosen must have enough resources necessary to write a perfect paper. The best topic will have enough resources in the library and also online.


Controversial Topics in Psychology for Research Paper

Psychology topics can sometimes be controversial. Such topics are always intriguing and you may have to answer any questions to clear out doubts. You must also be ready to do more research if this is your choice. The following are controversial psychology topics for paper writing;


  1. Essay on whether homosexuality is a psychological disorder or not.
  2. Parents play significant roles in children’s mental health.
  3. Different responses to homosexuality and psychological implications of each.
  4. Is it right to have your clients as friends on Facebook?
  5. Evaluation of the right and wrong of the Stanford Prison Experiment.
  6. Should teenagers be banned from using social sites?
  7. Intimate relationship and the nuances of domestic violence.
  8. What are fetishes and their associated behavior?
  9. The effect of childhood trauma on the environment.
  10.  The evaluation of the Milgram experiment.


Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

You may choose to write an essay on argumentative psychology topics. Argumentative essays must include a lot of points and ideas to support your stance. You must be able to convince your readers at the end of your essay. You can choose an argumentative topic for psychology paper here;


  1. Teens dating violence is a menace to society.
  2. Psychological torture should be considered a grave offense.
  3. The ineffectiveness of divorce counseling.
  4. Watching TV a lot can contribute to obesity.
  5. Argumentative essay on the tangibility of dreams.
  6. Dreams are mere fantasy.
  7. Social media is responsible for high violence in society.
  8. Eyewitness account in the courtroom and its limitations.
  9. Predictive policies are not good in government.
  10. Does fake news contribute to the scare of the Covid-19 pandemic?


Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

Since psychology studies the human mind, it equally entails social interaction. You may choose to focus your research paper on the psychological interaction between humans and their environment. The following are psychology topic ideas as they relate to human society;


  1. The possibility and process of quitting a bad habit.
  2. The effect of peer pressure on the increased crime rate in society.
  3. The application of psychology in the military interrogation system.
  4. Homelessness and its effect on mental health.
  5. The health consequences of a bad relationship.
  6. Hate crime and its psychological effect on society.
  7. The effect of racism and homophobia on human society.
  8. Marital dispute and its effect on society.
  9. The consequences of violent games and how it alters children’s behavior in public.
  10. Gender equality movement: the position, the pitfalls, and the extremes.


Most Interesting Psychology Topics

It is possible to write interesting essays about psychology. In doing so, you must get a fascinating topic. Such a topic must have interesting captions and entail a discussion everyone wants to read. The following are interesting psychology topics for paper writing;


  1. The interconnection of dream and the soul.
  2. How do disturbing dreams happen and how to discourage them.
  3. What causes depression and what possible way out.
  4. How to manage stress effectively.
  5. What are the disadvantages associated with being an attractive person?
  6. Can aging in any way lead to mental illness?
  7. The method of hypnotism in quitting smoking.
  8. The negative influence of separation and divorce on kids.
  9. Laughter and its effect on physical health and attractiveness.
  10. The ability of color to influence learning in kids.


Psychology Persuasive Speech Topics

Psychology sometimes can be controversial. Meaning that it might raise some opinions that are difficult to believe. The essence of a persuasive research topic is then to uphold such ideas through persuasion. The following are cool psychology topics that will make a good persuasive speech;


  1. Affectionate style influences children more than the authoritative parenting style.
  2. Low self-esteem can result in poor academic performance in high school.
  3. Autism can be corrected at an early stage.
  4. Introversiveness is not a disorder of human psychology.
  5. The psychology of the human mind and its involvement in democracy.
  6. Leadership is all about influence.
  7. Attention span will decrease as humans increase in age.
  8. The High School environment influences a kid more than family.
  9. Society influences a kid more than family.
  10. Is meditation effective in solving stress problems?


Extended Essay Psychology Topics on Health Psychology

There is a human health aspect of psychology. This aspect focuses on medical and health topics as it relates to humans. Writing a research paper in this aspect will be an extensive essay as it always requires more research. The following are psychology research paper ideas as they relate to health;


  1. The interconnection of human emotions and weight gain and loss.
  2. The increased rate of depression in women as compared to men’s depression rate.
  3. Seasonal depression: Causes and remedies.
  4. How breast cancer can manage physical and emotional stress
  5. The benefits of exercise and how best it is carried out.
  6. Health benefits of mediation and its effectiveness in dealing with stress.
  7. Dealing with grief and loss without incurring health breakdown.
  8. The effectiveness and the side effects of antidepressants.
  9. Agoraphobia: causes and how to overcome it.
  10. Effective therapies for treating addiction and their application.


Psychology Paper Topics for College Students

College students can equally write on psychology. However, it must be a simplified topic that can be developed with less effort. Such topics can deal with basic psychology like human emotions and human interaction. The following are college students best psychology topics to write about;


  1. Strong self-perception and its associated benefits.
  2. The psychological effect of love on the brain and the change in function.
  3. Yoga and human psychology: pros and cons.
  4. The difference in the male and female brain functioning.
  5. Sleep paralysis: the causes, effects, and treatment.
  6. The causes, symptoms, and treatment of dementia.
  7. The interconnection of PTSD and Alzheimer’s disease.
  8. The difference and the similarities between each form of amnesia damage.
  9. Tajfel and Turner’s social identity theory.
  10. Multiple personality disorder and its possible treatments.


Cultural or Social Psychology Essay Topics

There is a role that psychology plays in human culture. As such, you may have to write an essay about the psychological implications of cultural and social interaction between humans. Its essay can be written with just culture in view or it can be a multicultural focus. The following are good psychology topics to write about culture;


  1. Similarities and disparities better culture and education.
  2. The roles of culture in multinational industries and companies.
  3. A different perspective of motherhood in different cultures.
  4. Beauty as perceived in the stone age as compared to the digital age.
  5. Living in a multicultural environment: The pros and cons.
  6. The important role of culture in psychology.
  7. The perception of humor across different cultural backgrounds.
  8. Internet buying behavior and the influence of culture on the market movement.
  9. The influence of cultural background on human behavior and social interaction.
  10. The role of cultural heritage and background on human emotional intelligence.


Developmental Psychology Essay Topics

The developmental aspect of psychology has to do with the child development process. It features the stages in development, noticeable changes both physically and emotionally, and factors responsible for the change. The following are the best psychology topics of human development;


  1. The effect of bullying on the mental development of elementary school students.
  2. The increased rate of violence and the role of social media and cartoons.
  3. Violent games and cartoon and their influence on kids.
  4. Increase psychopathic behavior in teenagers and youth: causes and possible way out.
  5. The influence of abusive parents on child development.
  6. Accelerated aging process: What are the factors responsible?
  7. The interconnection of sleeping disorders and other mental diseases.
  8. Drug abuse and its effect on youths’ mental health.
  9. Psychological evaluation of the aging process.
  10. Child abuse and its negative influence on child development.


Abnormal Psychology Essay Topics

The human mind works differently and this is seen in their behavior. While some behaviors are normal, others can be said to be abnormal. These abnormalities are sometimes a result of a dysfunctional mind or emotion. The following good psychology essay topics for abnormal psychology paper writing;


  1. Anorexia in adults: Causes and treatment.
  2. Anxiety disorder: Causes and treatment.
  3. The psychological implications of asexuality.
  4. Eating disorders and the factor responsible for their increase among youths.
  5. What are the factors responsible for the increasing rate of teenage suicide?
  6. Suicidal thoughts and their psychological causes and effects.
  7. Multiple personality disorder: Definition and factors responsible.
  8. Phobia: Causes, health implications, and how to deal with it.
  9. Controlling depression, thought, and anxiety.
  10. Factors responsible for mood swings and how to deal with them.


Clinical Psychology Research Topics

Psychology topics can also be clinical. Such topics are partly related to health topics. Clinical psychology writing prompts an essay on practical management of the human mind and behavior. The following are clinical topics for a psychology research paper you can consider;


  1. Psychological methods of getting rid of chronic pains.
  2. The effectiveness of behavioral therapy in criminal training.
  3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:  Factors contributing to the disorder.
  4. The effectiveness of therapy in dealing with depression.
  5. Dealing with panic attacks and anxiety using cognitive therapy.
  6. Possible addiction as a side effect of antidepressants.
  7. Abusive relationship and its effect on the psychology and self-esteem of the victim.
  8. Clinical treatment of insomnia.
  9. The right treatment for social anxiety.
  10. The clinical approach to treating phobia and paranoias.



Psychology is an interesting and very broad course of study. It has different scopes across areas such as behavioral, clinical, developmental, social, and cultural. At the same time, it may require you to write either an argumentative, persuasive, or demonstrative essay. All of these have contributed to the complexity of writing a psychology research and essay paper.

Nevertheless, the effort becomes easier when you have a good topic to write about. You can choose from the array of best psychology topics for the papers listed above. You can work on your topic outline and carry out detailed research.

As a result of the complexity and the large volume of research required, you may be overwhelmed. In such a case, you can seek professional help from our expert writer. This service makes your work easier and offers you the best of psychology essay papers for a good grade.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it often hard to choose a psychology topic?
Students find the process of choosing a topic for a psychology essay frustrating for different reasons. One major reason is that there is a vast range of potential essay topics to choose from. When and if they do decide on one topic, it may not be sufficiently satisfying or easy to write on.
What tips can make choosing a psychology topic easier?
Peruse the field of study to which your assignment relates and find something that interests you or at least appeals to you. Ensure the topic is specific enough so that you can provide sufficient information about it. Last but not least, check to see that the topic has sufficient sources for quality, credible information.

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