80 Evaluation Essay Topics Just For You!

Evaluation Essay Topics

Evaluation essays cover the presentation of an idea, viewpoint, or opinion on a subject. Usually, this type of essay requires that you use facts, observations, and reviews to make your point. An evaluation essay is very important and, therefore, getting the right evaluation essay topics is essential to giving you a great start and finish.

Since evidence is important when justifying your viewpoint, you need to give a summary of the article or subject in question. From there, you follow the summary with a thorough, well-structured argument with examples and evidence to make your point. Below, we will be providing you with a list of evaluation topics to give you the inspiration and help you need and to make writing your essay easier. Ready to see what topics we have for you? Let’s dive right in!

Topics for Evaluation Essay

Choosing a suitable topic may appear simple at first, but it is not always so. Many students claim that choosing a topic for their essay is the most difficult part of the essay writing process. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of evaluation topics that may be useful to you. Here are some evaluative essay topics for you!


  1. Is it rational to legalize marijuana?
  2. Should a child be allowed to view movies with violent content at a young age?
  3. The influence of social media on people
  4. What impact does a student’s mental health have on his academic performance?
  5. Can a student’s lifestyle have an impact on their learning abilities?
  6. What are some strategies that teachers can use to address the needs of their students?
  7. Compare and contrast the cuisines of the United States and Italy.
  8. How well do standardized examinations assess a student’s capacity to assimilate information?
  9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a smartphone in school?
  10. Should cell phone and driving regulations be tightened?


Evaluation Argument Essay Topics

Getting an argument of evaluation topics is not the easiest thing in the world. Convincing your audience when it comes to evaluation argument topics is generally quite challenging. However, this can be made easier if you choose a topic that has a lot of supporting points to make arguing it out easier and more convincing. Below is a list of some arguments of evaluation topics that could be useful to you. Here they are!


  1. Compare and contrast the differences between an animated and a live-action version of a film. Which is the better option?
  2. Recognize the significance of a reliable weather forecast.
  3. How effective are advertising slogans in bringing customers in?
  4. Examine how the loss of Earth’s natural resources will affect our overall quality of life.
  5. What impact does domestic violence have on students’ academic performance?
  6. Examine the benefits and drawbacks of attending an American college.
  7. Examine the impact of the stand-up comedy genre on contemporary culture.
  8. Compare and contrast the many forms of healthcare reform.
  9. What are the consequences of self-driving cars?
  10. How do you feel about bomb-sniffing bees?


Good Evaluation Essay Topics on Education

Education has been known to be a wide field of study with endless topics to work on. Are you in search of good evaluation essay topics on education? We have gathered some good evaluation topics that can be of help to you! Check them out!


  1. A Critical Assessment of the Educational Evolution in the United States of America
  2. Can a student’s financial situation affect their ability to learn?
  3. What type of educational service is best for students who have learning difficulties?
  4. Do parents have an impact on their children’s learning abilities?
  5. Analyze the accessibility requirements for students with disabilities.
  6. What is the best way to deal with a student’s troublesome behavior?
  7. Examine the formal assessment strategy system and compare it to the informal assessment strategy system used in American schools.
  8. Which is more essential when picking a restaurant: the food or the prices?
  9. Examine the atmosphere of your favorite coffee shop. Why do you keep returning to this location? Do you think their coffee is of good quality?
  10. Consider the distinctions between traditional and online partnerships. What was the difference between them? Which, in your opinion, is best for business growth?


Easy Evaluation Essay Topics

By now, you know that finding an evaluation topic to write about is not always as simple as it appears. And we totally understand that. And even when you do get an evaluation essay topic, it can sometimes be difficult to develop ideas on the topic. Are you looking for simple, basic, and straightforward evaluation topics? Here are a couple of ideas you can work with!


  1. Why is it important to employ modern technology in business?
  2. Examine the benefits and drawbacks of technology in our daily lives.
  3. What are some of the most serious flaws in medicine? How do you think some of these flaws can and should be addressed?
  4. Examine the impact of music on people who are suffering from mental illness.
  5. What is the most effective way to prevent teenagers from becoming violent?
  6. African education vs. American education What are the major distinctions?
  7. Make a note of the parallels between the First and Second World Wars.
  8. Examine the various sorts of educational approaches utilized in schools.
  9. Is the American educational system effective in achieving its goals?
  10. What distinguishes a classic romance film from a contemporary romance film?


Evaluation Topics on Culture

Students and non-students alike can perform extensive research on culture by writing a cultural evaluation essay. This allows them to illustrate worldwide issues and do research on the topics of diversity, customs, and tradition. It also helps to understand the significance of a person’s cultural heritage and the impact it may have on society as a whole. Below is a list of culture-related evaluation paper topics from which you can choose:


  1. The impact of cultural identification on a person
  2. In today’s society, culture can be used as a political instrument.
  3. Do various civilizations have any similarities?
  4. How self-esteem and culture relates in helping students learn
  5. Clothing styles that are connected to various cultures.
  6. The Evolution of Subcultures as a Reflection of Contemporary Cultural Trends.
  7. The History of Cultural Philosophy and How It Was Accepted by Society in Ancient Times.
  8. Classical and Modern Art: A Comparison of Cultural Values.
  9. What is the role of celebrities in society as carriers of mass culture?
  10. How Does Information Freedom Affect the Development of Culture Around the World?


Evaluation Essay Topics on Technology

Here is a list of topics for an evaluation essay on technology!


  1. Compare the different phone plans available in your area. Which company offers the best plan for students and why?
  2. Compare and contrast the differences between viewing a movie at a theater, at home, on television, or on a phone or tablet.
  3.  Examine the gaming experience on various devices. Which gaming experience is the most enjoyable?
  4. Compare and contrast the experience of utilizing digital textbooks with that of using a traditional paper textbook.
  5. Examine the current legislation concerning the use of cell phones while driving. Which laws are the most efficient when it comes to preventing accidents?
  6. Examine your own or other students’ use of technology during the day. Is technology making your life easier or more difficult?
  7. Consider the various methods for transferring data from a camera or phone to a computer. Which method is the most convenient and effective for the majority of people?
  8. Examine the most recent version of your preferred smartphone. What makes it superior to the previous version? What modifications have the most impact?
  9. Examine the impact of video games on children and teenagers. Is it advantageous or hazardous to students?
  10. Examine the technological future. What do you think it will become and what type of progress do you think it will make?


Evaluation Paper Topics on Sport

Sport is an interesting subject area to write evaluation essays on. With billions of sports fans around the world, there are lots of varying opinions on how sports should be run, etc. You may be interested in writing an evaluation essay on the sports niche. And yes, that’s a good niche choice. So, would you like to see some sport topics for evaluation essays? Here are some evaluation topics for sports you can choose from.


  1. Compare and contrast the experiences of watching a game alone versus with a group of friends. Or the experience of watching it at home or live at the stadium.
  2. Take a look at the spectators at a sporting event. What kind of fans do you have? How do the behaviors of the spectators contribute to or detract from the game’s experience?
  3. Examine your favorite sports team’s most recent season. What was the team’s performance like compared to the expectations at the outset of the season?
  4. Examine the management of your local high school football team. Is the coaching beneficial or detrimental to the players in other aspects of their lives? When a player is injured, are they urged to play? Is the method for determining who will play each game a good one?
  5. In your hometown, what is the best club sports team to join? What characteristics distinguish it as the best club team for players and their families?
  6. Compare and contrast the experience of playing a sport with that of watching the same sport.
  7. Consider how viewing women’s basketball differs from watching men’s basketball.
  8. Consider the differences between seeing team sports games like golf, swimming, gymnastics, or ice skating and watching an individual sport like golf, or gymnastics.
  9. Evaluate sports like surfing or skateboarding from the perspective of both participants and spectators. Examine the evolution of these sports over time.
  10. What are your thoughts on the foods sold at sporting events? What are some of the most common foods sold there?


Medical Evaluation Essay Topics

Medical ethics and evaluation are one of the highly controversial topics. Not only is it highly controversial, but it is also a very sensitive aspect. Medical ethics and evaluation will get more complex by the day with new treatment options, experimental treatment options, changing practices, and lots more. This makes it an excellent topic for an evaluation essay as it is highly debatable and can have various possible outcomes. Are you looking for possible topics to write about medical evaluation? You can consider some of the topics below:


  1. Religious Dissensions: How Medical Ethics Deals With Religious Beliefs
  2. Care for the mentally handicapped: ethical issues
  3. The Ethics of Pregnancy: When Can a Doctor Arrest a Patient?
  4. Why Can’t Doctors End Suffering Lives One at a Time?
  5. Nursing Theories: What Are the Most Ethical Theories?
  6. What Doctors Must Do in Foreign Countries When Medical Ethics Is Non-Existent
  7. When Is It Medically Ethical to Put a Person to Death?
  8. Is Medical Ethics the Same Throughout the World?
  9. The Difficulties of Practicing Medicine Abroad on an Ethical Level
  10. Why Is Medical Ethics Still Relevant?


How to Choose Evaluation Topic?


In this section, we’ll walk you through the basic processes for selecting an evaluation topic for your essay. We will make choosing an evaluation essay topic as simple as possible.

While the internet has made it easy for students to source out topics for evaluation essays, it shouldn’t stop at that. Students should also know how to choose the topics so that they can get excellent grades. In fact, you can start with an idea from one of these topics and then create your own evaluation paper topics from there. Ready to know how to choose the perfect topic for your evaluation essay? Let’s get to it!


  1. Choose a topic of interest.

    Few individuals enjoy writing, and when the material isn’t particularly interesting, even the writer loses interest in what they are writing. This is why it is important that your topic be something that both you and your readers are interested in, in order to provide motivation and a desire to write the essay and read it.

  2. Pay attention to the analysis.

    If the topic is too broad or too narrow, readers who aren’t experts in the industry may not understand what you’re trying to say. It is therefore preferable to select a straightforward and well-known theme that will appeal to a broad spectrum of people. So, generally, you should choose topics that are not too broad or narrow to make for a more engaging essay.

  3. Choose a reliable source.

    Make sure to look for reliable sources of information, such as scientific papers, essays, and books. Pay strict attention to the sources you use. It is highly recommended that you use peer-reviewed articles and scientific publications because they include relevant information. You should also try to choose current sources because they will provide you with the most up-to-date information on your issue. All of the sources utilized should be no more than ten years old.

  4. Ask for assistance.

    It’s also fine to ask your instructor for assistance if you’re having trouble deciding on a topic for your evaluation essay. Your professor may be able to shed more light on how things should be done, or even point you in the right direction.



So here we are! 80 evaluation topics just for you! We have made it easier for you to come up with your evaluation essay topic or to just choose one and start your essay right off the bat! It’s time to write! Go get that A+!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step in writing an evaluation essay?
When you are writing an evaluation essay, the first thing you want to do is provide a judgment. However, the judgment you provide must be asserted through a clear thesis, which determines the focus of your essay. An evaluation essay essentially serves to present a viewpoint on a subject, and that’s what your writing must reflect.
What is the best way to choose an evaluation essay topic?
The process of choosing an evaluation essay topic is pretty much the same with choosing a topic on any essay type. That is, find a topic that interests you and arouses your readers’ curiosity; having a personal interest makes research more fun. Also, consult scientific publications, articles, and books for reliable information and fact-backed ideas.

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