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If you are a biology, ecology, or politics student, you are likely familiar with an essay on climate change. Even if you are exactly not sure how, you have an idea of how researchers tackle climate change essay questions. Writing a climate change essay is all about research, from choosing the best climate change topics for essay to the last stage. When you research, you will find out that there are many climate change essay topics you can work on.

There are many issues with our climate today; thus, there are a plethora of climate change essay topics. The secret to choosing the best climate change research paper topics is knowing where your interest lies and what topic is trending. On the one hand, you want climate change essay titles you will have fun researching and writing on. On the other hand, you want climate change essay topics that will arouse the curiosity of your readers – or audience. As such, you must be careful and ensure you consider all of these ends when choosing the best climate change topics to write on.


Tips for Choosing the Best Climate Change Essay Topics

We know how hard it can be to choose climate change or global warming essay topics. Hence, we have done the research for you and will give you 100+ topics for essays on climate change and global warming. The interesting thing about all the topics outlined here is that they have accessible materials. That way, you do not have to dig deep before you find appropriate primary and secondary sources that will allow for a seamless and compelling essay.

But, first, we want to give you tips for choosing the best climate change essay topics – in case these don’t inspire you.

  • As soon as you get the assignment, conduct a simple background study on climate change and related issues;
  • You will likely come across many potential areas to work on; select one or two. We recommend more than one in case you discover that you cannot write on the area you chose for certain reasons;
  • From the areas you have chosen, choose one; then, read books and research scholarly articles on that area. Researching will help you gain insights on potential climate change essay topics you can work on;
  • Choose a few topics and set them aside; then, take them one by one and brainstorm on them. When you brainstorm on the topics, you will discover which one is worth writing on and discover the best topic. Thus, you will be able to choose the perfect topic that will bring the ideas you got from researching alive.

These four tips will guide you in choosing great climate change topics for your essay. Now, let us get on with our ideas for climate change and global warming essay questions you can work with.


Climate Change Research Topics

  1. What are the impacts of climate change on the earth’s natural resources and their ecological state?
  2. Climate change and agriculture: global effects of climate change on agricultural activities
  3. Recommendations and measures for preventing the dangerous outcomes brought about by climate change
  4. What individual activities contribute to climate change and how can they help prevent further decadence?
  5. Animal and plant species that can adapt to climate change: how do they do it?
  6. How can education and public enlightenment campaigns help in reducing the negative impacts of climate change?
  7. Climate change has a hand in the rise of new and more serious diseases. Discuss.
  8. The impact of the use of fossil fuel as transportation in Beijing on the climate and possible solutions
  9. Possible solutions for alleviating the negative impacts of climate change in developed countries
  10. The future implications of climate change on developing countries (named)
  11. How does technology help in predicting climate change: can it prevent the current climate change crisis?
  12. What role does politics play in the decline of climate change?
  13. Alternative energy-efficient sources that can be used to prevent the negative effects of climate change in the world
  14. How important and what is the importance of the insurance industry in climate change?
  15. The effect of climate change in biodiversity: possible solutions to mitigate them
  16. How did the Obama Administration address the problem of climate change and global warming in the United States?
  17. The deterioration of the climate and rise of global warming: does technology take all the blame?
  18. What are the chances that the issues surrounding climate change will be resolved in the future?
  19. AI Gore’s documentary: a thorough analysis of the issue of climate change
  20. The role of multinational companies in climate change: how have they contributed to the problem?


Current Climate Change Essay Topics

  1. Actions against the causes of climate change: are they meaningful or is it too late?
  2. Creating a greener environment: is it only for the benefits of future generations or will the current generation also benefit?
  3. The cost implications of efforts and measures used in alleviating the use of carbon emissions
  4. Realistic ways for eliminating the use of fossil fuels, putting the expensive nature of nuclear energy into consideration
  5. Proposed solutions to climate change issues: will it cause a rise in costs and increase poverty rate?
  6. Evidence that proves the role of human activities on climate change through the accumulation of toxic gasses
  7. Current climate change trends: do they indicate a better or worse future?
  8. Global warming: a major topic often associated with climate change
  9. The importance of research papers and scientific reports on climate change
  10. Climate change: a concern for scientists and theories concerning how it came about
  11. Climate change: a myth or a reality? Is the climate really changing or are they all stories?
  12. How effective is the tree planting strategy in ameliorating climate change and protecting the environment and living organisms?
  13. The impact of the social and environmental change caused by an increase in global temperatures on global warming effects
  14. Evidence to prove that threats to biodiversity means serious threat to sustainability of humans on earth
  15. Climate change in Miami: the likelihood of the earth becoming inhospitable to lie in future
  16. What effects have human activities had on the environment: a review of the movie, The Eleventh Hour
  17. Evaluating the pressing need to reduce deforestation-caused carbon emissions and protect forests
  18. Climate change in the US and China: ignoring the need to save earth by implementing pollution-mitigating measures
  19. How do the cyclical variations of the orbital processes impact climate change?
  20. Climate change: definition, causes, and effects


Easy Climate Change Topics for Essay

  1. Implementing immediate and long-term interventions to anthropogenic climate change and avert future global warming crises
  2. Climate change: the biggest world challenge affecting the flexibility of individual specie
  3. The negative impact of climate change on a named city in the United States of America, with solution
  4. What are the potential global implications climate change has on tourism and hospitality?
  5. Global change: a global security threat or an overhyped environmental problem?
  6. Capitalizing on climate change: is it a global problem or an economical solution?
  7. Climate change and global resource competition: the key to transforming the economy
  8. What role does behavioral economics play in energy policy, fossil fuels, and climate?
  9. How has climate change impacted the considerable economic and social gains the Arab world has made in recent times?
  10. The effect of climate change on oceans and coastal regions and probable management actions
  11. The primary causes and consequences of climate change: how can countries combat them?
  12. Climate change and extreme weather patterns: what is the relationship between them?
  13. The problems arising from climate change are progressing for the worse. A discussion.
  14. The concept of global warming and the grave threats it poses to the global economy
  15. In what ways is climate change responsible for the disappearing of the rainforest?
  16. Climate change in urban areas: what are the effects on air quality?
  17. The possible health risks associated with global warming and greenhouse emissions
  18. Exploring the relationship between climate change and irregular weather patterns
  19. Analyzing the effect of climate change on the food chain and human well being
  20. What are the top reasons why climate change is dangerous to human health?


Climate Change Research Paper Topics

  1. Recommendations and measures on how to minimize the effects of climate change on human health
  2. The negative effects of climate change on the healthcare system
  3. Climate change: what are its effects on life quality in urban and rural areas?
  4. Warmer temperatures promote allergy-related illnesses: a discussion
  5. Exploring the relationship and correlation between climate change and natural disasters
  6. Do wildfires have any relationship with global warming? How?
  7. Climate change has led to ocean acidification, thus negatively affecting the world’s habitat. Discuss.
  8. Does climate change have a hand in the declining population of the earth?
  9. The threat to biodiversity vs. climate change: which is more important? Both environmental problems have equal levels of importance
  10. How addressing climate change issues help to protect forests
  11. Human activities have the biggest hand in climate change and global warming. A debate.
  12. Climate change: comparing its effects on Saudi Arabia and Miami
  13. Understanding the concept of anthropogenic climate change and its effects on global economy
  14. Climate change: its effects on renewable natural resources
  15. A summary of scholarly articles on climate change: what are experts saying?
  16. Evaluating the response of the United Nations to matters concerning climate change
  17. Can the floods in Queensland Australia be attributed to the effects of climate change?
  18. Potentially effective strategies for addressing the effects of climate change on urban communities
  19. How does climate change affect indigenous people and how can people avoid the threats?
  20. The major causes of climate change in Asia


Climate Change Thesis Topics

  1. Climate change effects in (a named developing country) vs. climate change effects in (a named developed country)
  2. Are developed countries more affected by climate change than developing countries? Give evidence to support your thesis
  3. Different ways the world can manage climate change and prevent things from deteriorating even further
  4. What environmental issues have arisen because of climate change?
  5. Energy conservation: in what ways can it solve the problem of climate change and global warming?
  6. The effect of transportation and gas emissions on climate change: how it worsens it
  7. Exploring the concept of climate change from an anthropological perspective
  8. Environment-friendly practices that human beings can practice to eradicate global warming over the next ten years
  9. Climate change effects now vs. a decade ago: could humans have stopped it then?
  10. Changes in the environment over the years and how it has resulted in global warming
  11. Urbanization and climate change: how are they connected? Are urban areas more affected by climate change than rural areas, and why?
  12. Theories explaining China and the United States’ nonchalant attitude towards climate change issues
  13. The difference between natural and anthropogenic climate change
  14. The war against climate change vs. the war against terrorism: can both issues be handled the same way?
  15. The effect of atmospheric change on climate change and global warming
  16. Conscious steps individuals can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  17. What impact does ignoring the telltale signs of climate change have on species in the wild?
  18. Wildlife extinction: does climate change have a hand? Does climate change have a hand in endangering wildlife species?
  19. An evaluation of the negative effects of weather change on the world’s population and economy
  20. Australia’s famous coral reefs: analyzing the major risks the country faces


Global Warming Topics for Research Paper

  1. Global warming: the major culprit of extreme heat in many urban communities
  2. The major issues the world is facing and what part global warming plays
  3. Global warming and climate change: are they the same thing?
  4. What measures did Canada put in place to deal with the threat of global warming?
  5. What ramifications, if any, does global warming have on the economy of developing and third world countries?
  6. Quantifying the Bermuda triangle’s existence: a possibility or a wish that’ll never happen?
  7. Biodiversity’s relevance in a given ecosystem and food chain: how does global warming threaten that?
  8. What role does carbon dioxide play on global warming and climate change?
  9. In what ways, if any, can global warming alter water bodies and landforms?
  10. When does global warming become a global pandemic, or is it already?
  11. Greenhouse gas effect: how does it warm the environment?
  12. What environmental conservation groups and governments can do to protect the environment from global warming
  13. Enacting long-term policies that will help in fighting against global warming
  14. How is the United States contributing to and fighting global pollution?
  15. Evaluating the importance of the arctic to world climates weather patterns
  16. An analysis of the political and economic adversities faced in fighting against global warming and pollution
  17. What effect does the prolonged use of chemicals have on farming and animal keeping?
  18. The effects of pollution in African countries, considering their inadequate resources for health-related infrastructure
  19. Increased global warming concerns and the future of the planet
  20. Global warming as a major cause of hurricanes and forest fires


Interesting Global Warming Essay Topics

  1. Assisted migration and global warming
  2. How methane contributes to the warming of the planet
  3. Energy challenges caused by global warming and how to address them
  4. The history of earth in relation with climate change and global warming
  5. Alternative energy: constraints, potential, and politics
  6. What role does pseudoscience play in manufacturing consent on global warming?
  7. Analyzing the environmental footprints of human beings on fossil fuels
  8. Global warming: a major cause of the unbalancing of nature
  9. Exploring the relationship between climate change and nuclear power
  10. What is the correlation, if any, between climate change and animal habits?
  11. Global warming: reality and controversy
  12. The World Health Organization (WHO) on global warming
  13. Simple human habit change that can significantly positively affect global warming
  14. The potential devastating consequences of global warming for future generations
  15. A proposal on the best methods to employ to end global warming
  16. Why we should not ignore the issue of global warming and climate change
  17. The Kyoto Protocol: what are its main goals?
  18. How global warming influences the polar zone
  19. A literature review of global world problems such as global warming, climate change, the ozone layer
  20. The effect of coal on global warming



Choosing climate change essay topics can be a tedious process for students, not because there aren’t topics. The biggest reason for this challenge is deciding on what essay topic for climate change one wants to work on. The tips we have provided in this article can aid you in choosing the best climate change essay titles. However, if you are in a hurry and don’t have time for the long pre-writing process, you can use these topic ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are three steps for easy choosing a climate change essay topic?
Choosing a climate change essay topic can be tough, but these three tips may help make things easier. First, do a simple background study on climate change; then, choose an area that interests you. Thirdly, research deeply and read widely on helpful materials such as books and scholarly articles.
Does personal interest matter when choosing a climate change essay topic?
Your personal interest in a subject matter is important when it comes to essay writing. If you are choosing a climate change essay topic, you want to choose a topic that you are at least curious about. This curiosity will lead you to ask pivotal questions that can help you write a groundbreaking research paper.

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