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Communication is a vital part of human existence and association. It is part and parcel of us and serves as the basis for our relationship with one another. Communication goes beyond speaking. It is an interaction between two or more people which can be in the form of speaking, writing, signals, and might even take a lot of other forms.

Communication as a discipline is a complex area of study. This complexity is a result of the many forms of communication. Technology, especially ICT, has contributed to the advancement of technology. As a result, communication disciplines take both technology and language into consideration. Such a combination makes it a complex area for students writing a research paper in communication.

Perhaps you are worried about how best to come up with communication topics for your next research paper. We understand your plight quite well and we have this to offer. Here are the best topics on communication with respect to different aspects. Considering any of these topics is a step towards seamless research paper writing.

Interpersonal Communication Topics

Interpersonal communication is the most common form of communication. It is communication between two or more people for the sake of passing information. This form of communication features communication in different human associations. The following research paper topics can help give answers to communication research questions in interpersonal communication;

  1. The impact of platonic relationships on the idea of romance.
  2. Marriage and Divorce: Communication deficiency is responsible for the high rate of divorce in the 21st century.
  3. Human emotions and how it relates to interpersonal communication.
  4. The pros and cons of the digital era friendship.
  5. Long-term relationship: The surge and spike of passion and commitment.
  6. The rise and fall of human emotions during the pandemic.
  7. The good and the bad sides of communication in the corporate organization.

Mass Communication Research Topics

Beyond interpersonal communication, human society also involves mass communication. This is a form of communication targeted to a large audience such as the general public, a community, or a large organization. It is also affiliated with politics and media. The following are the best mass communication research topics you can consider;

  1. The effect of technology on mass communication.
  2. A detailed comparison of mass communication in the 19th century and the 21st century.
  3. Media manipulation and its effect in controlling the general public’s behavior.
  4. Research on virtual communication and digital cognition across the world.
  5. Research on certain technological innovations and how they have changed mass communication.
  6. Challenges facing freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press.
  7. The effects of the internet on media standards and ethics.

Intercultural Communication Research Paper Topics

Culture and humanity are inseparable entities. Culture also plays a big role in the way people communicate. The effect of culture in communication can be seen in languages, ethnicity, custom, and also politics. The following are intercultural communication topics for research writing;

  1. The right and the wrong implications of custom on human society.
  2. Research on how language connects and disconnects human cultures.
  3. Racism and its implication on culture.
  4. Phonology and sign language in the olden days and its modern form.
  5. The effect of globalization on the loss of individualism between cultures.
  6. The threats and dangers of cultural appropriation in a society with multiple ethnic groups.
  7. The effect of race and culture in modern communication.

Business Communication Research Paper Topics

Business involves communication between the buyer and the seller. Meanwhile, communication in business is slightly different from other forms of communication. Since business involves economics and finance, certain technicalities are involved in the communication process. The following are suitable business communication research paper topics;

  1. Communication crisis in business organization and how to manage it.
  2. Practices that ensure effective communication in a business setting.
  3. Public relations and corporate communication.
  4. Communication between businesses.
  5. How to and how not to write an organization communique.
  6. Evaluating upward and downward communication in business and how to strike a balance.
  7. Research on Grapevine’s communication on company success.

Health Communication Research Topics

Just as communication is paramount in all human endeavors, so it is in healthcare also. The healthcare industry requires effective communication to be able to serve its purposes. Health communication has to do with the creation and dissemination of health-related information. The following are research papers on communication as it relates to healthcare;

  1. Community organization as an effective tool in health communication.
  2. Conflict management between health professionals.
  3. Public policy and organizational barriers in health communication.
  4. The complexity of rural health communication.
  5. Qualitative and quantitative methods of evaluating the effectiveness of health communication.
  6. Objectives and intervention in health communication.
  7. Research on cross-generational health communication.

Leadership and Organizational Communication Research Topics

Human society is made up of different groups called organizations. These groups consist of leaders and followers who work together to achieve the aim of the organization. Communication is a vital aspect of the relationship between leaders and followers in every organization. Here are leadership and organizational communication research papers topic for you;

  1. The importance of speech and presentations in fostering relationships between leaders and followers.
  2. How Leaders apply manipulative methodologies in making unquestionable decisions.
  3. Different styles of leadership and how they aid and reshape organization aims and objectives.
  4. Leadership in the primitive age contrast to modern-day leadership.
  5. The roles of influence in organizational leadership.
  6. Cult political movement and its approach to information and communication.
  7. How leaders control people’s perspectives of them in an organization.

Communication Research Topics in Journalism

Journalism is a career path that has all of its activity revolving around communication. It involves almost all forms of communication – writing, speaking, and media. Communication in journalism is a good academic research focus. If you are writing a research paper about communication in journalism, here are top topics to consider;

  1. The effectiveness of mass media, broadcasting, and journalism in societal changes.
  2. Research on moral and ethics of modern digital journalism.
  3. How journalism can be a tool for check and balance in government.
  4. The effect of media and socio-economic factors on voter’s perspective.
  5. The good and the bad sides of technology in journalism.
  6. Emotional manipulation in journalism: The effectiveness and the excessiveness.
  7. How mass media and journalism control people’s minds and trends for their profits.

Research Topics for Communication Studies on Media

Media is an integral part of modern communication. Information in the digital age is almost 100% media. Communication can be through electronic media, print media, or social media. The media is a broad aspect of communication to focus your research writing on. The following are best communication research paper topics on media;

  1. The subtle role of media in the propagation of fake news and hate speech.
  2. Research on how to tackle copyright issues both in digital and print media.
  3. Censorship of literary work and its effect on media communication.
  4. The effect of media documentation in changing communication and recollection.
  5. Biased media outlets in media communication and how best to deal with this challenge.
  6. Copyright in cyberspace and how it has affected the reliability of print media.
  7. How controversies and shaming affect media communication development.

Possible Topics for Communication Research in Public Relations

There is a thin line between public relations and politics. Although it is a part of political administration, it also finds application in non-political organizations. Public relations entails communication to create a positive public image. The following are research topics related to communication in public relations;

  1. How community relations and tensions reshape modern communication.
  2. The usefulness of demography and background in public relations.
  3. What is the influence of characterization in public relations?
  4. What is corporate-speak and how does it result in confusion in public relations?
  5. What are the effect and influences of corporate reputation on public relations?
  6. The effectiveness of tracking and data science in public relations.
  7. The monumental power of influence and its application in public relations.

Communication Phenomenon Topics for Research on an Advertisement

Advertisement is the process through which a seller convinces a buyer to purchase a good or service. No doubt, there is a need for communication in the course of convincing the buyer. This shows the importance of communication in advertising. Hence, the following are the best communication research topics related to advertisement for your next research paper;

  1. Research on the evolution of advertisement and the communication method for each level.
  2. The practice of consumerism is in contrast to old advertisement methodologies.
  3. Research on the history of advertisement of children’s products.
  4. How a statistical shift has changed advertisers’ approach to marketing.
  5. The process of digital advertising to the target audience.
  6. Changes in Advertising methodologies with respect to modern business practices.
  7. How communication can make it mar an advertisement of the product and best advertising practices in the modern age.

Virtual Communication Topics for Research Writing

Virtual communication is one of the contributions of technology that has greatly helped humanity. The Internet plays a huge role in virtual communication. It is such an interesting aspect of communication to focus your research writing on. The following are topics about communication you can write about with respect to virtual communication;

  1. The pros and cons of virtual communication and how to strike a balance.
  2. The role blogs play in changing consumers’ buying habits.
  3. Analysis of various virtual communication channels such as Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype.
  4. Can anonymity on virtual communication help in freedom of expression?
  5. The roles of AI integration, webinar, and e-learning suite in enhancing virtual communication in education.
  6. The security lapses in virtual communication and how to take advantage of privacy protection and other security measures.
  7. The roles of social media in communication and how it has changed the communication processes.

Interesting Communication Topics for Research on Social Media

Rather than write about virtual communication in general, you choose to write on social media alone. Social media is a broad aspect of communication. It is also one of the most interesting aspects of communication you can write about. The following topics in communication for social media related research writing;

  1. The astronomical rise of social media and human adaptation.
  2. How social media grew to become an effective tool in human communication.
  3. What are the impacts and effects of social media on interpersonal relationships and communication?
  4. The alarming rise in the use of social media and addiction among teenagers.
  5. How social media became a platform of advertising using the targeting and the retargeting approach.
  6. Research on social media, vlogging, and video content as an important aspect of modern communication.
  7. The effect of the pandemic on the increase in the use of social media.

Communication Research Paper Topics on Negotiation

Negotiation requires a high level of communication expertise. Negotiations can both be formal and informal. Diplomacy and formal negotiation are critical aspects of the communication discipline that must be looked into for research. The following are communication research paper topics on negotiation;

  1. How to use effective communication in swaying diplomacy to your favor.
  2. Misuse of power and lack of autonomy in modern negotiation.
  3. The threats of Independence in diplomacy and negotiation between Governments.
  4. What are the effects and roles of legislation on negotiation?
  5. Research on prejudice and stigmatism in contested opinion.
  6. Racism in international affairs and how it affects negotiations.
  7. Corruption in modern communication and how it stale negotiation.

Developmental Communication Research Topics

Communication has been responsible for so several developments in human society. Right and timely communication have contributed to certain achievements which have aided the development of man. This particular aspect of communication can be seen as an advantage of communication and as such a good research area. The following are developmental communication research topics you can consider;

  1. How mass media can aid the achievement of sustainable development goals.
  2. The contribution of the media in discouraging the excessive spread of coronavirus.
  3. How radio and TV media have aided the propagation of family planning.
  4. The contribution of the media in curbing violence and evil acts in the environment.
  5. Drama is a vital mass education tool and how the media has been of great help.
  6. Research on why print media will be more effective in communication than digital media in rural communities.
  7. The efficiency of media in tackling social problems.

Controversial Communication Research Paper Topics

There are controversies around the world of communication. No doubt communication has been of great impact on humans. At the same time, it has yielded some topics necessary for debate. If you would like to write about the controversial part of communication, you can consider these topics;

  1. The idea of right and wrong expression of oneself is against the freedom of expression.
  2. Sexting and how it has changed the sexual orientation and identity of many people.
  3. The rise of verbal abuse in our society is due to free speech.
  4. The rowdy world of social media and their negative impacts on society.
  5. Virtual and augmented reality: A blessing or a curse to humans?
  6. How wrong communication in business has increased fear, paranoia, and uncertainty among workers.
  7. The use of influencers on social media and how wrong ethics can be communicated.

General Communication Research Paper Topics

Rather than streamline your communication research paper to a particular aspect. You can choose to write a generic topic in the discipline. These are broader areas of discussion and can require complex research. The following are general topics for communication research writing;

  1. The history and the evolution of communication.
  2. Research on the theories of communication.
  3. Research on the invention, the growth, and the prospect of social networks.
  4. Research on how media can be effective in national security and war against terrorism.
  5. The role of media in politics.
  6. Research on technological advancement in communication.
  7. Research on how to enforce credible reporting using media laws.


Communication is a pivotal aspect of any given society and, as such, an interesting area of study. This generality of communication does not only make it interesting but also complex. It encompasses a lot of disciplines that can be further streamlined to suit your research. However, communication research writing has never been a walk in the park.

Therefore, having a good research topic beats down your writing challenge by half. You can further carry out research to begin writing your paper. Perhaps you still find it difficult to write your communication research paper, don’t hesitate to seek the help of our professional essay proofreaders. Our writing service offers you an excellent research paper to enhance your academic performance. Our experienced essay proofreaders will ensure that your paper is error-free, polished, and meets the highest academic standards. Contact us today for reliable communication research paper help and benefit from the expertise of our essay proofreaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do students find it hard to choose communication research topics?
One major reason why choosing a communication research topic is particularly challenging for students is that the discipline covers many complex areas. Also, the field is wide, and there are a lot of interesting things to talk about. As such, deciding what the best topic for your communication research paper is can be confusing.
How can the process of choosing a communication research topic be simpler?
To start with, don’t choose a generic topic; choose a focused topic that will allow direct and concise research. Then, do exhaustive research and review different sources, particularly legitimate sources such as books, academic journals, and credible websites. Also, as you search publications, choose the more recent ones as this means the ideas are still relevant.

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