What Makes a Good Persuasive Essay: Best Tips for Students

A girl writes her persuasive essay thesis statement.

Speaking of a persuasive essay, we can mention that this assignment is not complicated. However, there is a certain specificity of a persuasive essay that you should be aware of to accomplish the task correctly. In general, a persuasive essay is an assignment that intends to convince an audience of your perspectives. You have to follow a particular structure to resolve your task accurately and make sure there are enough arguments to support your main statement. We have prepared some persuasive essay tips to help you write a proper paper shortly. There are many details that can help you get the best results. So, check out this guide to know more.

Things to write a persuasive essay about

Nowadays, persuasive writing is one of the most important ways to convince readers of your points of view. It’s important to be confident enough and write assertively, so an audience may trust you. We face persuasion in almost every field, hence, there are numerous topics to write your essay about. 

First and foremost, writing a persuasive essay starts with a topic, so you need to decide on an appropriate idea for your paper. If you are confused and don’t know what to write about, we advise learners to look at their disciplines. It’s the best way to choose a direction, as you can clearly see the dimensions of your research. There are many things to write a persuasive essay about, including some global issues, controversial topics, evolving and developing, or any other topics that seem to be captivating. 

If you are looking for interesting topics, we also think it’s a great option to investigate some problematic issues in your discipline that you have already discussed with your teacher. A persuasive essay provides a strong opinion about certain things, so the main point here is to choose a topic that is interesting to hear about. You should also pay attention to the relevance of the topic, its importance, strengths and weaknesses, etc. Before choosing a topic, you should also search for your audience. Find out who your readers are, their interests, and their perspectives to comprehend which of the directions is most likely to fulfill your goals. Anyway, if you can’t find appropriate persuasive essay topics, ask for academic writing help to get an excellent solution. 

Thesis for persuasive essay: how to write 

One of the essential elements of persuasive essay is a thesis statement. This is a core element of an introduction, and it’s important to write a concise and accurate thesis statement. But are there any tricks to help students write a proper thesis for persuasive essay

Firstly, we should specify the purpose of a thesis statement. It’s a significant part of your first chapter that tells a reader what this essay is about, its main idea, and its purposes. Moreover, it somehow reveals your arguments in a nutshell. To make sure your statement is strong, you need to see if it’s informative enough and points out all the key points of your essay. 

Secondly, a thesis statement has to show your point of view and thoughts about the mentioned ideas. This is the stage, where you need to choose a position and show the readers the perspectives you try to convince them of. 

Finally, keep in mind the fact that a thesis statement is a brief outline of your essay. You shouldn’t overload it with too much data, however, make certain it contains all important details. 

Persuasive essay tips: excellent paper writing 

As we have already mentioned, a persuasive essay’s purpose is to convince an audience of your thoughts and opinions. Hence, you need to know how to write a strong persuasive essay to accomplish your goals. It’s pretty clear that you have to be aware of the topic you write about. However, there are also some persuasive essay tips that may help you write an excellent paper. 

To put it briefly, you need to follow the instructions on how to write an essay and comply with all the specified requirements. Then, you have to structure your paper in a particular way, format it properly, and make sure it has no mistakes. 

Learners should also discover how to write a hook for their essays. It’s one of the essential parts of a persuasive essay. Also, you need to learn about appeals and their types to provide support for your arguments. Next, it’s also important to give well-grounded arguments to convince readers of your opinion. At the end of the paper, you need to summarize everything you’ve mentioned before in the paper and reflect the main points. It’s also possible to give a call to action. 

Writing a persuasive essay: essential points 

Well, now we can talk about persuasive essay writing and its specificity. To write an excellent paper, you need to know some details about its logical structure and how to accomplish its purposes. The main purpose of a persuasive essay is to show a strong opinion on a certain thing and convince readers that it’s true. So to achieve this goal, you need to know the peculiarities of writing a persuasive essay. 

Firstly, you should catch attention with a hook, introduce your topic with a thesis statement, and choose a position. Then, you provide some details in the body of a paper, providing arguments. Arguments have to be well-grounded and supported by appeals. Here, you have to give examples and background information to show the strengths of your opinion. The next step is to discredit the opposite arguments. You need to disprove any arguments that don’t follow your perspective. 

Finally, learners have to finish an essay with a summary, a closing statement, and a call to action. If you need to find out these peculiarities, you can also seek some persuasive essay examples and figure out your issues. 

Elements of a persuasive essay 

There are many elements of a persuasive essay that you need to include in your paper without fail. Such elements are a hook, a thesis statement, arguments, examples, a summary, and a closing statement. As we have already discussed some of them, it’s better to focus on the main part of your assignment – arguments. 

A persuasive argument essay contains different arguments to justify and support your opinion. They give an expression of your perspective and show why your point of view is more credible. To write strong arguments, you need to use accurate appeals. These appeals are logos, pathos, and ethos. If your argument is based on facts and credible knowledge, you can use an appeal to ethics, or ethos. On the other hand, if you refer to emotions and try to make readers trust your statement because of their feelings, you use pathos. Last but not least, if your arguments are based on logic and common sense, you use logos as an appeal to logic. These elements make your argumentative persuasive essay comprehensive and help you achieve the purposes you have pointed out before. 

Persuasive essay words: how to use 

A persuasive essay contains numerous special words, phrases, and constructions to help you impact an audience’s behavior. Such words focus a reader’s attention, emphasize certain information, provide connection, etc. 

To write an outstanding paper, you need to know how to deal with persuasive words, transition words, and wordplay. There are some other points you can use to point out your opinion, such as quotes and statistics. Such words help you organize a paper in a particular, coherent way so that it’s logical and clear. There are some popular persuasive essay words

  1. To give an example: for example, for instance
  2. To show a transition: furthermore, also, otherwise, 
  3. To express a contrast point: on the other hand, nevertheless
  4. To sum up: all in all, due to 

It seems pretty simple, however, if you have any issues with your paper, you can ask for persuasive essay help to be sure of a great solution. 

Persuasive essay title 

A title is one of the elements that grabs your readers’ attention, so it has to be captivating. An interesting title is a good way to intrigue your audience and make them read the whole paper to get answers, solutions, or other information. 

If you don’t know how to write a persuasive essay title, we advise you to find out the main idea of your work, which must refer to your topic. A title has to reflect your topic. To write it properly, you can use questions, rhetorical questions, quotes, etc. so that it makes your title unique and catchy. 

A student makes a persuasive essay layout.

Persuasive essay layout 

We have discussed the structure of a persuasive essay, however, it’s also important to know how to make a paper layout. An appropriate outline helps you navigate an essay and complete it step-by-step. In general, a persuasive essay layout contains all the structural elements of your work. An outline also shows the strengths and weaknesses of the paper so that you can figure out some issues with your work. 

A proper persuasive essay layout contains: 

  • Introduction 
    • A hook 
    • A thesis statement 
    • Arguments 
  • Body
    • Paragraph 1
      • Argument 1
      • Example 1
    • Paragraph 2 
      • Argument 2
      • Example 2
    • Paragraph 3 
      • Argument 3
      • Example 3
  • Conclusion 
    • A summary 
    • A closing statement 

Persuasive essay examples 

Well, if you are going to write a persuasive essay, you should search for its specificity and get to know all the requirements to succeed. Moreover, it’s much better to find some examples of excellent essays to comprehend the peculiarities of this task, its purposes, meaning, formatting requirements, etc. You can also use an example as a guide to write your own paper. It’s also a good idea to use it as a template, therefore, you can see all the essential elements of a persuasive essay, such as the word count, a title, a hook, a thesis statement, appeals, examples, and a conclusion. However, if you don’t know how to write a persuasive essay, you can ask for professional writing help and make sure you will receive an outstanding paper. 

Argumentative essay vs persuasive: a comparison 

Since a persuasive essay is similar to an argumentative one, students sometimes misunderstand a task. So here we have an argumentative essay vs persuasive paper comparison. Both papers include arguments as the main source of persuasion, however, there is a slight difference between argumentative and persuasive essay

The main difference is a purpose. While an argumentative essay intends to show the validity of certain evidence, a persuasive essay convinces you of an author’s opinion. An argumentative essay gives evidence so that a reader can choose a position, however, a persuasive paper tries to show the only right position that you should follow. 

Moreover, an argumentative essay and persuasive essay have different ways of supporting arguments. In an argumentative paper, arguments are based on evidence and facts, hence, there are no pathos or logos. On the other hand, a persuasive essay appeals to a reader’s logic and emotions to convince them of a particular perspective. 

How to write a strong persuasive essay 

All in all, we have discussed numerous core elements of this assignment and have pointed out significant steps to write a persuasive essay. A task is not challenging, even though you have to take into account numerous peculiarities to achieve success. Firstly, it’s important to choose a topic for your paper, make an outline, and write a title. Then, you need to write an interesting introduction that includes a hook. The next step is to write all the arguments. And finally, you have to finish it up with a conclusion. As you can see, it’s pretty clear, so if you ask, «How to write a strong persuasive essay?», just follow this guide!

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