Top 80 Process Essay Topics for You

Process Essay Topics

Anyone writing a process essay must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the subject. That is why it is important to find a suitable process topic that you can write about with knowledge and confidence. And that’s why we have provided you with 80 process essay topics covering different types of process essays.


A process essay can be employed in a variety of instances. For example, if you have ever read a written set of instructions or directions on how to do something (think of an instruction manual, for example), then you are already familiar with process essay writing.


Usually, process essays are required in the field of technical writing to explain the processes of complex systems objectively and logically. You’ll find out that during your college period, you’ll have to write this type of essay. If you’re looking for some process essay topics, inspirations, or ideas, you can find them all here! But first, what is a process essay?


What is a Process Essay?

So what is a process essay? While you may be wondering what a process essay is, there’s a good possibility that you have come across a process essay at one point or another without even realizing it. In fact, you may have even written a process essay without knowing it!


A process essay can be compared to an instructional handbook or a series of directive papers that outline the steps necessary to complete a task. The goal of this type of writing is to show readers how they can arrive at a particular result in a step-by-step manner. There are also process essays that attempt to both analyze and explain the process. There are two major types of process essays. These are:

  • Directional process essays, which provide directions on a task or topic (how to do something); and
  • Informational process essays, which examine a process (how something works).


There are also other types of process essays. For example, the process analysis essay (which could be a type of informational process essay). The primary goal of a process analysis essay is to educate the reader about issues they may not be familiar with. At the end of a process analysis essay, the reader should have ample knowledge of the subject matter.


Process Analysis Essay Topics

Usually, the information in the material for a process analysis can be quite complicated. Therefore, a process analysis essay is usually detailed and long.


When writing process analysis essays, make sure you fully understand the subject you’re writing about. It’s best to choose a topic you enjoy writing about and also to know how to explain that process to your readers. If you’re having trouble coming up with decent process analysis topics, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list for you below:


  1. What’s the best way to cook chicken?
  2. Grooming a Yorkie puppy
  3. How do you go about finding the right partner for you?
  4. How to end your relationship with your girlfriend without making a fuss.
  5. What is the best way to get rid of bedbugs?
  6. How to shed pounds without going insane!
  7. How can you make your work less plagiarized?
  8. What is the best way to make your website?
  9. What is the best way to learn a new language?
  10. What to do to get ready for your first day of school.


How to Essay Topics

Making a description of a straightforward technique on how to go about doing something is the focus of a how-to essay topic. You can also concentrate on a more precise everyday item or behavior. People like how-tos because they show them a simple step-by-step process for doing something. Here are some top picks for how-to essay topics:

  1. How to make your own paint: step-by-step instructions
  2. How to meet new people
  3. How to move on after a breakup
  4. How to stop smoking forever?
  5. How to replace a light bulb
  6. How to fix a flat tire
  7. How to get up early
  8. How to make the most of your vacation
  9. How to get through a recession
  10. How to get rid of tough stains that won’t go away.


Industrial Process Paper Ideas

In writing instructional essay topics regarding industries, you need to make sure you can describe the production process. Because these methods may appear to be complicated, you must conduct a thorough study on the subject at hand and be able to explain it in a way that’s easily understood.


You can include descriptive paragraphs that detail particular measurements, equipment, and time required for each stage of an industrial process paper. Here are examples of process essay topics under the industrial process.


  1. Describe the steps involved in making a basketball.
  2. Demonstrate how to make mint bubblegum.
  3. What are the procedures involved in constructing a glass house?
  4. Describe the steps involved in making a dress.
  5. Instructions for mass-producing plastic water bottles.
  6. Describe the steps involved in making an Adidas sneaker.
  7. Outline the methods for making a huge wooden flower.
  8. Describe the process of producing lactose-free milk.
  9. What is the manufacturing process for televisions?
  10. Describe the steps involved in making commercial soap.


Process Essay Topics for College

Do you need help coming up with a topic for your college process essay? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some process essay topics that you can use for your college essay.

  1. How do enzymes react when synthetic materials are washed?
  2. How can the brain distinguish between various colors?
  3. What can be done to prevent civil war?
  4. How can gaming businesses take advantage of people’s psychology?
  5. In psychoanalysis, what role does semantic memory play?
  6. How to make friends easily without the use of social media
  7. How does anxiety affect your decision to smoke?
  8. How to prevent unwanted negative emotions through therapy
  9. How to remain inquisitive
  10. How to ace college exams and tests.


Complex Processes Topics

Describing an elaborate mechanism or occurrence is not the easiest thing in the world. And this is why a complex process essay topic should be chosen deliberately. Complex process topics can make writing your essay particularly difficult for you if you don’t know about the processes involved.


Complex process essays are a type of informational essay usually associated with science. The following are some complex processes topics you can choose from:


  1. Create a guide on how to make synthetic diamonds.
  2. How to use blockchain technology in a business.
  3. What steps should be taken to make website designs accessible to those who are blind or visually impaired?
  4. Demonstrate how satellites generate power and signals.
  5. Describe the process of lean biomanufacturing.
  6. Demonstrate the utilization of energy transitions to create energy security.
  7. How to use natural polymers to repair bones
  8. Biodegradable polymers’ breakdown.
  9. Demonstrate where trace elements can be found in plants.
  10. Describe how the human brain deals with language.


Funny Process Essay Topics

With a basic understanding of the English language, anyone could produce funny process essay ideas. However, once you begin writing it, you will quickly realize that you will need to employ all of your mental resources to come up with a fresh and humorous theme. If you’re a college student seeking assistance in selecting a humorous essay topic, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list where you can pick any funny topic for a process essay.


  1. What’s the best way to become a class clown?
  2. How to know how many Facebook friends you will have before you die.
  3. How can someone love you for who you are if they don’t know who you are?
  4. How to make a short person appear taller
  5. What is the best way to get the truth about the news?
  6. How to stay sober on a Friday night
  7. How do you commemorate a birthday that has been forgotten?
  8. What is the best way to raise a celebrity puppy?
  9. How to look attractive when you’re obese
  10. How to stop the action of the law of Karma


Good Process Analysis Essay Topics

Selecting good process essay topics is not on the list of the easiest things in the world. You have to make sure your process essay is on a topic that is worth writing about. Are you looking for a solid topic for a process analysis essay? Here are some good ideas for process essays that are perfect!


  1. How do you go about choosing the perfect employment opportunity for you?
  2. What is the best way to get rid of a sore throat?
  3. What is the best way to start a food business?
  4. What is the best way to run a marathon without being exhausted?
  5. Describe the most effective method for learning a foreign language.
  6. How to make it through a night of babysitting and reading bedtime stories to children
  7. How to get rid of insomnia
  8. How to mow your grass with style
  9. How to construct a massive sandcastle
  10. How to read and understand


Informative Process Analysis Essay Topics

The primary goal of an informative process essay topic is to educate or teach the audience about a specific idea, subject, notion, phenomenon, or other issues. In an informational essay, there is no need to express your own opinion or make room for a debate. All you have to do now is conduct research and get the necessary and fascinating information. Are you looking for examples of process essay topics under informative process analysis? We have some informative procedural essay topics for you below:


  1. How to raise a monkey as a pet
  2. Different methods of lacing a shoe
  3. Explain why calcium is vital for teenagers.
  4. How does it feel to live in space?
  5. Ways to make your beard grow
  6. What treatment do doctors use to cure scabies?
  7. How to get rid of bad thoughts
  8. The causes of unemployment and how to deal with them.
  9. Teenage pregnancy and the factors that cause it
  10. How does cybersecurity help to curb internet crimes?



Seven Tips for Writing a Process Essay

Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind when you’re writing a process essay.


  1. Take some time to think through the subject matter you want to write about.
  2. Make sure to include all the steps of the processes, arranging them in chronological order so that they are easy to follow and understand.
  3. Explain to your readers why each step is important and what will happen if a step is missed. You should include warnings when appropriate.
  4. If there are any terms that readers may be unfamiliar with, it is important that you define the terms so that the process is easier to understand.
  5. If there are any tools or materials required for a particular process, be sure to list and offer clear descriptions of these tools or materials.
  6. At different points or measurable milestones in the essay, help your readers know how to measure their progress.
  7. Always remember that the clearer you write, the better your essay will be!



So here we are! 80 process essay topics just for you! Now that you have a list of different procedural essay topics, you can take some time to decide which of these topics is perfect for the essay you want to write. Make sure you can totally understand how the process of the subject is done and can explain it in easy-to-grasp terms.


We hope these topics come in handy for you! You can easily tweak some of the topics to fit your interests if need be. And if you need help with your essay or need help with other assignments, we have experts that can help you with your essays and assignments. There’s nothing stopping you now. You can get the perfect score! Wishing you good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long should an ideal process essay be?
An ideal process essay should be between 300 and 500 words, unless the instructions state otherwise. If it is not a professional essay (Master’s, PhD, etc.), there is no reason why your essay should be too long. Moreover, it will be hard to get readers’ attention and interest when the essay is too long.
How can you narrow down your process essay topic?
Choose a process essay topic that you already have an idea about and would like to learn more about. Also, besides knowing something about the topic, you should be particularly interested in the topic. Also, consider topics that puzzle you, you react to, or are inspired by; writing on such topics would be more fun than work.

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