Top Holocaust Topics for Research Paper

Holocaust Topics

Holocaust is a topic that seems abstract to some people. Few people have been able to read about the occurrence of the holocaust. As a student in art and history, your chances of coming across the topic are very high.

You may have to write either an essay or a research paper on holocaust topics. Perhaps you have already been assigned to write an essay, and you are looking for good holocaust essay topics.

In this piece, we have compiled exciting and top holocaust topics you might want to consider. Equally, you can find out how to get the best grade in your holocaust essay and research paper in this article.

Holocaust Essay Topics for Middle School

History students in middle school will come across the word holocaust. You may need to write an essay on holocaust topics. The following are topics about the holocaust for middle school students;

  • Who is Adolf Hitler, and what was his role in the holocaust?
  • Understanding the Holocaust: Who are the Jew and the Nazis?
  • Holocaust and how it happened
  • What is the relationship between the holocaust and World War II?
  • German and their roles in the holocaust
  • What are the countries involved in the holocaust?
  • The Nazi propaganda and how it influenced the Germans’ involvement in the holocaust.
  • Aribert Heim (Dr. Death) and his impact on the holocaust

Best Holocaust Research Paper Topics

The holocaust topic is a good topic for research purposes. Researching the subject is the best way to relate to history. To write a research paper on the holocaust, you will need to choose the best topic. The following are research topics on the holocaust you can consider;

  • Victim of the holocaust: The Jewish alone or all other minorities?
  • Research on the impact of the holocaust on the Jews and the German nations.
  • Research on the effect of the holocaust on the Jewish community.
  • What effect does the creation of the European Union have on the holocaust?
  • Anti-Semitism: What is it, and how does it relate to the holocaust?
  • Holocaust and its influence on atheism
  • The influence of holocaust on the western civilization
  • How the holocaust has affected the nation of Israel

Cause and Effect Holocaust Topics for Essay and Research Papers

The holocaust is an occurrence that had a significant impact on the world. Its effects on certain nations are spectacular. Writing on the cause or the effect of the holocaust is one of the best research about the incident. You can find holocaust paper topics on its causes and effects;

  • What and who caused the holocaust?
  • What are the action and inaction responsible for the 1940 genocide in Germany?
  • The enactment of world human rights law as a result of the holocaust
  • World War II Genocide: The influence of the bystander effect
  • Research on hostility towards Jews before the holocaust.
  • European rulers and Napoleon’s effect on the holocaust
  • How World War I lead to the holocaust.
  • Hitler’s Euthanasia program and its influence on the holocaust

Argumentative Holocaust Essay Topics

There might be a need to write an argumentative essay on the subject of the holocaust. You will need to make use of good holocaust topics for research. You can find such topics below;

  • Are all Nazi soldiers involved in the holocaust?
  • Has the world learned from the history of the holocaust?
  • The need to integrate the history of the holocaust into the school curriculum.
  • Holocaust: Consequence of World War or a deliberate plan?
  • How international bodies can effectively avert the occurrence of another holocaust
  • Holocaust should never be forgotten.
  • Possibility of holocaust happening again in modern Germany
  • The illegality of the denial of the holocaust

Compare and Contrast Holocaust Topics for Essays

While writing a holocaust essay, there might be a need to compare and contrast. There are few topics usable for this purpose. The following topics for research papers about the holocaust deal with comparing and contrasting;

  • Compare and contrast the German Nazis holocaust and the American India holocaust.
  • Comparing the Jewish partisan resistance and spiritual resistance.
  • Similarities of the black and the Jewish holocaust.
  • Comparing and contrasting the Jewish holocaust and Rwanda holocaust.
  • The perspective of justification: The similarities between holocaust and slavery.
  • Comparing and contrasting Armenia genocide and the holocaust.
  • Similarities between Jewish refugees during the holocaust and present Syrian refugees.
  • Holocaust concentration camps: Comparing Dachau and Auschwitz.

How to Get a Holocaust Essay Online

Holocaust history is a broad subject matter. It will take a lot of research to come up with a comprehensive essay. However, you can seek the help of an expert writer in writing a holocaust essay. Our expert writers are capable of delivering the best essay needed to get a good grade.


Writing an essay starts with choosing a topic. If you want to get a good grade for your essay, you must write on the best of topics. Compiled above are the best holocaust essay topics you can consider. You can also get professional help in writing the best essay about the holocaust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of writing a Holocaust essay?
Writing an essay on Holocaust helps you understand the subject a lot better as you analyze its causes and consequences. Challenging though it may be, the topic is a great one to compose an essay on. It is an event that affected millions and the topic happens to be the most tragic in history.
How can you develop a structure for your Holocaust essay paper?
Start by considering the essay prompts you want to go with; you will need thorough research here. Then, figure out what type of essay you want to write – that is, is it argumentative or explanatory? Then, start your research to gather points, which you will divide into Introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.

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