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Philosophy is a broad academic field that encompasses all aspects of human life. Contrary to popular belief among most college and university students, writing a philosophy essay is not as simple as stringing alphabets and words together to form sentences and paragraphs. Even though philosophy is not strictly a science, it still requires a great deal of effort to think and write, just like any other pure science subject like math or chemistry.

Writing an excellent philosophy paper will necessitate a great deal of pre-writing work, additional reading, and adherence to standard rules. To write a superb essay, you must carefully select topics that pique your interest so that you are eager to do the research. But getting good philosophy topics is not the easiest thing in the world. That’s why we have put together a list of philosophy essay topics to help you and make your writing easier. We have also put together a quick guide that shows you how to structure your philosophy essay.

Check out these philosophy essay topic ideas and take a look at the tips on structuring your essay to help you write a better essay that includes what your professor expects to see.

What Makes a Philosophy Essay Different From Other Essays?

You’re undoubtedly curious as to what distinguishes philosophy papers from the rest of your college writing projects. Despite the fact that all essays share some characteristics (e.g., structure, thesis statement writing, tone, etc.), you will quickly notice that your philosophy teacher’s assignments are unlike any other essays you have written.

After you’ve thoughtfully chosen a topic from our list of philosophy essay topics, you’ll need to figure out what message you want to send to your audience. The goal is to persuade the readers and demonstrate the credibility of your argument, which is different from simply stating your point of view. Readers should, in theory, embrace your point of view as their own. That is why it is critical to draw inspiration from fascinating philosophical issues—you can only persuade someone if you believe in what you are saying.


Philosophy Essay Structure

Make sure you have a clear picture in your mind of the idea you want to convey; otherwise, you may find it difficult to develop a consistent work with the right flow. It’s only natural to assume that your lack of understanding of the issue prohibits you from presenting your ideas clearly and persuasively.

Although there are unlikely to be many A-grade essays in your class, those students who do produce exceptional papers always follow the steps below:

  1. They make a compelling thesis statement.
  2. They explain it to the reader and provide proof to back it up.
  3. They provide credible data to back up their claims.
  4. They put their thoughts in a logical arrangement.
  5. They make sure to use proper sentence flow.

You can simply follow this structure or note the tips if you’re unsure how to create a philosophy paper.


Philosophy Argumentative Essay Topics

The goal of argumentative philosophy topics for essay is to select a side in an argument and defend what you believe in or to bring up an argument to discuss things with your fellow students. Here are a few suggested topics for argumentative philosophy essays:

  1. Real-life idealism is difficult to attain.
  2. The theory of feminine fashion and its impact on the masculine concept.
  3. Are personalities one-of-a-kind or do they follow a pattern?
  4. Do you believe that following all of the regulations is moral?
  5. Do people have good and bad attributes by nature?
  6. Define death and its significance.
  7. Examine whether knowledge comes from experience and learning.
  8. Discuss the prospect of living in a world free of regulations and laws.
  9. Describe the impact of social media on our moral ideals.
  10. What impact do movies and video games have on our values?


Political Philosophy Essay Topics

Most philosophy essays address a wide range of topics in society, making it tough to reduce your focus to a single topic. You may gather all the material you need to write a top-tier philosophy essay by looking through our list of philosophy essay topics below for any political philosophy essay topic.

Some of these interesting political philosophy topics for essay include:

  1. Should civil disobedience be justified in a democratic state?
  2. Compare and contrast the election systems of several emerging countries around the world.
  3. Globalization’s negative impact on the global economy.
  4. Politics’ beginnings and philosophical endings.
  5. The benefits of a decentralized government system.
  6. Terrorism’s impact on politics.
  7. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of totalitarianism.
  8. Explain why international relations are important in emerging countries.
  9. The relationship between politics, the media, and the people.
  10. The relationship between morality and power.


Philosophy Essay Topic Ideas

Finding the perfect philosophy essay topic concept for your article might be tough, especially if you are new to the field. This is why we’ve compiled a list of a few political essay topics that may be useful to you. Worry no longer! The following suggestions can help you:

  1. Examine whether or how our morality is influenced by or linked to culture.
  2. Discuss whether or not teenagers should be allowed to make their own decisions.
  3. Investigate whether humans share the same understanding of what is wrong and what is right.
  4. Describe the qualities that an excellent leader should possess.
  5. Investigate how to prepare for life after death.
  6. Define mentally conscious and explain how it applies to human life.
  7. Explain the differences between economic and legal justice, as well as which is more vital.
  8. Are there supernatural beings in the world?
  9. Do we take a certain form once we die?
  10. Should possessing a lot of money be a criterion for determining wealth?


Ancient Greek Philosophy Essay Topics

The term “ancient Greek” alludes to the birthplace of western philosophy. Many of the first elites to challenge the world around us were Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and others. We’ve compiled a selection of ancient Greek philosophy topics for essay that you could find useful.

  1. Pre-Socratic atomism and Democritus.
  2. The pre-Socratic period’s materialism and naturalism.
  3. The Sophists and Diogenes.
  4. Knowledge and perception from a pre-Socratic perspective.
  5. Doctrines of the Eleatic school.
  6. Idealism and Plato.
  7. The Metaphysics of Aristotle and its Legacy
  8. Stoicism and Buddhism are compared.
  9. The impact of Aristotle’s school, the Lyceum.
  10. Mythology vs. philosophy in explaining scientific phenomena.


Philosophy of Mind Essay Topics

Are you looking for unique philosophy essay ideas to choose from for your paper? Here are a few options for you to consider:

  1. Consider the concept of mental/physical dualism.
  2. Psychobiological perception and the mind-body relationship.
  3. Lucrative and his view on mind, soul and spirit.
  4. The Physical and Social Environment in Mind Development.
  5. The application and adaptation of Thagard’s mind theory.


Philosophy Essay Topics Ethics

Do you require assistance in deciding on ethical philosophy topics for essay? It’s not uncommon for many students to struggle with these areas as well. You can choose from the following ten philosophy and ethics essay topics:

  1. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of utilitarianism.
  2. When performing clinical trials, ethics must be taken into account.
  3. State reasons for abortion legalization
  4. The role of society in instilling good morals in young people
  5. Examine the connection between happiness and moral responsibilities.
  6. What role does philosophy play in digital transformation?
  7. Examine the differences between ethical and psychological egoism.
  8. The reliance on one’s moral compass to determine what is good and wrong.
  9. Ethical business practices are certain to help your firm prosper.
  10. Discuss the Catholic Church’s position on the use of contraception.


Easy Philosophy Essay Topics

Looking for some simple philosophical essay topic to write about? Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Discuss Nietzsche, Kant, and others’ moral philosophy and ethics.
  2. Explain how Martin Luther’s beliefs influenced Europe.
  3. Give a general overview of the theodicy problem in medieval philosophy.
  4. From a theological standpoint, emphasize the issue of free will.
  5. In medieval philosophy, what is the relationship between faith and reason?
  6. Compare and contrast Saint Augustine’s and Thomas of Aquinas’ theological approaches.
  7. Define the terms divine providence and sin.
  8. Describe the key characteristics of Pietism.
  9. Examine the political, intellectual, and philosophical circumstances that prompted the Reformation.
  10. Christian Thomasius’ views on prejudice and reason should be highlighted.


Essay Topics for Philosophy of Religion

If you are assigned to write a philosophy essay on religion for whatever reason. We can provide you with a list of essay themes to help you choose the most appropriate topic for your philosophy assignment. 

Here are ten possible essay themes for your philosophy paper:

  1. The role of religious faith in the establishment of theocracies.
  2. Christianity’s beginnings and how it is currently practiced.
  3. Christian and Islamic religions have many commonalities.
  4. The factors that lead to the emergence of new religions and beliefs.
  5. Examine how traditional religious rituals are implemented in today’s world.
  6. Hinduism’s influence and its impact on modern Indian society.
  7. The connection between religion and science.
  8. A global comparison of monotheistic faiths.
  9. In today’s faiths, totemism and animalism are philosophical concepts.
  10. God tales have certain similarities and some distinctions.


Essay Topics in Islamic Philosophy

Are you looking for some of the best Philosophy Islamic topics to write on? Below are a few you can select from:

  1. Before Islam, there was Mecca and a Meccan society.
  2. The American Islamic culture.
  3. Human rights values and the Islamic state.
  4. Prophet Mohammad’s first Islamic state.
  5. In Islam, there are three sources of information: the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and Hadith.
  6. The Threats posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
  7. Concept, Evolution, and Impact of Islamophobia.
  8. Differences and Parallels between Christianity and Islam.
  9. Islam and Hinduism are both religious syncretists.
  10. The Islamic Community in the United States and Islam.


Topics for Essay in Buddhist Philosophy

Do you want to create an essay about Buddhism’s philosophy? You can choose from the following ten topics:

  1. What Exactly Is Buddhism? Religion, Beliefs, and Rituals in History
  2. Healthcare from a Christian and Buddhist Perspective
  3. Contribution of Buddhist Spirituality to Psychological Well-Being
  4. Concepts and Values in Buddhism and Classical Hinduism
  5. Buddhist and Classical Hindu beliefs
  6. Buddhism and Life: Putting Buddhist Principles into Practice
  7. Buddhist Reductionism and Self-Concept
  8. Buddhism’s Meditation Techniques
  9. Buddhist Teachings of Theravada and Mahayana
  10. Siddhartha Gautama’s Life and Teachings on Buddhism


Philosophy Essay Topics about Animals

Have you been given the task of writing a philosophical animal essay? If so, read over the following list of ten fascinating philosophical animal topics:

  1. Technology advancements and the introduction of biotechnology in recent decades have posed a severe threat to animals.
  2. Justify animal suffering in various lab tests due to human cruelty.
  3. What are some of the ways that city dwellers abuse their pets?
  4. Certain traditional activities that violate animal rights should be prohibited throughout the world.
  5. When the food chain and food web grow naturally, how can the ecological system on Earth be well balanced?
  6. Discuss the problem of sustaining Earth’s equilibrium if animal species continue to vanish.
  7. What impact does the extinction of creatures that fulfill a specific role in a certain environment have on the planet’s ecology?
  8. Discuss how animals’ attitudes toward humans change when they are subjected to excessive exploitation.
  9. Is it true that animals will not attack somebody unless they sense a threat from the human in front of them?
  10. The behavior of animals toward humans can be viewed as a boomerang effect. Humans can receive the same sympathy from animals if they treat them well.



So here we are! 105 philosophy Essay Topics just for you! We hope you found them useful. Use these fascinating philosophical topics to write an awesome philosophy essay that gets you an A+! Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know before choosing a philosophy topic?
Before you choose a philosophy topic and start writing your paper, you need to first know the basics of essay writing. First, envision your topic by narrowing down things; then, choose various key arguments to create an outline. Understand the standard structure for philosophy writing and ask questions in unclear areas.
What are the best tips on writing a philosophy essay?
Research is the number one thing you need to take seriously if you want to write a great paper. No matter how great your topic is, it will lack depth if you don’t do adequate research. As you write, explain a philosophical concept and help your audience understand complex aspects by providing real-life examples.

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