Best 100 Descriptive Essay Topics For College and High School Students

descriptive essay topics

Essay writing is a core assignment for all levels of students. It is also one of the most frequent assignments you will come across in the English language. Descriptive essays seem to be the most given assignment just because of their simplicity.

However, many students find it challenging to come up with a good topic for a descriptive essay. As simple as they are, topics for descriptive essays are not easy to come by. They are born out of consideration for simplicity and the ability to write explicitly on the topic.

Most students find it challenging to choose topics for descriptive essays as they are unsure how to develop the content. Hence, we have compiled the best descriptive essay topics for students in colleges and high school.

Descriptive Essays Topics For College Students

The English language test is for all students. Essay writing is one of the systematic methods of testing students’ ability in English. You are bound to write a descriptive essay as a college student. The following are the best descriptive essay topics for college students;

  1. My first tourist experience
  2. Burj Khalifa, in all of its beauty
  3. My experience cruising on the sea
  4. The galaxies and the solar system
  5. Antarctica is the last continent.
  6. The unsaid facts about New Zealand
  7. My visit to Africa
  8. Iceland, Northern lights, and volcanoes
  9. My experience as a one-day seaman
  10. The astronaut experience on planet Mars

Some Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

An essay can either be descriptive, narrative, or argumentative. Nonetheless, some essay topics integrate both narration and description. Finding such a topic requires you to think critically. Senselessly, you can find your choice narrative descriptive essay topics here;

  1. Most dreaded animals and where you can find them
  2. My experience at my most cherished tourist center
  3. Julius Caesar: His life and his remarkable deeds
  4. The Greatest man of all time
  5. The philosophy of Plato and his life
  6. My experience fishing at the seaside
  7. The day I will never forget and why
  8. The best college in the world: her value and my experience as a student
  9. My experience at the Olympic event
  10. The nitty-gritty of being an engineer by profession

Some Descriptive Essay Topics for High School Students

High school students are not excluded from essay writing. It is a frequent assignment given to high school students from grade 5 to grade 10. Essay writing serves as one of the tests for proficiency in the English language for the students.

However, the essay becomes more complex concerning level. A grade 10 student is expected to be more proficient in essay writing than a grade 5 student. Therefore, we must make a descriptive essay topics list for each grade starting from grade 5.

Best Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 5 Students

It is easier for grade 5 students to get their descriptive essays too. Content development for such a topic is also a seamless task. The topic revolves around describing a personality or a place. As a grade 5 student, the following are the best descriptive essay topics you can choose;

  1. Nature and how I see it
  2. How I developed my communication skills
  3. My first train journey experience
  4. My tourist city and places of attraction
  5. My best friend and why he is so
  6. The creative skills of my best teacher
  7. The earth and how it is affected by the greenhouse effect.
  8. My most cherished family vacation
  9. Describing my father.
  10. How my mother cooked my best meal

Best Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 6 Students

Grade 6 students are expected to write more often than grade 5. Hence, more essay writing is expected of them. Perhaps you need an excellent descriptive essay topic; here are the best ones for grade 6 students;

  1. My visit to the art exhibition
  2. Vehicle pollution and how it affects the environment
  3. My first experience of racism in my environment.
  4. My fantasy of living on planet Mars
  5. My experience of domestic violence
  6. The science of stress on human health
  7. How reading books enhanced my communication skill
  8. Tree plantation and how it influences rainfall.
  9. How I conquered my greatest fear
  10. My best sportsman.

Best Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 7 Students

Similarly, grade 7 students will engage in essay writing. Descriptive essays at this level will involve more technicalities and expositions. It may also involve some know-how principles to solve specific problems. The following are descriptive essays best for grade 7 students;

  1. Erosion, how it affects the environment, and solutions to it.
  2. How I decided to become a doctor
  3. Memoirs of my experience with my closest friend who relocated to another state.
  4. The childhood experience I can recollect vividly.
  5. The principle of floatation and how it works.
  6. My little experience with robotics.
  7. Why smartphone and how it keeps me busy.
  8. My choice car and its features.
  9. Describing the functionalities of Android devices to my grandparents.
  10. My laptop, my second best friend.

Best Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 8 Students

There is not much difference in grade 7 and grade 8 essays. Both apply the same principle and involve similar exposition. These are examples of descriptive essay topics for grade 8;

  1. My favorite European culture
  2. My experience on social networking websites
  3. How firecrackers work and the pollution it causes
  4. How fast-food restaurants prepare and preserve their foods
  5. How intake of alcohol can alter the nervous system.
  6. How homework helped change my reading habit.
  7. My favorite pet and why it is.
  8. The largest city in my country
  9. Who is a leader?
  10. My journey in website designing

Best Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 9 Students

Grade 9 students in high school will engage in essay writing. The assignments become more frequent at this stage. It might become challenging to find a topic due to the frequency. The following are topics for descriptive essay writing you can consider;

  1. A bad habit I developed.
  2. Parenting from my parent’s perspective
  3. The day I will never forget in a hurry.
  4. My best birthday celebration
  5. What caught my attention in my last visit to New York City.
  6. The weekend of my choice if I had my ways.
  7. My typical day as a write-up
  8. My experience visiting the gym for the first time.
  9. How to act in a robbery scene
  10. My experience learning a skill.

Best Descriptive Essay Topics for Grade 10 Students

When you get to grade 10, you begin to experience the exciting part of essay writing. It depicts you are a few inches away from college life. As such, more proficiency is demanded in your essay writing. Here are some descriptive essay topics you can consider as a grade 10 student;

  1. My first day of driving a car
  2. The life of Abraham Lincoln
  3. What a phlegmatic act
  4. My scariest moment
  5. My kind of boyfriend/girlfriend
  6. Life as a black American
  7. My experience as an orphan in an orphanage
  8. The women our society needs
  9. The lifestyle of a typical American pop star
  10. My first visit to my desired university

Some Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics

It is possible to write a fascinating description of a person or thing. However, the topic was chosen just as well be an interesting one. These kinds of topics are easy to develop and give a high chance of getting a good grade. Below are exciting essay topics for descriptive paper;

  1. The first time I got into trouble in school.
  2. How I acted on my first date
  3. My experience at the snow skating club
  4. My first automobile accident and how I survived.
  5. Describing education from my perspective.
  6. My experience with a drunken driver
  7. How I got the permanent scar on my body
  8. The example of an unjust society
  9. The most significant achievement of my life
  10. What I learned the hard way.

Easiest Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essays are more complex than others. The difficulty involved is a result of their inclination to science or technology. As such, they require you to make use of jargon and terms of the field.

However, some topics are generic and don’t need much terminology written. If your question is what are some good topics for a descriptive essay easy writing, here are your answers;

  1. How to exercise your body every morning
  2. My last visit to my hometown
  3. My experience as a wildlife photographer
  4. My uncle and his peculiarities
  5. My newly born niece
  6. Describing my principal’s office.
  7. My best outfit for a special occasion
  8. My compound
  9. My father’s cars
  10. A day at the White House.


Writing a descriptive essay is an unavoidable assignment as a college and a high school student. You have to describe a person, thing, place, or experience. So description can either be factual or fiction. The most important thing is getting the best topic and making the best essay out of it.

Writing a descriptive essay is quite an easy assignment. However, it becomes frustrating when it is most frequent. You need not worry, as you can quickly get your descriptive essay online. You can access professional writers who can write the best descriptive essay and proofread essay for you without having to break banks.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a descriptive essay?
A descriptive essay focuses on the description of an object, person, emotion, situation, and experience, among other things. The essence of writing this type of essay is to encourage your ability to create a written account of an experience. Also, it grants you artistic freedom, which serves to paint a vivid image in your readers’ minds.
How can you choose a great descriptive essay topic?
If your instructor did not give you a specific topic to work on, consider those things you know very well. These could be objects, places, people, or personal experiences – things you can confidently and concisely talk about. Ensure the topic is specific enough so that you can describe its features in detail; avoid vague descriptive essay topics.

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