How to Cheat in Exam

How to Cheat in Exam

It’s the morning of your examination. You wake up, and you realize you haven’t prepared for the exam. To add fuel to the fire, the pass mark for this particular exam is 70%. You’re wondering what miracle you’ll have to perform to ace this exam.

It happens that sometimes you are simply unprepared or too tired to read for an exam. And in moments like this, you may feel compelled to cheat in the exam. But how do you go about cheating on an exam? Relax! This article will guide you on the best ways to cheat in an exam and how to get an A+ using this cheat code.


Best Way to Cheat in Exam

So, what is the best way to cheat on exam? To cheat in an exam, first, you need to decide which method you want to use. Note that the format of the exam will determine the best cheating strategy for you.

Cheating only becomes successful when you don’t get caught. So, you have to be very careful and vigilant and know how to cheat in an exam without breaking the rules. Here are the best ways to cheat on an exam.

  1. The body part method
  2. The calculator cheat method
  3. Under the sleeve method
  4. Exchange papers method
  5. Hand signaling method
  6. The restroom method
  7. The water bottle method
  8. The fingernail method
  9. The tissue paper method


1.       The body part method

One of the commonest ways to go about cheating on exam is the body part method. You don’t have to go through the stress of writing information on paper and printing it out in this method. Instead, all you have to do is write on some strategic parts of your body.

Remember, this part must be hidden and covered with clothes. If you are a female, your best bet is your thigh. Ensure you wear a long skirt that covers your thigh. A short or long pair of trousers won’t do the magic. If you are a guy, your best bet is your forearm. Ensure you wear a long sleeve.

The body part method is one of the safest methods available because invigilators do not check the parts of your body when you are entering the examination hall. It is also easy to use.

2.      Calculator cheat method

Suppose you have a science or math exam. In that case, you may be interested in how to cheat on an exam when the subject has formulas and calculations.

Perhaps it’s your mathematics exam. And there are a lot of formulas to cram. Not only formulas, but you also have to cram some standard values. So going to an examination hall with your calculator, especially for a course that requires a calculator, is not suspicious at all. First, get a calculator with a back cover. Then slide the written formula between the back of the calculator and the calculator’s cover.

3.      Under the sleeve method

This method requires that you wear a long sleeve. The invigilator is not likely to check under your sleeve. Having written the cheat on a paper, you can hide it under the sleeve. Once you enter the examination hall and your teacher isn’t looking, you can take it out. To use this method, you have to be very vigilant.

4.      Exchange papers method

This method involves exchanging the answer sheet in the exam hall with your partner. Beforehand, you should have informed the person you want to exchange answer booklets with. This is to avoid disappointment. You should choose a brilliant candidate for this job. Once you’re in the examination hall, it’s safer to delay writing your name. This is to ensure you don’t get implicated when you are caught.

5.      Hand signaling method

It’s not new to see a student cheating in exam using the hand signaling method. The hand signaling method is perfect and safe. It involves using your fingers to indicate the options to your partner. However, it’s only possible to use this method in multiple-choice questions with the same paper type as your partner.

6.      The restroom method

The restroom method involves two processes. First, you have to write the answers to questions you are very sure the teacher would ask in the exam. Then, write and print the paper and fold it. Keep it under your sleeves. Once you enter the exam room, ask for permission to use the restroom. When you get into the restroom, bring the paper out and cram as much as possible before returning to the examination hall. Don’t forget to flush the paper inside the closet.

7.      The water bottle method

This is a common method. Hence, you have to be careful, so you won’t get caught. Some examiners don’t allow students to enter the examination hall with water bottles; some do. So, you have to find out before the day of the examination. It is easy to use. You just have to write the exam answers at the back of the bottle’s label. No one would suspect anything. You just have to be careful when copying the answers from the bottle.

8.     The fingernail method

You will be surprised by how much you can write on your fingernails. Again, this method works best for courses that require calculations. You can write formulas on your fingers without getting caught, depending on the size of your fingernail. The thumbnail can contain about five simple formulas.

9.      The tissue paper method

You can always fake a common cold when you are going for your exam. This gives you the liberty to go with tissue paper. First, before entering, ensure you cut enough tissue paper. Then, write the exam answers on a single part of the tissue paper and fold more tissue papers on it to the extent that the part with the answers is folded inside. Again, suppose you’re using this method. In that case, you have to be careful when copying the answers from the tissue to your answer booklet.


Cheating Tips to Avoid being Caught Cheating

The ultimate aim of cheating is to pass the exam without getting caught. Even if you know all the cheating methods in this world, if you get caught, you’re gone. Cheating in an exam room is not easy work. You have to prepare yourself.

So, what can you do to not get caught? This article will tell you some cheating tips you should know before sitting for that exam. If you want to know how to cheat in an exam room without getting caught, read on!

1.       Choose the most appropriate cheating method

The same way you prepare for your regular exams is the same way you will prepare if you plan to cheat in your exams. You prepare by planning which cheating method is appropriate for the exam you are about to write. The methods described above will guide you on the best cheating method appropriate for any exam format.

2.      Don’t aim too high

Yes, cheating can get you the perfect score, but at the same time, you want to ensure that your answers don’t get suspicious. Therefore, you should intentionally write the wrong answers for some questions. If an examiner suspects that you are cheating in the exam hall, don’t allow your answer sheet to further confirm the examiner’s suspicion. Be smart about it.

3.      Don’t sell yourself out

Cheating is dangerous when you get caught. People get caught when they look suspicious. Remove all doubts from your body’s reactions. You need to find a balance between writing the answers effectively and giving yourself out. Don’t forget and don’t look around. Do not fix your gaze on the cheat code for too long. If you use the body part strategy, don’t fix your gaze on your thigh or arm for too long.

4.      Remove all evidence

Once you are done with the exam, make sure you eliminate all evidence. This is to ensure you don’t leave any trace that can implicate you.

5.      Write clearly but not so easy to decode

One of the cheating tips is to use codes to write your answers. You can abbreviate your answers too. While you may want to write everything, remember you shouldn’t go to the exam hall with a big sheet of paper. You can write clearly on a small sheet using abbreviations. If possible, write in a language that only you would understand.


6.      Don’t start cheating at the onset

Don’t bring out your cheating notes immediately after the exam starts. This is because most examiners are always very vigilant at this period. Don’t do the same too when the exam is about to end for the same reason. Be vigilant and give it some time.


How to Cheat on a College Exam

You’re a new student in college, and you’re wondering how to cheat on an exam in college. College exams can be quite different from the external exams and the exams you are used to. But the same method also works for cheating in a college exam.

The first thing you have to do is ask your senior colleagues about the exam format. This will help you to know which of the methods listed below will be appropriate for the exam. You can use any of the cheating methods discussed above.


How to Cheat on a Final Exam

Cheating on the final exam is not the easiest thing in the world. Why? Because final papers always come with anxiety, excitement, and stress. Really, it can be hard to concentrate, and you may want to settle for cheating in your final exams.

You should note that cheating in this period can be very delicate and may attract severe punishment. If you want to know how to cheat on a final exam, you can use any methods mentioned above to cheat in your final year. But remember, you have to apply all precautions as listed above to successfully execute this.

Because you’re in your final year, you have an added advantage because you already know how the lecturers would set the exam questions. Therefore, your cheating sheets should be exact and straight to the point.


Cheating Websites for Exam Cheating

An exam cheat website can be a saving grace for you when you’re in a fix. Cheating websites can help you ace your exams. Check these links if you’re writing an exam soon!



So here we are! Here’s all you need to know about how to cheat in an exam!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common reason why students cheat in exams?
Cheating is common among students, and it is something that gives schools concern. Perhaps, one of the most common reasons why students cheat is the pressure to have good grades. Students are willing and ready to behave unethically if it means better grades and standing out among their peers.
Do smart students also cheat in exams?
Cheating is not only common among students struggling in their academics; even students who have it all together cheat. According to research, students praised for their intelligence have a higher chance of cheating than those praised for performance. However, students who find it hard to pay attention in class are even more likely to cheat.

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