Top 45 Hamlet Essay Topics

Hamlet Essay Topics

Hamlet is a literary book written in the English language by Williams Shakespeare. A book written by such a celebrated author is expected to be considered in essay writing. Hamlet is good for essays because of Shakespeare’s skill.

The book also features exciting plots such as love, conflict, betrayal, revenge, death, and humanity. Writing an essay on Hamlet is a flexible option. You can choose to write on any of the plots involved in the story.

Writing essays on Hamlet is a common assignment in many institutions. Therefore, we have compiled a list of Hamlet essay topics for your consideration.

General Essay Topics for Hamlet

If you are to write a broad essay on Hamlet, you may need to consider the general topics of the literary text. These topics might require an in-depth reading of the book to carve out an excellent essay effectively. Some general essay topics for Hamlet are;

  1. The 7 soliloquies of Hamlet and how they reveal his character
  2. Essay on the outward and inward conflict in Hamlet
  3. The character of Cladius and Macbeth in Hamlet and the role they played
  4. Hamlet as a tragedy of revenge
  5. Comparison between Hamlet and Horatio – The similarities and dissimilarities

Hamlet Argumentative Essay Topics

There are topics worthy of argument in the literature text, Hamlet. Your assignment may require you to create an argumentative essay. The following argumental essay topics Hamlet are suitable for debate;

  1. The murder of Polonius: Is it just or unjust with reasons?
  2. The debate on the negative view of Hamlet on women from a feminist perspective
  3. Are there so many evils in the book Hamlet and can Hamlet be considered an evil avenger?
  4. Hamlet as a tragic hero, is there relevance of such heroic acts in this present time?
  5. Hamlet’s most important relationship and why you considered it so.

Hamlet Essay Topics for High School

High school students can be made to read Hamlet in art or literature class. As such, it is not out of place if you are asked to write an essay on Hamlet as a high school student. The following are easy essay topics in Hamlet for high school students;

  1. The role of Polonius in Hamlet
  2. Can Hamlet be considered as an indecisive person about his decision not to revenge but to commit suicide?
  3. The use of imagery in Hamlet
  4. Exploration of specific figures of speech as used in Hamlet
  5. The struggle between good and evil in Hamlet

Interesting Hamlet Essay Topics

There are certain acts and plots in Hamlet that are interesting. The following are interesting Hamlet research essay topics;

  1. Revenge and how it was projected in the book Hamlet.
  2. Variation of English used in Hamlet compared to modern English language
  3. Hamlet was a victim of madness.
  4. Sex and sexuality as involved in the book Hamlet
  5. Oedipus complex and Hamlet – a better example

Good Topics for Hamlet Essay Analytics

Hamlet is not only good for argument essays. You can equally find some topics for analytical writing. The following are easy Hamlet essay topics for analytical purposes;

  1. Analyzing the Hamlet movie to confirm if it genuinely mirrors what the book entails.
  2. Analyzing from the nihilism perspective, Hamlet’s speech on switching from passive to active.
  3. Analyzing the character trait exhibited by Hamlet in each act of play.
  4. Analyzing Hamlet’s foes at each stage of the play and the roles they played.
  5. Analyzing Hamlet’s character with his bias for sin and salvation.

Hamlet Essay Topics Ophelia Included

Ophelia is a lady Hamlet loves in the book. You might have to center your essay writing around Ophelia. The following are the list of Hamlet essay topics about Ophelia;

  1. What impact does Ophelia have on Hamlet in the play?
  2. What was Hamlet’s disposition on the relationship between him and Ophelia?
  3. How does Hamlet’s revenge mission jeopardize the relationship between him and Ophelia?
  4. Analyzing Ophelia suicide decision: a wise or a foolish decision?
  5. Analyzing if Hamlet was indeed in love with Ophelia and what purpose Ophelia served in Hamlet’s revenge mission.

Hamlet Act 3 Essay Topics

The following are Hamlet essay topics arising from act 3 of the play;

  1. Essay on the plot of act 3 of the play, Hamlet.
  2. Analyzing the Hamlet relationship with all other characters involved in act 3.
  3. Why will you consider act 3 as one of the most critical activities in the play Hamlet?
  4. Comparing the character of Hamlet in act 1 and act 3 of the play. What is the noticeable trait in the two scenarios?
  5. Analyzing the imageries and figures of speech as used in Hamlet act 3.

Hamlet Critical Essay Topics

There are topics worthy of critical evaluation in the book Hamlet. The following are Hamlet essay topics for critical evaluation;

  1. Hamlet on his father’s death revenge: why does he refuse to kill Claudius when he gets the opportunity?
  2. Analyzing the love between Hamlet and Ophelia before and after his father’s death.
  3. About Aristotle’s definition of tragedy, can the play Hamlet be considered a tragedy?
  4. What is your judgment on the book Hamlet and what was its significance to you?
  5. What three psychological disorders can you deduce Hamlet exhibited in the play?

Good Short Hamlet Essay Topics

There are short topics in Hamlet you can consider for your essay writing. They include;

  1. Your summary of the play, Hamlet.
  2. Describe Hamlet from your perspective.
  3. The most crucial painful moment of Hamlet in the book
  4. The murder of Polonius: A deserved or an undeserved judgment?
  5. Hamlet’s most cherished relationship and why?


Hamlet is an exciting read for every literature student. The play features enough plots worthy of essay writing. At the same time, it might be impossible to write an essay on the topic. You might find it challenging to develop your essay on any Hamlet topic due to its peculiarities. In that case, you can seek professional writers to help in crafting a good essay for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an important theme in Hamlet?
One of the most important themes in Hamlet is revenge; some would even call it the most important of all. Aside from being a tale of tragedy, Hamlet is also an example of revenge tragedy. Other themes explored in Hamlet include death, deception, and loyalty, with death appearing as the main theme.
What is the best way to start a paper on Hamlet?
Your introduction should point out the topic and highlight the main issues that the paper will consider. We recommend representing a system of argumentation that is based on a deep research and understanding of the play. The paper should give readers an idea of what to expect in the paper but leaves them hungry enough to keep reading.

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