80 Best Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

A rhetorical analysis essay is a very complex essay type. Over the years, students have always complained about the difficulty they encountered while doing such assignments. Generally, the challenges of writing a good rhetorical analysis essay can all be traced to the lack of a good topic. Hence, this article seeks to provide you with the best essay topics to consider in your next rhetorical analysis essay writing.

What is a Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

Having a good idea of what a rhetorical analysis essay is will be the best place to address the challenge. Since many students don’t know what it is all about, they also failed to write an effective essay.

Rhetorics are statements or literary devices used by writers, actors, novelists, and speakers to persuade their audience. It sometimes features sweet words, quotes, and exaggeration to get the attention of the audience and make them react in the desired way. The rhetorical analysis will therefore be defined as the act of analyzing the use of rhetoric in a particular work of art.

Students write rhetorical analysis essays to identify an element of a speech or text that aims to persuade or impact the audience. So you can choose either a book, movie, speech or any other form of communication to identify the use of rhetoric and construct an essay on that.


Good Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Some authors are exceptionally good at the use of rhetoric. When you choose to analyze any part of their work, you have a high chance to spot the use of rhetoric and then you can analyze. These are good topics for rhetorical analysis essay;

  1. Analyzing the Frankenstein novels and identifying the similarity of techniques used.
  2. Analyzing how the plot of the Game of Thrones can be discovered from the settings.
  3. Comparing a movie and the book it was based on to analyze the rhetorical usage.
  4. Analyze your favorite Shakespeare poem.
  5. Analyzing the major conflicts in War and Peace by Tolstoy.
  6. Compare and contrast Stephen king’s Novels and movies based on them.
  7. Analysis to discover if characters in soap operas are exaggerated.
  8. Analyzing the literary elements in Hunger game’s presidency and dictatorship.
  9. Analyze your favorite novel to identify the character’s behavior.
  10. Analyze Joyce’s Ulysses for its setting and conflicts.


Easy Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Perhaps it is your first time writing a rhetorical analysis essay. You may want to choose an easy topic to see how well you can do with the assignment. The following are easy topics for a rhetorical analysis essay;

  1. Identify literary techniques used in any Wordsworth poem.
  2. Identify the techniques used to depict true love in cartoons to make children understand.
  3. Identify the literary techniques that made Pride and Prejudice a popular book.
  4. Identify and analyze the rhetoric in TV Hannibal Lecter’s monologue.
  5. What do Harry Potter’s green eyes symbolize?
  6. Explain the implication of a dressing mode in any of your favorite movies.
  7. Analyze Dana Scully’s and Fox Mulder’s mode of persuasion.
  8. Analyze the Hunger Games settings and the gruesomeness it portrays.
  9. Identify the time of the TV series Sherlock Holmes.
  10. Analyze any of King Arthur’s speeches within Merlin to identify the use of rhetoric.


Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics Consumerism

Rhetorics is very much associated with Consumerism. Your assignment can request that you identify rhetorics in any consumerism economics theory or policy. If you are on this, you should consider the following topics;

  1. Analysis of Orange is the New Binge.
  2. Analysis of the consumer study of housing and the consumer.
  3. What’s your view about consumerism in today’s world?
  4. Why are the buyers going for expensive gadgets over their basic needs?
  5. Analyzing online consumerism as part of social media.
  6. The Brave New World and fight club consumerism.
  7. Identifying the pros and cons of consumerism and capitalism.
  8. The pursuit of happiness and consumerism.
  9. Promotional mix and its effect on consumers’ buying intent.
  10. Analyzing the fastest growing consumer need industries.


Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics Medicine

Medicine, although a science, involves the art of rhetoric. The application might be to get the patient to take drugs, accept surgery, or drop an unhealthy habit. The following are topics for rhetorical analysis essay in medicine;

  1. How will you analyze medical attempts to stop aging: ethical or extreme?
  2. What’s your view about artificial tissues and organs?
  3. Do you agree with the application of artificial intelligence and robots in medicine?
  4. What’s your opinion about antibiotic resistance in old age people?
  5. Analyze any research field that has provided a solution to a medical challenge.
  6. Should the result of unethical research be applied to patients?
  7. What’s your view of testing drugs on animals with regards to animal rights.
  8. Analysis of any danger of medical research you can identify.
  9. Analysis on whether there should be a limit to medical tests on humans.
  10. What’s your analysis of cloning research in medicine?


Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics On Short Stories

There are short stories that feature the use of rhetoric. The advantage of considering such a piece is that it saves time and effort both in research and writing. You can choose your rhetorical analysis essay topic from any of the following;

  1. Analysis of ‘The Epic’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson.
  2. Analysis of Shakespeare’s Sonnet.
  3. Analysis of Joseph Stiglitz’s ‘The Price of Inequality’.
  4. Analysis of Alexander Pope’s ‘The Rape Of The Lock’.
  5. Analysis on Williams Butler Yeats’ ‘An Irish Man Foresees His Death’.
  6. Analyzing the book ‘The Nation Among Nation’.
  7. Analyzing Percy Bysshe Shelley’s ‘England in 1819’.
  8. Analyzing Romeo Dallier’s ‘Cri De Coeur’.
  9. Anne Lammot’s ‘Travelling Mercies’ analysis.
  10. Analyzing Priyanka Chopra’s ‘Full Power of Women ‘.


Visual Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

Some works of art are considered visual rhetoric because the style adopted is basically to persuade the audience. This can be either a movie, a story, or a poem. You can choose your visual rhetorical analysis topic for the essay from any of the following;

  1. Analysis of the last speech of Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. Analysis of Clifford’s ‘The Ethics Of Belief’.
  3. Analysis of Poe’s poetry, ‘The Raven’.
  4. Analysis of the book, Sinners In The Hand Of An Angry God.
  5. Analyze any of your favorite Shakespeare poems.
  6. Analyze Jared Diamond’s ‘Easter Island’s End’.
  7. Analyze the book, Success Strategies’.
  8. Analysis of Ulysses by James Joyce.
  9. Analysis of Jared Diamond’s ‘Gun, Germs, and Steel’.
  10. Analysis of Sermon by Jonathan Edward.


Good Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics On Fiction

Fiction has always been recorded to have high usage of rhetoric. Since they are not real, the writer tries as much as possible to ensure the reader is alive while reading. The use of rhetoric makes such a piece appealing to the reader. The following are ideas for a rhetorical analysis essay in fiction;

  1. Analysis of the movie, Jurassic Park.
  2. Analysis of Macbeth.
  3. Rhetorical analysis of Romeo and Juliet.
  4. Rhetorical Analysis of King Kong.
  5. Analyze the rhetorical use in Titanic.
  6. Analyze and compare the rhetorics in Chinese and American movies.
  7. Analyze the fighting scenes in the movie Twilight.
  8. Analyze any old movie with a top-notch technique.
  9. Analyze the techniques used in horror movies to create fear.
  10. Analyzing Jurassic Park’s impression when it first started and now.


Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics About Sport

Sports and games have over time involved the use of rhetoric. Both the action and the sports reports seek to get the audience excited and looking forward to more of the game. The following are rhetorical analysis essay topics in sport;

  1. Interference in sports management and its effect on different teams.
  2. Analyzing the impacts of gender bias in sport.
  3. Why should sports businesses be managed by the government?
  4. Analysis of why doping should be given strict punishment in sport.
  5. Should poor athletes receive free medical attention and healthcare?
  6. Should athletes who use steroids be banned?
  7. Analysis of why sport should be made a core subject in all levels of education.
  8. Politics in sports committees and how it is affecting the quality of the sport.
  9. Analysis of how the sports culture can be used to promote socio-economic growth.
  10. Analyzing the impacts of sports fixing and how it damages the sport’s reputation.


How To Choose A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics

There are a few things to consider before choosing your rhetorical analysis essay ideas. These things are instrumental to writing a compelling essay and getting a good grade for the work done. Here are tips that will help;

  • Choose your area of interest

One secret to choosing the best rhetorical analysis essay topic is to choose from your area of interest. You must choose a particular work of art that fascinates you. It will be easier to identify what arouses your interest and that might be what you are looking for.

  • Ensure you read or listen thoroughly

You may not be able to identify the rhetorics used in a piece of literature until you have thoroughly read or listened to the piece. You need to identify the audience’s reaction or likely reaction before and after the application. In that understanding lies your analysis.

  • Consider your instructor’s guidelines

You might be lucky to have a guideline to follow given by your instructor. Such guidelines will guide you on how to use the right literature to consider and the style of rhetoric used. If you have this, it is easier to select your topics.



Rhetorical analysis essays are quite a big deal for students. Unlike other types of essays, you must be able to spot the opposing viewpoint, use of rhetoric, and the viewpoint after the use of rhetoric. Overall, a good topic will ensure that you have the best essay and eventually the best grade. This piece gives the best answer if you are looking for what are good topics for a rhetorical analysis essay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the process of choosing a rhetorical analysis essay be any easier?
Choosing a topic for your rhetorical analysis essay can be easy if you follow the right tips. Before you choose your topic, define your objective; then, source for topics and choose one that interests you. Your topic should have a scope for research to avoid getting stuck as you write.
What does it mean to write a rhetorical analysis essay?
When you write a rhetorical analysis essay, you are essentially looking at an idea and analyzing its effect. Many times, this type of essay is about a speech or literature piece, but it can also be about a movie or artwork. To write a great rhetorical analysis essay, there must be enough information about what you’re writing on.

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