Best Synthesis Essay Topics

Synthesis Essay Topics

When it comes to writing a synthesis essay, choosing the right topic comes first. This is if your instructor gives you the free will to choose any topic you like. Sometimes, your teachers just want to test your ability to think critically. We know it is a lot of hard work for you. That’s why we compiled a list of synthesis essay topics just for you.

How To Choose Best Topic For Synthesis Essay

Choosing topics for synthesis essay isn’t on the list of the easiest things to do in the world. You need to know a few things to put in place when making a choice. It is true that, without a good topic, your synthesis may be dead on arrival.

The topic is the captivating factor that first and foremost draws the reader’s attention.

Here are a few things you must put in check to choose the best topic for synthesis essay

  • Captivating idea: the topic should center around a captivating idea. You don’t want to coin your topic around something boring that wouldn’t attract the reader. Your topic should act as a magnet. It must attract the reader to read your synthesis essay.


  • Unique Topic with a Focal Point: the topic shouldn’t be ambiguous. You should ensure your topic has a focus. This is very important as it prepares the reader’s mind to know what the essay would generally entail.


  • Debatable: in the situation where you have to write an argumentative synthesis essay, the topic must be debatable. By all means, you want to ensure the topic has two opposing factors. So the reader can choose a side.


  • Feasible for research: sometimes, you may be required to write an essay about something interesting, make sure the topic is suitable for research. That way, your essay would only serve as a foundation or perhaps introduction to the research topic.


Argumentative Synthesis Essay Topics

Here’s a list of topics for your argumentative synthesis essay.

  1. Rehabilitation is better than punishment for criminals
  2. Should tobacco production be legalized or made illegal?
  3. Should exercise replace professional sporting activities?
  4. Should abortion be legalized or made illegal
  5. Is the legalization of prostitution right, or should it be illegal
  6. Cohabiting couples- right or wrong?
  7. Employment opportunities of legal residents are limited by illegal immigrants
  8. Social media is doing more harm than good
  9. Being short-tempered affect people’s happiness
  10. Symptoms of mental health disorders should never be ignored


Explanatory Synthesis Essay Topics

Here’s a list of topics for an explanatory synthesis essay.

  1. How social media is a tool for people surveillance
  2. How depression affects the standard of living
  3. Immigration and its effect on the US economy
  4. Which untold stories about world war II
  5. Why is racism still a thing today?
  6. How can body-shaming be eradicated?
  7. How to communicate effectively with a religious fanatic
  8. How artificial intelligence has stripped people of their jobs
  9. How social networking sites help people’s outlook on life
  10. How communication eradicates strife


Good Synthesis Essay Topics

Here’s a list of topics for a good synthesis essay.

  1. The impact of world war II on Germany
  2. The influence of social media on the younger generation
  3. Should higher education be made free?
  4. The resultant effect of poverty on child health
  5. Do video games teach children violence?
  6. The relationship between class size and the academic performance of children
  7. Technology advancement in the last 10 years
  8. Why is examination malpractice now common among students?
  9. The toxic effects of illiteracy
  10. The ethics considered for drug testing on animals.


Fun Synthesis Essay Topics

Here’s a list of topics for a fun synthesis essay.

  1. The usage of drones breach people’s privacy
  2. Cashless policy as a tool for people surveillance
  3. The amazing benefits of technology today
  4. How your savings can make you wealthy
  5. Why overcrowded prisons need to be looked into
  6. The impact of fossil fuels on our environment
  7. Global warming and its resultant effect on our health
  8. Why war should never be an option
  9. Is there life outside earth?
  10. How artificial intelligence has made life easier


AP Lang Synthesis Essay Topics

Here’s a list of topics for an AP Lang synthesis essay.

  1. Can money buy happiness- explain
  2. What are the effects of global warming on agricultural practices?
  3. Is social media a tool of distraction for students?
  4. Talent or hard work: which is better and why?
  5. What is the dividing line between truth and fiction?
  6. Global warming is majorly due to certain human activities
  7. Why money cannot buy happiness
  8. Basic survival skills everyone should learn
  9. How to defeat poverty permanently
  10. How to choose the right career path as a student


Synthesis Essay Topics On Mental Health

Here’s a list of mental health-related topics for a synthesis essay.

  1. Is it right to legalize Marijuana, or should it be made illegal?
  2. How to report a mental health case
  3. Misuse of drugs and how it relates to mental disorder
  4. Cause, Symptoms, and treatment of adult depression
  5. Social media and mental health
  6. Relationship between nutrition and mental health disorders
  7. How stress relates to mental health disorders
  8. Depression and anxiety disorders
  9. Poverty and mental health
  10. Common mental disorders in the world


Research Synthesis Essay Topics

Here’s a list of topics for a research synthesis essay.

  1. Does true love still exist?
  2. Is there still anything called racism in the western world?
  3. Gay marriage- should it be legalized or out rightly banned?
  4. How to control online pornography
  5. What is terrorism, and what are the causes and prevention?
  6. Homeschooling or Montessori school-which is better?
  7. Why have divorce rates skyrocketed recently?
  8. How flying cars help to reduce accident rates
  9. What are the alternatives to drug testing on animals?
  10. What makes school dress codes compulsory?


Food Synthesis Essay Topics

Here’s a list of topics for a food synthesis essay.

  1. The best way to cook eggs
  2. How to be break food addiction
  3. Can a cake be addictive?
  4. How to cultivate healthy eating habits
  5. The importance of taking vegetables daily
  6. The dangers of excessive calories
  7. Poor nutrition and cognitive ability: the relationship
  8. Is fast food all that good?
  9. Food allergy and some types
  10. Obesity in children- how to avoid


Elaborate Topics For Synthesis Essay

Here’s a list of elaborate topics for synthesis essay.

  1. Should advertising target the minor?
  2. Are the impacts of technology all good?
  3. The role of a mother in the family
  4. How the society shapes the mindset of children
  5. The impact of education on the average youth
  6. Cosmetic surgery-why is it now rampart
  7. How does listening to music while working help you concentrate better?
  8. The role of invasive species
  9. The relevance of teaching children history
  10. The downsides of social media today


Education Topics For Synthesis Essay

Here’s a list of education-related topics for your synthesis essay.

  1. Is a college education still compulsory with the new trends in employment?
  2. Should high school education be made free?
  3. Does dress code affect the academic performance of students?
  4. How does class size affect the performance of students?
  5. Should students be given the liberty to choose their academic path?
  6. Online classes vs. on-site classes
  7. Technology as a threat or tool for academic exploits
  8. The impact of social media on student’s academic performance
  9. Should school athletes be reimbursed based on performance?
  10. Homeschooling versus traditional schooling: which is better?


Global Warming Synthesis Essay Topics

The current state of our ecosystem is in danger. It is difficult to stay in oblivion to this fact. It is a serious burden to scientists and scholars too. Global warming is caused by:

  • Increasing volumes of greenhouse gases
  • Forest destruction
  • The disappearance of water resources
  • Not enough awareness campaigns globally.

When asked to write a synthesis essay on global warming, it may not be easy to pick one.

We have made it easy for you. Here are some global warming synthesis essay topics for you.

  1. The effects of global warming on human behavior
  2. Global reports on climate change
  3. Global warming vs. global cooling- which way?
  4. Should carbon trading be used to fight global warming?
  5. The fate of humanity in the future with the current rate of global warming
  6. What are the solutions to global warming
  7. The dangers of floods caused by global warming
  8. Global warming – myth or fact?
  9. The consequences of global warming
  10. How the burning of fossil fuels for transportation affects global warming


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter whether or not you have personal interest in your synthesis essay topic?
If you are writing a synthesis essay, it is essential you choose a topic you are personally interested in. If it is boring and uninspiring, you will get frustrated as you research and write the essay. More so, you need to have a great grasp of the topic to be able to recognize the good and bad points.
What fields or areas are great to write a synthesis paper on?
There is a vast range of fields on which you can write a synthesis paper. They include but are not limited to education, social media, technology, health and medicine, society issues, and law and justice systems. You can also focus on the environment, art and literature, ethics and morality, immigration, and even movies.

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