Expository Essay Topics

Expository Essay Topics

To write an expository essay, you might have to spend some valuable time hitting books or surfing the internet searching for a compelling topic. But why is this so? Well, it’s because writing an expository essay is somewhat different compared to other essay types.

If you’re a college student, the chances are that you’ll be required to write an expository essay as a college paper. The expository essay topic you choose goes a long way in determining your grade. Once you get an excellent expository essay topic, it will be much easier for you to land that much desired A+ grade!

Although a good topic will allow you to better express your point of view, you may sometimes require some professional help from a qualified essay writer to help you string your thoughts together or write the entire paper for you!

So, without further ado, let’s briefly touch on what an expository essay is and how to choose the best topics for your expository essay. From there on, we’ll dive into some of the best topics you can use for your college paper!


What is an Expository Essay?

Let’s briefly consider what an expository essay is and see how best to define it. Expository essays are required to explain, demonstrate, evaluate and investigate an idea or information. The sole purpose of this type of essay is to provide information to readers about the selected topic.

Therefore, an expository essay could be in the form of an argument, an investigation, or an evaluation, shedding light on the primary idea. When writing an expository essay, you should be clear enough by providing all the information to keep your reader informed about the subject in question.


How to Choose a Topic for Expository Essay

Choosing a topic for an expository essay is one of the single most crucial aspects of the essay. Why choose a topic that you won’t be able to do justice to? Therefore, in choosing an expository essay topic, you should focus on a subject that you’re familiar with. This allows for easy resonance with the ideas you want to communicate.

Although there are many interesting expository essay topics listed here, you cannot and should not write on all of them. Therefore, instead of trying to craft the “perfect topic,” you can make do with any of the many good topics here! In the end, you’ve saved yourself a lot of time, energy, and brain fuel.

So, you can scan through the topics here and choose whatever topic you consider to be the best topic for you. But before that, here are some essential things to consider when choosing an expository essay topic.

  1. Select a topic that is interesting to you – you won’t be able to captivate your readers if you choose a boring topic.
  2. Choose a topic you can efficiently research or that you have explored before.
  3. Make sure it’s a topic you can explain and express yourself easily.
  4. Choose a topic that fits your course material.
  5. Choose a topic that relates to the current trends, news events, or cultural events.
  6. Ask for topic suggestions from your teacher or senior colleagues.


Good Expository Essay Topics

There are many aspects and categories of expository essays. They can span any niche from healthcare to philosophy. Here are some samples topics in different categories that you can choose from. So, let’s delve into the examples of some of the best expository essay topics you can find on the internet! The list below is thorough, and you can trust it to make your choice!

Expository Essay Topics for High school

Here are some expository essay topics for high school students to choose from.

  1. Do friends and family influence one’s academics?
  2. How do you upgrade your mindset?
  3. Events you can never forget as a student
  4. Does food affect your sugar levels?
  5. The vastness of the galaxy
  6. The effect of music on reading
  7. Why most students do not have the best teachers they desire
  8. The most popular music genre and why it is popular
  9. Aliens! Do they exist?
  10. Most educative games I know

Expository Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. The effect of bullying on school children
  2. The best gifts for Christmas
  3. Events of your first day in school
  4. Best Holiday trips you have ever had
  5. The story of the first bullies and how we survive
  6. How does peer pressure affect middle school students?
  7. Effect of abject poverty on rural areas
  8. Social media: its pro and cons
  9. My favorite pet
  10. How to make mathematics your best subject

College Expository Essay Topics

As a student in the university, the topic you chose for the expository essay has a significant impact on your overall score. So, here are some expository essay topics for university to help you!

  1. Alternatives to energy: the solution to climate changes
  2. Effects on staying Long hours on your electronic devices
  3. Does Drug addicts fail often?
  4. The biggest investment for the future
  5. Inflation: the biggest economic threat?
  6. What time is the best to study, night or day?
  7. Do college dropouts succeed?
  8. Is greatness inborn or self-made?
  9. How the world can prevent more disease outbreaks
  10. Aftermath of Covid’19 on the global economy

Health Expository Topics

For medical students or those that need topics on health-related issues, check out these topics.

  1. The science of cloning and how it helps in saving lives
  2. Healthy Lifestyle Tips for pregnant women
  3. Healthy weight loss practices for young and old
  4. Eating disorders: it’s cause and effect
  5. Why you should see a doctor for regular medical check-ups
  6. Why is Health insurance so important?
  7. How dangerous is drug self-prescription?
  8. High or Low blood pressure, which is better?
  9. Best practices to avoid medical errors in hospitals
  10. The deadly story of Malaria in Africa

Interesting Expository Essay Topics

Sometimes, all you need to spark life into your expository essay is a topic many people are interested in. So, if you desire to make a topic lively while educating your reader, here are a few good ones.

  1. The best American presidents that ever lived
  2. The most inspiring movie that moved me to tears
  3. If I had a time machine, things I will do again as a teenager
  4. The night I had my first date
  5. Your first football medal
  6. How I appeared at my first piano concert
  7. Wonders of the Galaxy
  8. My first addiction and how I broke out
  9. Great men who failed more than a hundred times
  10. How to choose a career that suits your passion

Expository Essay Topics about Education

  1. The impact of Education on both life and society
  2. Essential steps to get a college scholarship
  3. Why Early childhood education cannot be overemphasized
  4. Best reading plan for ‘A’ students
  5. The role of academic research in saving the planet
  6. Games, play, and Education, how they are related
  7. Does good Education determine lifelong success?
  8. How proper Education can stop hooliganism in the society
  9. Courses that students dread and fail most
  10. Why More universities will be established in the nearest future

Social Issues Topics for Expository Essay

  1. How much time does social media addiction take from an average youth?
  2. Will the unemployment rate increase in the future?
  3. Relationship between overpopulation and unemployment
  4. The myth of job security
  5. Salient reasons behind people’s poverty
  6. Why do teenagers run from home?
  7. Reasons why couples divorce after many years of marriage
  8. Best practices to avoid gender bias
  9. Teenage pregnancy and how best to prevent it
  10. Human trafficking: the changes over the past century

Philosophy and Psychology Expository Essay Topics

  1. Effects of bullying on mental disorder
  2. the relationship between the Death penalty and religion
  3. How your physical health affects your mental health and vice versa
  4. Best principles to avoid anxiety and depression
  5. How to recover quickly from heartbreaks
  6. Commons reasons for apathy among youths
  7. Why do women still stay in a maltreating relationship?
  8. Ways the society can help the old age widows
  9. Learning how to help orphans and less privileged live a better life
  10. Ways to prevent speech disorders in early childhood development

Good Expository Essay Topics on Ethical Issues

  1. What can be done to combat racism in the workplace and society at large
  2. Can wealth distribution be equal in society?
  3. Achieving an egalitarian society, its future possibilities
  4. Animal testing for research, violation of animal rights to life.
  5. What should be government penalties for illegal immigration?
  6. Should schools teach a compulsory religion in a region?
  7. Do women perform better in leadership than men?
  8. The problems that come with technology and its social impact
  9. How much right do people have to their privacy
  10. Best way to go when you need professional cybersecurity

Funny Expository Essay Topics

  1. Things you don’t like doing at the night
  2. My thoughts about superheroes
  3. How I overcame the most powerful bully in my school
  4. Tips to being famous overnight
  5. The books that change the world
  6. My first driving lessons without confidence
  7. Reasons why couples lie to each other
  8. Is money addiction a good addiction?
  9. The myths about the appearance of the rainbow
  10. Why my grandma never encourages too many chocolates for us

Easy Expository Essay Topics

  1. Why do men admire women?
  2. What are the qualities that all good leaders must possess?
  3. Why parents should not be strict with their children
  4. Should children go to school?
  5. How relocating and changing schools affect teenagers
  6. Some significant stressors in the lives of teens
  7. Teamwork: Pros and cons
  8. Why happiness is a choice
  9. Likely consequences of buying and selling hard drugs
  10. The effect of music on studying


Tips for Writing Expository Essay

Expository Essay writing could be an arduous task for those that don’t know how to go about it. To write an easy Expository Essay, you have to follow a guideline which are:

Select the essay structure

A typical essay structure starts with the introduction, then the body (which is about 3 to 5 paragraphs depending on the number of words), and the conclusion. Have an overview of the number of words you aim to write as it helps you to utilize words appropriately.

Outline your points

Put down your thoughts first on a draft sheet. This will guide you on the number of points you want to explain in each paragraph, the examples to be illustrated, etc. Then, when you have all your thoughts on paper, you’ll be better able to organize them coherently.

Narrow your focus

A confused writer will produce a confused reader. Clarity is the goal here, so you should avoid too many extreme examples, figurative expressions, and stories outside the topic of writing. The more you narrow your focus, the better you achieve clarity

Write your thesis statement

A thesis statement is imperative in writing an expository essay. It will summarize your argument or the whole idea you are trying to pass on to your reader in a sentence. Therefore, it must be aligned to the complete information, and it serves as a tool to capture the reader’s attention.

Write an engaging introduction

Your introduction will be your first paragraph, and that’s where your thesis statement will be placed. Beyond that, you need to write an appealing introduction because your introduction will tell your reader if your essay is worth further reading.

Write a convincing body

Here lies your chance to take the bull by the horn, give an explanation of your ideas, and breathe life into it. You can provide narrations for your story or argument to your conviction as the case may be. Note that each paragraph must explain each topic sentence, just one! However, make sure each of the body paragraphs supports your thesis statement.

You can go as far as giving statistics, reviewing the literature, or telling a story. Just let your focus be one. Also, make sure of transition prepositions to join the paragraphs together or sentence that denotes continuity. Lastly, avoid disjointed sections like the plague!

Write a captivating conclusion

Your conclusion is your last chance to make a lasting impact on the mind of your reader. Therefore, write a conclusion that will take your points and arguments. There must be certainty, clarity, and conviction in your conclusion. Let it be a recapitulation of keys points in your argument.



Now that you have seen some good expository essay topics, you can choose any you would like to work on! And with the tips on how to write an expository essay, you’re well on your way to landing an excellent grade!

If you decide to outsource your paper, you can place an order so that professional essay writers can help you write your essay. Cheers to the best essay grades!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are expository essays?
An expository essay, from the word “expose,” is a piece of academic writing that exposes, defines, and describes a subject. It could also mean you have to examine or analyze a particular issue. The final turnout of your expository essay or research paper will ultimately depend on the topic you are working on.
What is the process for choosing a great expository essay topic?
There is no particular process set on stone for choosing a topic for an expository essay. The important thing to remember is that your topic must be of interest to you and your audience. When choosing an expository essay, consider your interest, your audience, and the wealth of information available on the topic.

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