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Essay writing is a task that students cannot skip. High school students and undergraduate students who study languages know it is practically impossible to avoid essay writing. For students in the sciences, the need to pen down reports is inevitable. 

Every form of writing will categorically belong to a type of essay writing. One of the most prominent types is the narrative essay. If your question is what are good topics for a narrative essay, you should finish reading this piece.


What Is A Narrative Essay?

As the name implies, a narrative essay is simply an essay that involves narration. The writer of a narrative essay is expected to relate a personal experience to a reader through writing. Narrative writing applies to all kinds of academic writings. 

The significance of a narrative essay is that it portrays the personal experience of the writer. As such, it is considered to be authentic and genuine. While writing a narrative essay, you must endeavor to write from your point of view. 

Writing a narrative essay is quite a simple task. Since you are in control, you must decide the outline of your storyline and follow it. Every narration must have a beginning, middle, and ending. Besides this, you must be able to employ the literary techniques necessary to give your writing good quality.


Good Narrative Essay Topics

You must endeavor to write a good narrative essay. In our categorizing of the topic, we have chosen to call some topics good essay topics. This act does not imply that other topics are bad. The following are good ideas for a narrative essay;

  1. Narrating your most memorable vacation with your family.
  2. Narrating the trip you took the last break.
  3. Narrate your experience on your first day in a new school.
  4. Narrate what you can consider your greatest fear ever.
  5. What does your greatest birthday party look like?
  6. Narrate how you come by the lesson you will never forget.
  7. Your best Christmas celebration and what makes it memorable?
  8. Narrate how you meet your best friend and what is spectacular about the meeting.
  9. Narrate the day you will never forget.
  10. Narrate your experience with a total stranger and how the person helped you.
  11. Narrate your experience of losing one of your most valuable things.
  12. Narrate a tragedy that struck you so hard.
  13. Narrate your first community service and what you did.
  14. Tell a story about your first pet and what your experience was like.
  15. Narrate how you have been able to be of help to someone.


Personal Narrative Essay Topics

While narrative essays are all about firsthand experience, not all of the experience might be yours. You can narrate an incident you are privileged to witness. Likewise, you can also narrate a personal experience rather than an eyewitness account. The following are personal narrative essay topics to consider;

  1. Narrate your experience with the teacher you will never forget.
  2. Narrate an incident that puts you in danger.
  3. What is the funniest situation you have ever found yourself in?
  4. Narrate a spectacular story about your childhood.
  5. If you have ever lost a friend, narrate how it happened and how you felt.
  6. Narrate your first time traveling abroad.
  7. A spectacular scenario in your school life.
  8. Narrate your experience of learning a new skill.
  9. Narrate your first time playing an instrument in a public space.
  10. What was your most embarrassing moment like?
  11. Narrate your first time in the gymnasium or any of your favorite sports.
  12. Narrate how you attended your first concert and the experience.
  13. If you have ever engaged in volunteering, narrate your experience.
  14. Narrate how you discovered a secret about someone and how you felt.
  15. Narrate your relationship with your most bonded family member.


Literacy Narrative Essay Topics

Literacy narrative essays are essays written to educate the reader. It allows you to present your idea about a particular subject to make your reader see the same. You can choose a topic for a narrative essay from the following;

  1. Narrating how you learn to read and write effectively.
  2. Narrate how you trained a younger one to read.
  3. Narrate your first time reading a novel.
  4. Narrate how you write your first poem.
  5. Narrate your list of fascinating works of art and you achieved it.
  6. What can you consider your favorite book as a teenager and why?
  7. Narrate how you feel when you read or write.
  8. Narrate how you send your first SMS or email.
  9. While narrating a story, prove that a pen is mightier than a sword.
  10. Narrate the spectacular things about the best letter you have ever received.
  11. Narrate your experience reading your most boring book ever.
  12. Narrate how you read a dull novel and how disappointed you felt.
  13. Narrate your experience in a debate competition while explaining the best way to debate.
  14. Narrate how you learn to operate a computer.
  15. Narrate your driving learning process 


Narrative Essay Topics For College Students

College students, especially language students, are regular essay writers. While high school students may consider simple and easy essay topics, college students may not. Here are good ideas for a narrative essay befitting a college student;

  1. Your experience with your favorite course.
  2. Narrate your experience with your favorite professor.
  3. What was your first day in college like?
  4. Narrate your last day in high school.
  5. Recall your most memorable day in high school.
  6. How do you meet your closest buddy in college?
  7. What is your unforgettable experience in College?
  8. Recall an interesting incident on campus that caught your attention.
  9. Narrate your experience with your roommates.
  10. Narrate how you meet your favorite roommate.
  11. How do you feel about traveling to a new place to study?
  12. Narrate how you feel leaving your parents for the campus.
  13. How do you reunite with an old friend in college?
  14. Narrate your experience with a toxic friend in college.
  15. Narrate your experience during the most laborious task on campus.


Narrative Argument Essay Topics

A narrative essay is a type of essay that can feature other forms of essay. Your narration can be used to argue a particular assertion. This means that you will be arguing a point while supporting your claim with firsthand experience. Here are good argumentative topics for a narrative essay;

  1. Narrate your disagreement with a friend restating your position and arguments.
  2. Narrate a conflict you had with someone and the cause of the conflict.
  3. Narrate how you handled bullying while in high school.
  4. Narrate how someone got caught cheating during a test and state your view about malpractices.
  5. Narrate your high school experience and give your opinion about high school.
  6. Narrate your experience during a general election.
  7. Narrate an incident of suicide and state your concern about the causes of suicide.
  8. Narrate your experience of racism and how you felt.
  9. Doctor’s negligence and your experience.
  10. Your experience of humiliation and vindicating yourself through writing.
  11. Your charity experience and why much of it should be done.
  12. Narrate your loggerhead with a friend and what you disagree about.
  13. Narrate your experience of a public debate.
  14. A debate about which one is better; high school or college experience?
  15. Narrate your abusive experience and why abuse should be dealt with in society.


Narrative Descriptive Essay Topics

Description can also be featured in your narrative essay. You can describe a thing or person while narrating your experience with such. Most descriptive essays consider narration. Here are narrative essay topics examples you can consider;

  1. Describe your favorite zoological garden.
  2. Describe your experience preparing your meal for the first time.
  3. Describe your favorite movie character.
  4. Describe the most beautiful building in your school.
  5. Describe the house of your dream narrating how you come to love it.
  6. Describe your best friend and your experience with the person.
  7. Describe your first time using the internet.
  8. Describe how you feel during your longest trip.
  9. Describe your visit to London or any city of your choice.
  10. Describe your experience during your first flight.
  11. Describe your first experience in a cinema.
  12. Essay on the most beautiful destination in your country.
  13. Write a description of your favorite character in a performance.
  14. Describe who you can call the greatest man in the US and why?
  15. Describe your experience during a warm winter.


Narrative Essay Topics For High School Students

High School students and essay writings are inseparable. English tutors are fond of testing your grammar and English language ability using the essay writing. Narrative essays are also one common form of essay you will come across. The following are the best narrative essay topics for high school students;

  1. Narrate how you found yourself in the principal’s office.
  2. Narrate how you pranked a friend.
  3. Narrate your experience winning a debate in school.
  4. Narrate how you represent your school in an inter-school competition.
  5. Narrate how you decided on your future profession.
  6. Narrate how a teacher impacted you greatly.
  7. Narrate a class you will never forget.
  8. Write about an unusual day in school.
  9. What’s the most challenging subject in school?
  10. Narrate a particular assignment you will never forget.
  11. What’s your unforgettable sports event in school?
  12. Narrate your experience with a senior student.
  13. Recall a fun memory with your high school best friend.
  14. What happens when you have to leave school early?
  15. The greatest lesson you learned in school.


Reflective Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays can serve the purpose of reflection. It allows you to review and process what has happened in the past. Reflection narrative essays are one of the most beautiful topics to consider. You can consider the following reflective topics for writing a narrative essay;

  1. My experience scuba diving.
  2. My first trip to my hometown.
  3. The situation that made me lie the first time.
  4. Facing my biggest disappointment.
  5. My first birthday party.
  6. My first experience writing a thesis paper.
  7. One day I embarrassed myself in public.
  8. The first time I fell in love.
  9. My proudest moment as my father’s son.
  10. The first time I was punished.
  11. How I fought my greatest fear.
  12. Snorkeling and my first-time experience.
  13. My first beach experience.
  14. My best experience with my grandparents.
  15. What makes me miss my favorite person?


Easy Narrative Essay Topics

Not all narrative essay topics are easy. Some topics can be considered advanced and require you to employ high-level literary techniques. Meanwhile, some other topics are simple and easy to develop. The following are easy narrative topic essays to consider;

  1. The imagery of the world as a child.
  2. The most valuable lesson I learned.
  3. The day I was proud of myself.
  4. Narrating the story behind your nickname.
  5. How I got into my first fight.
  6. My experience at Disney World.
  7. First time on a date.
  8. Helpful advice you got from someone and the circumstances surrounding it.
  9. First time in your best friend’s family.
  10. Recall your most surprising moment.
  11. Your favorite cultural festival.
  12. Your most boring holiday.
  13. Narrating your most scary moment.
  14. First time traveling by yourself.
  15. Your regretful choice.

How To Choose A Topic For A Narrative Essay?

It is not out of place if your instructor assigns narrative essay topics to you. However, you are always at the center of the decision in most cases. The reason for this is that the instructor may not be able to know if the chosen topic has ever been your experience. Since narrative essays are about personal experiences, students are always allowed to choose their topics.

Choosing the best narrative essay topic precedes writing a top-notch essay. If you are particular about selecting the most viable topic, you may have to follow these steps;

  • Consider your Experience

In writing a narrative essay, you are expected to give a detailed narration of an incident. This means you must have a firsthand experience of whatever you are narrating. As such, the best way to choose a narrative essay is to review your experiences and identify the ones you can beautifully write about. You must consider a particular experience you are capable of narrating without a fault.

  • Consider Suggestions

If you find it hard to recall your best experience to write about. You might want to consider suggestions from academic experts. While checking through the suggested topics for a narrative essay, you might be lucky to find one you can write about.

  • Choose the Easiest Topic

You must endeavor to choose the simplest available topic. The reason is that narrative essays are expected to be creatively written if you want a good score. Easy topics will allow you to flow seamlessly while writing.

  • Consider Feasible Topics

After choosing a topic, you may want to consider if such a topic is feasible for narrative essay writing. You identify this by planning the structure of the essay. If you find it difficult to create a beginning, middle, and ending of the story then such a topic is not good for your consideration.


A narrative essay is a beautiful essay to write. When you have the best topic, it becomes easier and more interesting. You are closer to getting a good grade by choosing one of our topics. Closer if you consider talking to our expert essay writers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of a narrative essay?
First, understand a narrative essay is different from a short story – unless your professor says to write a short story. Contrarily, a narrative essay should contain actual events (not fiction) and should be written in your viewpoint as the author. Narrative essays contain elements of a good story, but follow a basic structure.
What is an easy way to choose a narrative essay topic?
While a narrative essay is mostly about story writing, not any topic will make a good essay. Ensure you choose a topic you know very well, unless your professor provides a particular event he wants you to narrate. If the choice of topic is up to you, choose an event you can narrate in your sleep.

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