Top 140 Informative Essay Topics for Your Next Paper

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Essay writing is a piece of writing done to address, convince or inform a reader about certain topics. Several informative Essay topics can be written about depending on the purpose and nature of the writing. For example, it can be an informative writing idea bordering on the values of the education system, societal norms, or a research thesis.

A paramount step to writing an informative essay writing is to consider the viability of the Essay topics you’re going to be coming across. It can be tedious to find good informative Essay topics, so to make things less difficult for you, we have compiled a handy list of informative essay topics you can select from.

Good Informative Essay Topics

An informative essay must have good informative topics fit for purpose. One of such fittings includes the ability to provide relevant information to pending questions, as well as bring clarity to the issues addressed. Only then can it be termed an informative essay, below are good informational topics to get you started;

  1. Research on measures to improve Cyber security 
  2. Dealing with procrastination
  3. Combating poor nutrition
  4. The reasons for Homelessness
  5. Dealing with college stress
  6. Evaluating worldwide poverty
  7. Pregnancy in college
  8. How to curb bullying in college
  9. How to develop effective reading habits
  10. Taking a stand against Racism
  11. Violence in video games
  12. The effects of Global warming
  13. The negative impact of fast food
  14. Getting a college scholarship
  15. The rise of Feminism
  16. Internet literacy today
  17. What is Deforestation
  18. How to curb the act of Terrorism
  19. Building a reading culture amongst the student
  20. Food shortage and supply

Informative Essay Topics for Middle School

Informative Essay writing should also be a core skill for middle school students. There are Informative writing topics that a middle school student can use to convey ideas. Such ideas should not be based on opinions but based on facts. Some examples of informative essay ideas include;

  1. National parks and their significance
  2. The history of the Justice league
  3. How to care for your siblings
  4. Ways to prevent cyberbullying
  5. The importance of drinking water
  6. Why smoking is bad for your health
  7. How to start telling the truth
  8. The importance of learning history
  9. My first trip to a foreign country
  10. Raising my pet dog
  11. How to get better school grades
  12. Why you should love cats
  13. My first taste of a foreign dish
  14. Why kids love video games
  15. How to start a healthy diet plan
  16. My first experience of Berlin
  17. How to maximize my computer
  18. How to recognize TV addiction
  19. The importance of photosynthesis to plants
  20. Ways to be better at time management

Easy Informative Essay Topics

Easy informative topics generally contain frequently asked questions. You can develop informative essay ideas that are not bogus but easy to compile and do not waste too much time in addressing topical issues raised. You can find some easy informational writing topics listed below;

  1. The business of blogging
  2. The use of social media
  3. In defense of procrastination
  4. Football is a favorite sport
  5. Role models and fashion trends
  6. Social media as a learning tool for teens
  7. The importance of family
  8. The art of persuasive writing
  9. What is child abuse
  10. In pursuit of mastery
  11. The challenges of early marriage
  12. The debate on capital punishment
  13. Parental role in teen character development
  14. The role of women in our society
  15. Early signs of mental illness
  16. Top three travel destinations this summer
  17. The negative impact of illegal migration
  18. Is abortion right or wrong?
  19. How to transform the educational system
  20. The challenges of cryptocurrency

Informative Essay Topics for High School

Informative Essay writing is a priority skill for high school students, but sometimes, finding the appropriate Informative paper topics for high school readers can be difficult. You may wish to read through the following suggested topics below to get a headstart;

  1. Cities with the highest crime rate today
  2. Everything parents should know about mild autism
  3. The Harry Potter legacy
  4. Artificial Intelligence and learning
  5. Arms legalization
  6. The nutritional benefits of milk
  7. Effective measures to control bullying in high schools
  8. Caring for people with mental disorders
  9. Why learning a second language is important
  10. What is the difference between capitalism and socialism
  11. Describe your last concert experience
  12. Innovative ways to cash in on social media
  13. How to keep your personal information safe
  14. How will technology impact the fashion industry
  15. How to embrace imminent changes in your life
  16. Steps to becoming more organized in high school
  17. How to stay motivated during work hours
  18. What is the history of the Quran
  19. How to handle post-traumatic stress disorder
  20. The health benefits of being a vegetarian

Informative Essay Topics for College

For college students, essay research writing is a big part of college projects. There are several informative topics to write about, having explored a topic in depth. Listed below is a considerate list of informative paper topics;

  1. The evolution of rap music culture
  2. How to avoid plagiarism in your research papers
  3. The significance of learning a foreign language in college
  4. How to handle romantic relationships
  5. How does sales psychology influence potential customers
  6. How did Albert Einstein come up with the theory of relativity
  7. The pros and cons of creating a tech startup in college
  8. The negative impact of marijuana on the society
  9. Tracing the history of the art movement
  10. The benefits of starting a savings culture in college
  11. The most recent technological breakthroughs
  12. Astronomy and its latest discovery
  13. What are the factors responsible for drug addiction
  14. Factors to consider when choosing a future career
  15. The harsh realities of unemployment in third-world nations
  16. The benefits of having recycling centers in our society
  17. Democracy as a system of Government
  18. The significance of space travels
  19. Causes of diabetes among young adults
  20. Impact of global warming on our climate

Interesting Informative Essay Topics

Interesting informative topics are geared toward inciting the reader’s attention. The essay must provide catchy topics to provoke the reader’s attention but at the same time, be able to answer relevant questions in an insightful yet interesting manner. You may consider the following interesting topics for Informative Essays;

  1. The dark history of the templar knight crusaders
  2. Foretelling and premonitions: a hoax or reality?
  3. Ways to curb the spread of violence on college campuses
  4. A good name or riches: which would you instead attain?
  5. The factors sponsoring racism in our society
  6. Illegal immigration from Mexico and how to tackle it
  7. Factors that lead to caffeine addiction
  8. The aftermath of world war II
  9. The rise and fall of global currencies
  10. Examining the concept of a new world order
  11. Some general causes of phobias in little kids
  12. Getting back on track from a mental depression
  13. Yoga and meditation
  14. Curbing high suicide rates in young females
  15. Why do many Ancient cultures believe in an afterlife
  16. How to survive a snowstorm
  17. What you need to know about the native Americans
  18. Why is Paris considered the home of fashion
  19. Exploring the truth about Lemuria and other Ancient civilizations
  20. The history of the Italian mafias

Middle School Informative Essay Topics

There is a lot to be learned in middle school, so there is a lot to write about. Look through our list for some Informative Essay ideas for middle school students;

  1. The importance of dressing up in school uniforms
  2. The influence of music on modern society
  3. A healthy form of dieting for everyone
  4. Why is a field trip important in learning certain topics?
  5. How to find your way out of a forest if lost
  6. The early signs of depression in teenagers
  7. The influence of pop culture on our society
  8. Factors that can limit the freedom of speech
  9. Describe your best travel experience to another city
  10. Hiking as a way of maintaining a healthy body
  11. Elections in America and how it works
  12. Unethical journalism and how to curb the spread of false news
  13. Ways to preserve your friendship despite challenges
  14. Describe your favorite time of the year
  15. Best activities of the holiday season
  16. Effective ways to earn higher school grades
  17. How to weave a handmade basket
  18. Personal security and martial arts classes
  19. The significance of developing a reading culture
  20. How excessive video games can impact school grades

What is an Informative Essay?

An Informative Essay is an academic paper that provides relevant answers to questions asked. In other terms, it educates the readers on specific topics of interest and brings perspectives to a discussion based on objective facts.

It involves doing thorough research for your content, creating the correct structure, analyzing the content structure, and fleshing out the topic on paper. An Informative Essay should be objective and not subjective to personal opinion, let your readers be the ones to draw their conclusions.

An Informative Essay can speak about things like an event, object, personality, case studies, etc. The goal of writing an Informative Essay is to ensure the reader comes out with a full understanding of the addressed topic.

How to Choose an Informative Essay Topic?

Writing an Informative Essay can look difficult if it is your first attempt at it. But in reality, it is not difficult. All you need to do is consider a few steps to help you pick the appropriate topic. Listed below are a few things you may wish to keep in mind when selecting a topic;

  • Make sure you understand the topic, preferably pick something you find interesting. It helps to stay motivated as you develop your content
  • When selecting your topic, it is important to keep the focus on only one topic. In other words, narrow the focus of your discussion to address only the selected topic.
  • Consider using an explanatory tone in your essay. Since it’s information you are giving out, you have to be prepared to explain how it works.
  • If your essay writing has pros and cons, or any cause and effect, compare and contrast, then focus on giving a non-lop-sided view to both sides of the divide so that your readers can make informed decisions after reading your essay.
  • Remember to keep your writing simple but also interesting to read. Your writing skill must be inspiring enough to keep the readers interested.
  • Prepare a good structure for your Informative Essay writing. It should have a proper introduction, body content, and a good summary that accurately captures the discussion.
  • Your essay writings must have no bias in them, resist the temptation of picking a side in your exposition and just stick to the task of providing relevant information.
  • Give links or relevant sources that back your information. The sources you give out must be authoritative research sources.


We have come through an extensive list of good Informative Essay topics you can select based on the school grades or target audience you have in mind. With our simplified introduction to the subject of good informative essay writing, you can also glean some ideas for your essay writing. If you need our help further, you may request help from our informative essay expert writers on hand to assist you and ask to proofread essay online. Send in your request and let’s work with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an informative essay?
Informative essays serve to educate readers on a certain subject, answering one of the five Ws. These include the who, what, where, when, and why something is the way it is. An informative essay should not contain personal opinions nor should you try to convince others that one stance is better than another.
How do you research to find topics for your informative essay?
Research for topics can be fun, but that’s not always the case because many don’t know where to look. You find ideas for how your research should be patterned by reading other people’s works. Look for the gap in knowledge regarding that field you are working on and consider how you will fill it.

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