100+ Best Personal Essay Topics For You

Best Personal Essay Topics For You

Personal essays may not be a common type of essay writing. Until your instructor request it, you may not see the need to write one. Although they are easy to write, you may find it hard to choose the best topic for your personal essay. This article will guide you on how to write a personal essay and the best topics to consider.


What Is A Personal Essay?

Personal essays are a special kind of essay. The peculiarity with them is that they can take the form of any other type of essay.  It is usually nonfiction writing which allows the writing to be flexible with the style of writing.

Personal Essay is common among high school and college students. In most cases, a personal essay can take the form of a narrative essay. The writer is expected to write about his experience, opinion, or idea about a particular thing or incident. If you are looking for the best personal essay topics, you should continue reading this piece.


How To Choose A Personal Essay Topics

There is no reason to fret when you are asked to write a personal essay. Understanding the right approach to choosing the best topic is all you need to know. Follow the steps below to choose your personal essay topic;

  • Figure out your best experience

Your best personal essay topic will be the one that is chosen from your best experience. You may need to recall what is your best experience either with family, friends, in school, e.t.c. If you can identify a particular experience that fascinates you most, you will be able to write beautifully about it.

  • Consider your opinion about certain subject matters

Personal essays are not necessarily narrative essays. It can also be in a form of you giving your opinion about a subject matter. It can be about a trending issue or a general topic. If you have the proper understanding of such a topic, you can make it a personal essay.

  • Consider suggestions from experts

Essay writers expert are quick to identify the best essay topic for different academic levels. Since they are in the business of writing an essay over a long period, their suggestions can be trusted. As such, you can check through the topic suggestions below to choose the best personal essay topic for you.


College Personal Essay Idea

College students will write a personal essay one way or the other. If not as an assignment, your report writing is a form of personal essay. These are ideas for a personal essay college students can consider;

  1. My experience falling in love.
  2. What are my ambitions and goals in life?
  3. Intellectual challenges in my environment I can stand up for.
  4. How I overcame procrastination.
  5. How I successfully left my comfort zone.
  6. My first job experience.
  7. Where I find motivation for myself.
  8. What I appreciate most in life.
  9. My opinion of freedom as it relates to me.
  10. My best outdoor activities and the reason behind them.


Good Personal Essay Topics

Good personal essays necessarily do not imply others are bad. However, these ideas are considered more befitting of personal essay topics. The following are good topics you will want to consider;

  1. My best studying method.
  2. Where I would like to spend the rest of my life.
  3. The most special person in my life.
  4. The most fascinating work of art I have ever seen.
  5. Books that greatly impacted me.
  6. My family tradition.
  7. Songs as my inspiration.
  8. My biggest disappointment in life.
  9. How I overcame addiction.
  10. Why I think money is important.


Personal Argumentative Essay Topics

Your personal essay can take the form of an argumentative essay. From your point of view, you may need to debate a cause or topic. Here are personal essay topic ideas for argumentative essay writing;

  1. My concern about the state of my environment.
  2. Choosing between wealth and happiness.
  3. Feminism and my stance.
  4. How I perceive ethnic identity as opposed to the general view.
  5. Why tattoos shouldn’t be a problem.
  6. Fashion craziness; what I think.
  7. My definition of male and female responsibility in the family.
  8. Why should you be able to live without anybody?
  9. Healthy lifestyle choices and my perception.
  10. Is education a big deal?


Personal Experience Essay Topics

The best consideration while writing a personal essay is one’s experience. This allows you to flow freely while writing. It is easier to write since you need less research to do. The following are topics to write about for a personal essay;

  1. The big lesson I learned from discouragement.
  2. My most terrifying nightmare.
  3. A fatal accident I once witnessed.
  4. My happiest moment in life.
  5. My typical Christmas day.
  6. My leadership experience.
  7. The day I met my favorite celebrity.
  8. My first time driving a car.
  9. How I changed my unhealthy eating habits.
  10. The day I will never forget.


Personal Cause And Effect Essay Topics

A personal cause and effect essay is also another beautiful form of essay. In this writing, you will identify a problem, the causes, and its effect. It is an expression of your opinion on the subject matter. Here are the best topics to consider in this regard;

  1. Why I don’t watch television and the impact it has made.
  2. Why did I choose to study my course of study?
  3. How being a single-parent child has affected my emotions as a kid.
  4. Why I developed reading habits.
  5. Regular exercise and the impacts it has on my life.
  6. How I failed my high school exam and how the experience changed my life.
  7. How social media is damaging the youths.
  8. How a college friend made me a better person.
  9. How I have learned to become an independent person.
  10. My parents influence my exceptional academic performance. 


Personal Essay Topics For High School Students

High school students can take on assignments on personal essays. Instructors also assign such assignments to help build students’ writing ability. The following are personal essay topics for high school students;

  1. My source of inspiration.
  2. The best decision I have ever made.
  3. Why you can’t call me a religious person?
  4. One quality every good person must have.
  5. What most people misunderstood about me.
  6. One thing I would change in my environment if I have the opportunity.
  7. One decision I wished I never made.
  8. How I handle criticism.
  9. My concept of a best friend.
  10. What I will tell my 10 years old self if I have the chance.


Personal Narrative Essay For Middle School

Middle School students are also not exempted from writing personal essays. It is mostly written as a narrative essay. Here are topics for a personal narrative essay;

  1. My first day in school.
  2. The teacher I love most.
  3. How I met my best friend.
  4. The day my father got me a pet.
  5. The first day cooking my own meal.
  6. My first long journey.
  7. My first time on a plane.
  8. A summer vacation I will never forget.
  9. The day I represented my school in a debate competition.
  10. How my father is my hero.


Easy Personal Essay Topics

Truth be told, not all personal essays are easy. Some demand you to research before you can write effectively. Here are the easy topics for personal essay to consider;

  1. My best childhood memory.
  2. How I discovered my talent.
  3. My greatest fear.
  4. Where I see myself in the next 10 years.
  5. How technology has helped my academics.
  6. The day I lost my way.
  7. An event that changed my life.
  8. The music that changed my life.
  9. My volunteering experience.
  10. The first time I won a competition.


Best Personal Essay Topics

If you wish to write the best personal essay in your class, you need to pick some different topics. These topics are sure to get your instructor’s attention;

  1. How the story of Abraham Lincoln inspired me.
  2. What I will do for my nation.
  3. Why I want to become a surgeon.
  4. My role in saving the world from pollution.
  5. How friendship has changed me.
  6. A teacher who has inspired me.
  7. When I almost lost all hopes.
  8. How I lost someone dear to me.
  9. What I will do if I win the lottery.
  10. What I will do if I become the president of America.


Personal Persuasive Essay Topics

Personal essays can be used to persuade readers on a certain point of discussion. If you are willing to write a persuasive personal essay, consider the following topics;

  1. Why chess is the best game for kids.
  2. Why the entertainment industry should be thoroughly censored.
  3. Is examination a true test of knowledge?
  4. Why hunting should be considered illegal.
  5. Should pets be kept indoors?
  6. While vaccination shouldn’t be feared.
  7. The pros and cons of distant learning.
  8. Why homework is not necessary.
  9. Importance of emotional intelligence education for all.
  10. Should the use of fossil fuels be banned?


Interesting Personal Essay Topics

Interesting personal essay topics will fascinate your reader. This might be an amusing topic or a topic with a fascinating personal experience. Here are some topics to achieve this;

  1. How I fake it till I make it.
  2. The most embarrassing moment of my life.
  3. How a single decision changed my life.
  4. While I stopped playing football.
  5. How I fell in love with my friend.
  6. The silliest decision I ever made.
  7. The lesson I learned the hard way.
  8. A stand-up comedy show I attended.
  9. The movie that cracked me badly.
  10. My first time in a zoological garden.



Writing your personal essay will be a walk in the park when you have the best topic. The above-listed topics are compiled to dissolve your worries. If you still have questions about essay writing, you may need to contact our personal or psychology essay writers for help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a strong topic for a personal essay?
For a personal essay topic to be considered “strong,” it should be one that sets you up to write a great essay. First, you want the topic you choose to be personal, original, and specific. Then, ensure the focus of the topic is on you and your experience.
What is the best way to start a personal essay?
The best way to start a personal essay is by sharing a story that demonstrates certain positive qualities and values. Before you share the story, first identify those qualities and values; then, let your story reflect them. For example, you could tell a story where you did a triathlon training to show your resilience and growth.

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