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Forensic science is the application of scientific methods and expertise to investigate crimes by examining evidence presented in a court of law. It is one of the most exciting yet complex courses you could take. Like other university or college courses, forensic science students must complete a research paper as part of their requirements to finish the course.

Writing a research paper in forensic science is not always easy. However, some studies show that preparing and writing a paper becomes manageable if you have the right topic. So, choosing a great topic is the key to simplifying any writing process in forensic research. 

Unfortunately, choosing a topic randomly is also not easy. For this reason, you will benefit from some sample forensic science research topics. These forensic research paper topics will give you a place to start when preparing a proposal and writing a research paper. Find a great forensic science sample topic from the categories below.


Incredible Forensic Psychology Research Topics

Forensic psychology is the application of clinical psychology specialties in the legal arena. You can consider many topics in forensic psychology when preparing a research paper. Here are some great forensic psychology topics for your consideration:

  1. The applications of forensic psychology in teaching core psychological processes
  2. Do emotions affect eyewitness memory?
  3. A comparison of lie detection and polygraph processes
  4. What psychological processes influence victims’ and eyewitness memories?
  5. An examination of the core models applied in forensic psychology training
  6. Deception: Therapists’ beliefs and attitudes about this element in legal contexts
  7. Ethical issues across the assessment of children victims and eyewitnesses
  8. An in-depth comparison between juvenile and adult assessment in forensic psychology
  9. How does forensic psychology application differ in military courts from others?
  10. The concept of violence risk assessment in forensic psychology


Hot Topics in Digital Forensics for Research 

Digital forensics refers to storing, preserving, retrieving, and examining valuable data in digital sources in criminal investigations. Choosing interesting digital forensics topics will help simplify your research and increase your chances of getting excellent grades. Here are some digital forensic science research paper topics you will benefit from considering:

  1. Key elements of traffic flow evaluation in digital forensics
  2. An overview of real-time analysis in digital forensics
  3. How does digital forensics help in the examination of digital evidence
  4. The core ethical considerations in digital forensics
  5. The essence of truth and reliability while gathering digital evidence in digital forensics
  6. The impact of digital companies conducting digital forensic science in public legal cases
  7. Digital forensics as a gamechanger in homicide investigations
  8. Digital forensics vs. computer forensics; is there a difference?
  9. Mathematical principles applied in digital forensics
  10. Safeguarding vital infrastructure as a core element in digital forensics.


Interesting Forensic Science Research Topics

You can find plenty of research topics for a forensic science paper in books, websites, and journals. However, finding reliable and interesting topics is not as easy as many assume. Let’s look at some forensic topics for research paper worth embracing:

  1. An in-depth evaluation of core concepts in forensics engineering
  2. The impact of forensic scientist testimonies as expert witnesses in court proceedings
  3. How traditional court systems operated without forensic science
  4. An overview of the concepts of forced confessions and witness testimonies as per forensic psychologists
  5. Critical factors influencing forensic document examinations 
  6. The evolution of DNA analysis in forensic science over the past two decades
  7. Crime photography: its value in forensics and crime scene investigations
  8. Technology as a tool for building digital evidence 
  9. Illegal drugs and opioids: how they impact forensic studies
  10. Trace evidence and chemistry: what is their link?


Unique Forensic Science Topics Research Paper

Nowadays, you can find research paper topic samples anywhere on the internet. However, finding an ideal and unique topic, especially forensic research, requires some attention. So, below are some of the best forensic science topics for a research paper:

  1. The use of controlled substances in forensic studies
  2. Automation in modern forensic labs: A comprehensive analysis 
  3. The process of DNA analysis in forensic psychology
  4. An examination of the strategies for detecting and identifying new drugs in forensics
  5. Core qualities of a reliable forensic scientist
  6. The effectiveness of scientific and surgical investigations in forensic science
  7. A guideline for dealing with compromised DNA evidence in forensics
  8. A guideline for dealing with compromised digital evidence in forensics
  9. How does forensic science help determine the culprits behind arson and fires?
  10. Forensic science: its pros and cons in the legal system


Top Current Forensic Research Topics

When writing a research paper, it would be wise to incorporate recent topics so that your paper is exciting and attention-grabbing. The title is the first thing a reader will read in your paper. So, you need an attention-grabbing paper, like one on current issues. Find a sample of a current forensic research topic below: 

  1. The need for extensive research in forensic science in the 21st century
  2. Ethical issues regarding the use of animals in forensic science studies
  3. Is further research necessary in forensic science?
  4. Technological advancements and applications in forensic science
  5. Clinical research vs. forensic medicine: what are the similarities and differences?
  6. A look into the forensic psychology in the current century
  7. Can you capitalize on arguments during forensic-based prosecutions, and how?
  8. The impacts of technology and DTIC in digital forensics
  9. Forensic and scientific interventions in military counterintelligence: an in-depth analysis
  10. Ethical considerations regarding the utilization of the internet and social media for forensic science


The Best Forensic Anthropology Research Topics

Forensic anthropology is the examination of human skeletal remains to help with recovery, identification, trauma interpretation, and death time estimation. It is an interesting subject with many incredible research topics. Below is a short list of some of the best sample forensic anthropology research topics:

  1. Insects as the quickest and most effective decomposition agents
  2. Signs of asphyxiation that forensic anthropologists look out for
  3. Guidelines for identifying blunt force trauma
  4. Soil comparisons as a core element in forensic anthropology
  5. Crime scene footprints: how to analyze them and what they can tell you
  6. Trace evidence: what are they, and where do experts get them?
  7. Blood pattern analysis: what is it, and how is it done?
  8. What can crime locations tell you about a case
  9. How to establish a criminal’s behavioral traits through criminal profiling
  10. The crime scene: how it can help you solve a crime


Examples of Forensic Science Topics for Presentation

When it comes to a presentation research topic or forensic speech topics, you need a choice that gives you numerous presentation opportunities. For instance, you need a topic that is easy to understand and represent in graphs and visual aids. A good topic will help you create an enticing presentation. So, let’s look at some top forensic science presentation topics:

  1. Guidelines for extracting fingerprints from a crime scene
  2. Tools and equipment used in crime scene fingerprinting
  3. Steps for identifying human skeletal remains
  4. An examination of the methods used in DNA testing
  5. Core techniques used in forensic anthropology and their uses
  6. Forensic hair tests: standard methods applied in forensic examinations
  7. RNA-based methods for identifying cell types and body fluids
  8. Forensic deduction: a comprehensive guide
  9. The basics of crime scene analysis in forensic science
  10. The top strategies and tools applied in forensic pathology


Top Computer Forensics Research Topics

Computer forensics is one of the most exciting subjects in forensic science. Therefore, you may find several sample topics for computer forensics research. The challenge would be selecting the best topic from the wide range of choices. For this reason, we prepared a short but effective list of forensic topics for research in computer for you to consider:

  1. Cyber forensics: A guide for catching a hacker
  2. The art of detecting phishing in cyber forensic
  3. Cyberwarfare: how computer forensics fits into this concept
  4. The latest technologies for identifying body fluid in forensics
  5. Top trends in forensic odontology and how they relate to computer forensics
  6. The role of computer forensics in criminology
  7. Computer forensics and its correlation in computer system manipulation
  8. Computer forensics and digital evidence: what is the correlation?
  9. Methodologies in digital forensics
  10. Open-source tools applied in computer forensics


Fantastic Forensic Chemistry Research Topics 

A good topic in forensic chemistry research will make your study enjoyable. Additionally, it may earn you better grades. Here are some great topics for your consideration:

  1. How DNA studies can help you assess regular occupancy in a vehicle
  2. DNA extraction and identification processes in forensics
  3. An evaluation of the amino acid fingerprint test in forensic chemistry
  4. Handprint dimensions as the best way to classify sex in forensic science
  5. An insight into forensic toxicology
  6. Nanotechnology in forensic science: a comprehensive study
  7. An insight into isotope ratio mass spectrometry 
  8. Forensics chemistry: an insight
  9. The effectiveness of forensics chemistry in evidence analysis
  10. DNA testing as a core element in forensics chemistry


Excellent Forensic Medicine Research Topics

Choosing a forensic medicine research topic is not business as usual. It is a vital task that requires ample time and consideration. Here are a few topics for you to consider:

  1. The latest technologies for identifying body fluids in forensics
  2. Bloodstain pattern analysis: the latest technologies
  3. Forensic science techniques used in forensic science to identify illicit drugs
  4. Ethical issues regarding the use of forensic-DNA
  5. Forensic medicine: What is it, and what is its role?
  6. The role of forensic medicine in resolving criminal cases
  7. How biological evidence is applied in forensic science
  8. Forensic medicine and its key accomplishments in the 21st century
  9. How does forensic medicine help resolve homicide crimes?
  10. Ethical considerations when using forensic medicine in criminal cases


Top Easy Forensic Science Research Topics

Forensic science is an excellent course with many research topic options, like forensic speech topics. So, you can use the examples to get you started or as inspiration. Here are some easy topics to get you started:

  1. Guidelines for preparing the best fingerprint testing powder for clarity
  2. A case study of fatal isotonitazene intoxication
  3. Finding trauma and disease history using methods in forensic anthropology
  4. The role of forensic psychology in assessing the probability of crime repetition
  5. The guiding principles and laws in forensic science
  6. How reliable is forensic dentistry in solving crimes?
  7. Standard hair tests: how accurate are they in racial estimation and crime solving?
  8. Using forensic anthropology to identify relations, family, and ancestry while solving crimes
  9. Reliable techniques for collecting DNA samples in forensic science
  10. Should high school students do forensic science introductory courses?


Let’s Help You Write Papers with the Best Research Topics in Forensic Science

The sample forensic science research topics above should give you a place to start when choosing a topic for your paper. However, you can also get inspiration from some questions you may have about this topic. 

Contact us anytime you need help with your forensic research paper or you want to buy psychology essay. We will help you choose an incredible topic and write a research paper that will guarantee excellent grades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the topic you choose for your forensic research matter?
The topic you choose for your forensic research paper matters a great deal – and for good reasons. Forensic science is a vast discipline with a wide range of research areas that focus on research and examination. If you want to hit the nail on the head in your research paper, you have to choose a topic that lets you do just that.
How can you choose a great topic for your forensic research paper?
The field of forensic science is wide, covering a lot of areas such as computer forensics, ballistics, geo-forensics, and forensics psychology. To write a great paper, identify which area interests you; from there, you can gather all likely topics. Then, start narrowing down your topics by removing those without research scope.

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