80 Management Research Topics For You

Management Research Topics

Writing a management research paper goes beyond just knowing how to write. One of the most important things is knowing the proper management research paper topics to choose from. And this can prove to be quite challenging if you don’t have a guide. That’s why we’ve gathered some research topics in management that you can choose from and explore.

If the title of a research paper is not attractive, then it cannot engage its readers. Therefore, if you want to engage your readers and intimate them with your research, then a good topic is a great place to start. There are a host of topics to explore, from research topics in operations management to healthcare management research topics! Here are 80 management research topics for you to choose from!


Project Management Research Topics

Project management applies processes, skills, methods, knowledge, and experience to achieve project objectives. If you need some project management research paper topics, you’re in luck! Here are some project management research topics for you to consider!

  1. In-depth analysis of road network planning in Singapore
  2. Reducing the impact of Covid-19 on an organization’s workforce
  3. The roles and impact of Artificial Intelligence on Project Management
  4. Digital and remote teams: their roles in project management
  5. The effect of Agile project management in the tech industry
  6. Culture and conflict management
  7. Causes of project delays and how to reduce/eliminate them
  8. Agile-scrum for project management in Healthcare
  9. Project management soft skills and project success rates
  10. Hybrid project management: approaches and advantages


Business Management Research Topics

Business management helps businesses to organize, plan, and analyze business activities. Therefore, research in business management will stay relevant. You will need some hot business management research paper topics to write on! Here are 10 research topics in business management for you to consider!

  1. How multiple pricing strategies impact consumer purchasing behavior
  2. The effect of employee benefits on employee productivity
  3. The consequences of excessive work on the success of a business
  4. How to manage conflict in the work team
  5. Crisis management in Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  6. Time management: An effective tool for the survival of a business organization
  7. Business management approaches to curb problems during business start-ups
  8. How work teams have evolved in the past decade and its impact on business success
  9. Are women better business managers than men?
  10. The impact of environmental issues on business management


Sport Management Research Topics

The field of sports is ever-green. Therefore, you can’t go wrong in choosing to do your research in sport management. Here are some research topics in sports management you can choose from!

  1. The effect of advancement in technology on different types of sports
  2. How to effectively select players on a national team to boost faith and morale
  3. Quality player selection based on skills
  4. Sports committee selection: the gold standard
  5. Professional football and tax funding
  6. Sustainable practices in sports management in the US
  7. Evidence-based practices in sports management
  8. Management of risks in professional football
  9. Banning steroids in the sports industry
  10. How to make women sports increasingly popular


Healthcare Management Research Paper Topics

Healthcare remains an essential point of discussion for every nation around the world. Therefore, if you want to research healthcare management, here are some research topics in healthcare management to consider!

  1. The role of the healthcare management team in maintaining patient security
  2. Healthcare management for patients with criminal records
  3. Healthcare management and effective leadership
  4. Scientific discoveries, innovations, and development: a review of processes
  5. How can the government encourage the development of healthcare services?
  6. The impact of nursing shortage on patient care
  7. Advancement in technology and better treatment options for patients
  8. The legal responsibilities of the hospital administration
  9. Regular staff training and improvement on the quality of patient services
  10. Should countries all over the world implement national health care?


Research Topics in Management

Would you like some general management topics for research or research proposal in management topics? Then, here are some management topics for research paper that you can choose from!

  1. Business plan and proposal followed by PayPal
  2. An analytical study of Facebook’s ROI
  3. The role of business plans and proposals and how they aid management and execution in organizations
  4. The best marketing strategies that satisfy customer’s needs
  5. Business export planning: putting things in place


Human Resource Management Research Paper Topics

Do you want to research areas that concern human resource management? If yes, you’ll surely need some research topics in human resource management. Here are some human resources management topics for research paper that you can choose from!

  1. The importance of evaluating a team’s overall performance
  2. The most effective rewarding strategies
  3. The responsibility of the HR manager in maintaining a productive atmosphere in the workplace
  4. How HR managers can effectively monitor remote workers
  5. Eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace
  6. Employee management and most significant challenges faced in telecommunication industries
  7. Effective leadership and management systems
  8. Organizational behavior and structure of Amazon
  9. Pros and cons of recruiting fresh graduates
  10. Adapting and managing change in the 21st century


Management Information Systems Research Paper Topics

Management information systems are essential for decision-making and analysis or visualization of information in organizations. Here are some management information systems research paper topics for you!

  1. The trends and challenges of big data in developing countries
  2. Online reviews and their impact on using a particular service or app
  3. A review of the management information systems in rapidly growing companies
  4. How management information systems help in consumer experience management
  5. ICT and company growth: a review


Emergency Management Research Topics

Emergency management deals with the management and organization resources and roles in dealing with emergencies. It focuses on how countries or organizations are prepared for emergencies, their response to emergencies, mitigation, and recovery. If you’ve always been interested in emergency management, you can get some emergency management research topics here!

  1. The 2019 coronavirus pandemic: A critical analysis of strings of events
  2. Analysis and assessment of the policies of emergency management
  3. Urban search and rescue missions: the best procedures
  4. Natural disasters and how countries and businesses should prepare
  5. Water rescues: best protocols and practices


Strategic Management Topics for Research

Strategic management covers how organizations plan, monitor, analyze, and assess their needs to meet their objectives and goals. A constantly changing environment requires adequate strategic management. Here are some strategic management research topics for you to consider!

  1. A case study of Apple to understand its business strategy
  2. Business structure and strategy of Amazon: A report
  3. Identifying the Microsoft managing capability
  4. Strategic management roles in conflict resolution
  5. Business potential and growth of the automobile industry in China


Supply Chain Management Research Paper Topics

It is essential to plan and adequately handle the movement of goods and services from the manufacturer to the consumer. This is where supply chain management comes to play. If you’re interested in researching supply management, here are some supply chain management research topics that you can choose from.

  1. Lean management: its principles and techniques
  2. The best methods for incorporating operation with supply chain management
  3. High credibility and mutual trust in supply chain management: its importance
  4. Research into the impact of globalization and digital revolution on the supply chain
  5. How to grow the sustainability of the global supply chain
  6. Effects of IT on the supply chain management
  7. Operations management strategies: A critical analysis on recent trends
  8. The role of services and products in operations management
  9. Operational challenges in car manufacturing firms
  10. Forecasting practices used in major manufacturing firms



So here we are! 80 management research topics just for you! Hopefully, you’ve found an interesting topic that suits your research purpose and management niche.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are important questions to ask when writing a management research paper?
Ask yourself why you chose the topic, what about it interests you, and what opinions you have regarding the issues involved. Then, consider who is likely to publish information about the topic, who is affected, and what organizations are associated with it. Also, are there issues and viewpoints concerning the topic to consider?
Why should your management research topic be specific?
When you choose a broad or general topic in management, you will not be able to do justice to the topic. There will be too much information and focusing on one issue will be difficult. However, by doing background reading, you can limit the scope of your topic and narrow it to something manageable.

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