How to Cheat on the ACT

How to Cheat on the ACT

So, you would like to know how to cheat the ACT? You can find some helpful ways to cheat on ACT here! Disclaimer: It is worthy to note that this article is not seeking to encourage cheating in any way. However, we’ll give you essential information on what can get you into trouble while writing the ACT exam.

From time immemorial, cheating is to peep into another person’s test or exam’s answer sheet, sneak in inappropriate materials into the exam hall, or asking for answers during the exercise. The difficulty of the ACT exam depends on your level of preparation and how familiar you are with the materials. This is why many people want to know how to cheat on the ACT test.

This article highlights essential tips on how to overcome challenging obstacles and come out in flying colors. So, if you want to know how people cheat on ACT, read on and find some ACT cheat tips!


What is ACT?

ACT is the acronym for American College Testing. It is a regulated test used for admission into a college in the United States. The exam tests four academic skills: English, Mathematics, Scientific Reasoning, and Reading.

All four-year universities and colleges in the U.S. and about 225 universities outside the U.S. accept this test. It is a computer and paper-based test. A non-profit organization called ACT Inc. administers the test and grades participants’ composite scores on a scale of 1 (low) to 36 (high). The rounding off of the average of the four test scores to the nearest whole number is called the composite score.

Social Studies and Natural Sciences were among the four tests when Professor Everett Franklin Lindquist of The University of Iowa introduced the test. However, the social studies test changed to the Reading section (although it still includes a subsection on social sciences), and Natural Sciences changed to Social Reading Test.

According to ACT Inc., the essence of the ACT is to measure the general educational development of high school students using the multiple-choice test on the four main skill areas. The ACT helps colleges in deciding on whether or not a student is fit for them.

ACT Inc. conducts the test six times a year in the United States and seven times a year in countries outside the United States.

The importance of ACT scores in the college application process may vary among schools. There’s also an optional 40-minute writing test included in the ACT exam. If a student takes the ACT exam with the writing test, there will be a separate score on the writing test. However, most colleges use ACT scores as the only factor in their admission process. The focus of the article is how to cheat on ACT test! We’ll delve into that shortly!


Can You Cheat on the ACT?

So, can you cheat on the ACT? You may have been wondering if it’s possible to cheat on the ACT.  It is essential to note that ACT Inc. takes several precautions to ensure they reduced cheating maximally. However, some students may still find their way around and devise means to cheat, risking getting caught and endangering their lives and college education. The famous “can you cheat on the ACT test” question has been answered. Let’s consider the ways to cheat!


ACT Test Cheat

Would you like to have some ACT test cheat? ACT cheat may include trying to plagiarize the work of another person taking the same test. It can also be through sign languages or any other signs or codes planned before the exam. It can be through talking or asking questions during the test, writing on your hands, sometimes on shoes or even sleeves. It can also involve bringing inappropriate materials into the exam hall.

It can also include guessing the correct answers by eliminating answers that look similar. By doing this, you have a higher chance of making a correct guess. Some students also employ pattern recognition.

If you can crack the code of multiple-choice options, there is a guarantee that you’ll pick the answer. Multiple-choice options usually contain one answer, two similar options, and one unrelated option.

You can also make sure you fill out all the questions with an answer choice. Do not leave any questions unanswered. Try as much as possible to fill all questions with an answer whether or not you are sure about it. You may never know your guess could be the answer.


How to Cheat on The ACT Exam?

Would you like to know how to cheat on the ACT exam? Since cheating on the ACT is possible, you may want to consider how to cheat on the ACT.

1. Impersonation

This involves employing someone to write the test for you as long as you can pay their dues. However, it is essential to note that this is a risky method as ACT Inc. takes several measures to prevent this and expose culprits. Also, there are strict consequences such as paying a fine or jail term for impersonation.

2. Taking advantage of the different time zones

Here’s how this works: time zones are such that geographical locations are hours apart due to the earth’s rotation. That is, geographical point A can be at night while it’s morning in geographical point B.

Students cheating with this method get the test questions from those that have done the exams in an earlier time zone.

Nevertheless, a student taking the test using this method may still fail due to inadequate preparation time. Besides, such students risk prosecution if caught.


Other Ways to Cheat on the ACT

There are several other ways to cheat on the ACT, but we will be discussing some of these ways below. So, let’s proceed without further ado.

1. Plagiarizing someone else’s work

This is an old-fashioned way of cheating in an exam. It involves peeping into another participant’s answer sheet for answers.

If caught doing this, the invigilator can either warn you or replace your seat. In other circumstances, you could be asked to stop the test and leave. Besides, if the questions have been randomized, you could be copying a wrong answer for your questions which means failure.

2. Connecting with individuals that are also taking the test before you go into the exam hall

If you make friends before you go in for the test, there is a possibility that they would respond to you when you ask them questions when you get stuck during the exam. However, this method may result in trouble for you if the friend rats you out or if caught by the invigilator.

3. Learning tips and guides from people that have cheated successfully on the ACT

Anyone that has successfully cheated on the ACT without being caught may have one or two pieces of advice to give you on how to go about it. They can give you some tips on how they were successful when they tried it. However, because they were successful in their attempt doesn’t guarantee that you can’t be caught. Besides, the exam governing board keeps taking measures to prevent other successful cheats. You’d be in trouble if caught.

4. Leaving possible answers in the school bathroom

Some students may leave possible answers in their school bathroom. This method may not work out and may result in trouble for you because your school hall may not be used for the test, and the examiners may also check the bathrooms of your school to discover tricks like this.


How Can an ACT Cheat Get Caught?

If you cheat on the ACT test, how can you get caught? An ACT cheat can get caught in the following ways:

  1. Displaying suspicious behavior
    Many times, those who intend to cheat during exams are restless. Many invigilators exploit such anxious behavior to detect cheats during exams.
  2. You may get caught if other students, your teacher, or even your guidance counselor who is aware of your cheating calls the hotlines to report you to the company
  3. You may get caught if the test-makers compare your answers to the answers of those seated around you and notices unusual similarities.
  4. You may get caught if you hired someone to write your test, and experts or someone familiar with your handwriting analyzes the handwriting.


What are the Consequences I Can Face if Caught?

What are the consequences if you cheat on the ACT test and get caught? Cheating is an offense, and every offense has a consequence. If proven that you cheated during your ACT exam, you may be arrested with charges filed against you.

It was reported in 2011 in New York that at least 20 people were locked up for impersonation in writing the ACT exam. If you’re are caught in the act, your test may be confiscated and your scores nullified. Moreover, you may be asked to pay serious fines or face a jail term.


How Can I Avoid the Consequences of Cheating on the ACT?

So, can you avoid the consequences if you cheat on the ACT test? Instead of going through the stress and tension of cheating on the ACT, why not prevent the consequences of exam misconduct during the ACT exam by practicing the contexts and strategies used in setting the test.

You can also lay your hands on the ACT practice questions to get familiar with the exam requirements and instructions. You can also use the ACT review guides to help yourself start a journey of getting a good score.



Now you know ways to cheat on the ACT! That said, the best way to avoid the consequences of cheating during the ACT exam is not to cheat at all. Instead, study and prepare well for the exam. You may not want to experience what will happen if you cheat ACT test bodies and you’re caught!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered cheating on the ACT?
You are cheating on an ACT test if you are using prohibited electronic devices like your phone or tab during the test. Accessing questions before the ACT test and posting questions on the internet are also considered cheating. It is also cheating if you take photos or make copies of test materials or questions.
Can you cheat on the ACT and get away with it?
You shouldn’t take the risk, but if you are willing to, then you want to be smart about it. Some ways students cheat on the ACT include using sign languages to communicate during the test. You can also outsmart the ACT by answering questions out of order – that is, answering the easiest questions first.

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