135 AP Research Topics To Get High Grades

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AP research topics require you to think critically about a certain problem and how best to solve it. You get a chance to research different worldly phenomena. Additionally, through AP research you get a chance to collect information on a topic for a specific amount of time. 

This gives you a chance to use different resources to come up with the right findings, solutions, recommendations, and conclusion 

Your teacher or professor will be pleased by the dedication put into the work to provide a great piece at the time of submission. We have highlighted 135 AP research topics that you can brainstorm with your friends and choose the ones you would want to research.

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What Is AP Research?

AP research requires students to demonstrate critical thinking and research skills on different topics. Therefore, students require doing their research well to ensure they provide papers that will gain them top grades. 

The different AP research topics range in different disciplines like Physics, Biology, World History, Environmental, Computer science, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Human geography, and much more. 

AP research requires you to design, plan and conduct research for a year based on your chosen and approved topic. Therefore, you need to give it your best. Through AP research you need to discuss and conceptualize your research questions, review your previous theories, elaborate on your research strategy, describe your findings, talk about consequences, discuss a course of action, and give the right references. Does that seem hard? You can manage, right?

What Are AP Seminar and AP Capstone?

AP capstone topics are done by students who want to earn an advanced diploma in high school. Therefore, to meet the right requirements, a student must do an AP capstone research topic based on their interest or course units.  

AP research and AP seminar fall under the AP Capstone. AP Capstone topics help to bring some thematic unity to the AP program. In some cases, the AP Capstone may require a 5000-word research paper. Are you ready for it? Or might you need some assistance?

AP seminar topics help students to develop the analytic and inquiry skills required to enhance their education. The AP seminar topics are often in different disciplines and students can choose their topics of interest. However, it is crucial that you choose a topic related to your current unit or course to prevent going off board. 

Additionally, you can always consult your professor for more guidelines on how to undertake the research topics for a deeper understanding. 

First, you need to take an AP seminar before AP research. Through AP seminars, you get to engage in discussion, research, and presentations. Moreover, you require to analyze information and defend your arguments. 

Interesting AP Research Topics 

AP research papers require you to think critically to tackle the specific problem being displayed. Therefore, you need to be flexible enough to find solutions to the specific topic from both sides of the coin. 

  1. Impact of global warming on water bodies.
  2. Effects of genetically modified food.
  3. Best strategies to use to reduce bullying in schools.
  4. UN’s role in promoting global peace.
  5. The greatest scientific discovery in the 21st century.
  6. Impact of media in promoting violence.
  7. The impact of cryptocurrency in collapsing banks.
  8. Role of inflation in a country’s economy.
  9. How do banks impact the growth of the economy?
  10. The pros and cons of data mining..
  11. Influence of age on Stroop effect.
  12. The future of artificial intelligence.
  13. Evaluate the future of NASA.
  14. Role of Art in modern education
  15. Major problems in the education system in the world.

World History AP Seminar Topics

If you have always had an interest in World History, then these AP research topic ideas will make you do more research. You just need to use the right research materials like books, PDFs, scholarly articles, films, documentaries, and other online resources. 

  1. The outcomes of World War I and II on the world.
  2. The impact of World War II on transportation.
  3. Impact of the Cold War on the world.
  4. The Rise and Fall of the Greek Empire.
  5. Impact of French and Indian War.
  6. How did World War I and II impact technology?
  7. The emergence of global warming from the past.
  8. Evaluate Industrial advancements in Ancient Rome.
  9. Colonization of South America and its impact on the modern world.
  10. Evaluate the American-Mexican War.
  11. Oldest settlements in Europe.
  12. The occurrence of the rebirth of Europe. 
  13. Causes of the Atlantic Slave Trade
  14. Influence of Imperialism on world cultures
  15. Battles and wars through History.

Biology AP Seminar Research Topics

If you have always been interested in the biological phenomenon, then these Biology AP seminary research topics will you help you in your venture. AP research papers require someone to think beyond and try to solve the issues at hand first. 

  1. Influence of sleep deprivation on academic achievement.
  2. Gene Modification and contribution to modern medicine
  3. Evaluate the behaviour of different birds.
  4. Relation between environmental sustainability and human health.
  5. Relation between neurobiology and mental health.
  6. Evaluate gene therapy.
  7. Unique camouflage mechanisms in nature.
  8. Are Jellyfish immortal or do they die?
  9. Best modes to restore coral reefs.
  10. Effects of acid on aquatic environments.
  11. The future of cancer treatments.
  12. Relation between the human mind and hormones or behavior change.
  13. Evolution of the immune system over time.
  14. How do genetically modified plants ruin nature?
  15. Can intensive farming reduce hunger?

AP Capstone Research Topics

Doing research helps one to get a better understanding of a topic. These AP research topics have been highly curated to ensure they can help all students understand the different phenomena deeply. You can choose a topic based on your interests. 

  1. The future of automation and automotive.
  2. The thrill of extreme sports
  3. Effect of social media on students.
  4. Saving the Blue Whale from extinction.
  5. Effects of poor immigration policies.
  6. Oldest human settlements in Europe.
  7. Significance of electric cars to the future.
  8. The increase in demand for technology.
  9. How does prison change people?
  10. Effect of Hurricane Katrina
  11. Consequences of the effect of bacteria on the body.
  12. Modern issues propelling obesity.
  13. Should alcohol ads be banned?
  14. Evaluate imposed democracy in different parts of the world.
  15. Future of automotive industry.

Human Geography AP Research Ideas

Geography is interesting and can help you understand how the world was made, the formations, and the different geographical features that are present. These are some human geography AP research ideas that you can start with. 

  1. Political influence on human settlement.
  2. Major effects of pollution on the development of places.
  3. How does land formation affect world cultures?
  4. Effect of big cities on the environment.
  5. The spread of diseases in different environments.
  6. Impact of oceans on population.
  7. How can a dormant mountain erupt over time?
  8. Effect of fossil fuel on the climate.
  9. The formation of tsunamis.
  10. Effect of water pollution on marine life.
  11. Major causes of landslides.
  12. The origin of ocean basins.
  13. How does weather forecasting affect geography?
  14. Causes and effects of landslides.
  15. Common drainage basins in the world.

Macroeconomics AP Seminar Topic Ideas

Macroeconomics is a subdiscipline of economics. Through it, you can get to understand how different phenomena occur in the business world. These AP research ideas are all-round regardless of the business-related course or unit that you are pursuing. 

  1. Evaluate the price elasticity of demand.
  2. Evaluate new classical macroeconomics.
  3. Relation between macroeconomics and monetary policies.
  4. Impact of macroeconomics variables.
  5. How can public debt help to manage macroeconomics?
  6. Australia’s Macroeconomics policies.
  7. Relation between fiscal policy and macroeconomics.
  8. The science of economics.
  9. Limitation of GDP as a measure of economic wealth.
  10. The effects of globalization.
  11. How do bitcoins affect the economy?
  12. How to reduce the rate of unemployment.
  13. Causes of economic inequalities in different regions of the world.
  14. Economic analysis of criminal law.
  15. The market structures in African countries.

Computer Science AP Seminar Topics Ideas 

Computer Science has evolved. Many people are diving into computer science to learn more about how certain systems are made for the benefit of making things easier. These computer science AP research topics would be a great place to start.

  1. The use of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity.
  2. The main goals of artificial neural networks.
  3. Communication enhancement between people and robots.
  4. Evaluate robotics in NASA.
  5. How do chatbots enhance natural language processing?
  6. Future of computer-assisted education.
  7. How does computational thinking affect science?
  8. How is nanotechnology used in the paint industry?
  9. Will shutting off the dark web be beneficial?
  10. How is artificial intelligence used in automated cars?
  11. The future of 5G in wireless connections.
  12. The application of liquid robots.
  13. Difference between supervised and unsupervised machine learning.
  14. The future of NFTs.
  15. The pillars of maths computations.

Environmental Science AP Research Paper Topics

The environment is broad and requires special attention. It can be so hard to fully understand it, till you go through some AP seminar topics that help you get a glimpse of the different issues about the environment.

  1. The importance of oil to the ecosystem.
  2. How can the planet be redeemed using green energy?
  3. The link between acid rain and industrialization.
  4. Is the greenhouse effect beneficial?
  5. Impact of the destruction of wildlife in the Amazon forest.
  6. Impact of invasive species in the environment.
  7. The causes of desertification.
  8. Impact of tourism on the environment.
  9. The risk of groundwater contamination.
  10. Effect of genetic diseases on humans.
  11. The importance of recycling.
  12. Is freight transport a major cause of greenhouse gas emissions?
  13. How can the world be redeemed using green energy?
  14. The global impact of tectonic movements.
  15. Impact of air pollution on health.

Unique Microeconomics AP Research Questions

If you are looking for AP research questions, then these are the perfect ones for you. They will help you think overboard and strive to understand the microeconomics phenomenon better. What better way to learn than using questions?

  1. How do income changes affect consumer choices?
  2. What is the importance of cross elasticity to demand?
  3. What are the best strategies for product differentiation?
  4. How do labor markets work?
  5. What is the relation between minimum wage and unemployment?
  6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of part-time work?
  7. What is the importance of trade unions in boosting employee status?
  8. Do buyers or sellers incur more tax burden?
  9. What is the role of financial intermediaries?
  10. What is the impact of the price ceiling on the market?
  11. Which are the major factors that lead to company success?
  12. How does supply and demand change over time?
  13. What is the importance of intellectual property rights?
  14. How can you utilize microeconomics to increase revenue?
  15. What factors influence the market price of goods?

Boost Your Grades With These AP Research Topics

Getting top grades is crucial whether you are doing an AP research topic, AP seminar topic, or AP Capstone topic. Regardless of the level that you are, you need to do thorough research to ensure you understand the phenomenon and provide information that will be crucial to the reader. 

If you want to enjoy doing research, choose a topic that you feel is interesting enough. You will feel like digging deeper and providing the best output for your teacher, tutor, or professor to give you top grades. 

If you are not sure how to tackle the research topics, you can always seek assistance from credible academic research platforms at an affordable fee. However, regardless of whether you will get the assistance or not, you still need to gain the AP research skills that you can use in your career path. 

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