How to Cheat on Online Test

how to cheat on online test

Many students look for several opportunities on how to cheat on an online test. Online exams and tests have become more popular, and this has caused many educational institutions to conduct their classes online. Consequently, many people look for ways to pass their examinations outside the traditional method of studying for exams.

Students know how to exploit the loopholes of the proctored examination, and they find their way around it. Regardless of the measures schools took to prevent online test cheating, candidates have devised ingenious ways to cheat in any online test. Therefore, this article aims to show common ways student cheat on online tests and exams. Read on to see these tips and hacks!


How to Get Online Test Answers

The pandemic brought a new way of learning to the fore where students do not have to be physically present in classes. This new normal brought with it a different approach to academics. Schools now take advantage of platforms like Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, and more to hold classes and conduct exams.

As a result, students have also devised means of getting their answers when writing their online tests and examinations. They browse the internet for answers to their exam questions.

How to cheat on multiple-choice test online? This tip is the easiest way to cheat on your multiple-choice examinations. The process is simple. Just copy the entire question and paste it into the Google search bar, and you get the answers in the results of the search.

Popular websites like Quizlet, Chegg, Brainy, Course Hero, etc., post answers to leaked exam questions online. The only disadvantage of this method is that it’s time-consuming.


Can I Cheat on an Online Exam?

There is nothing impossible for any student who wants to get good grades asides from studying. You only need to know where to look. But be warned, you risk prosecution or sanctioning by your school’s authority if caught.


Ways to Cheat on Online Test

1.       Screen Sharing / Reflection

This is a situation where a student uses more than one monitor to take an online test.

In this case, the exam taker takes the test with a monitor while the other monitors reflect the content of the main monitor. That way, the student’s friend can access the exam questions simultaneously and come up with answers.

This is a popular method that exam candidates use to cheat during their online tests. It’s easy because it happens simultaneously with the main monitor, making it difficult for them to get caught.

However, institutions have devised a method to prevent this from happening because it is very rampant. They use proctor software that enables them to monitor the activities on the exam candidate’s monitor

Also, the institutions of higher learning, in a bid to combat screen mirroring/sharing, have utilized secure web browsers that prevent screen sharing while conducting online tests.

2.      Using High Tech Equipment

No technology is foolproof. That is, students will always find a way around it. Devices like smartphones, calculators, etc., are the equipment students use to cheat in online tests. For instance, students store formulas on programmable calculators and use them to cheat on their online math tests.

Schools have tried to combat this unscrupulous technological use with auto and live proctoring. This proved helpful because proctoring technologies record test-takers heads, eye movements, and keystrokes while taking their exams online.

Proctoring technologies can also record audio and distinguish the exam candidate’s voice from a third party during online exams.

3.      Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is a common way that candidates cheat during online exams. Candidates can use connected devices to store answers and help fellow test-takers find solutions from one another or external sources.

4.      Impersonation

Online tests are the easiest examinations to impersonate. This is due to the exam’s remote nature, making it easy for someone else to sit for the other person. All you need to do is hire a very brilliant student to take the test on your behalf.

The only issue is when you need to provide biometrics and ID verification to write the examination. However, be informed that impersonation is a serious offense that can attract a jail term or a fine if caught.

5.      Use of External Devices

Another way students cheat is via external devices like hard drives, USBs, MicroSD’s, and other external smart devices that are easy to hide. They take them into the examination hall and cheat with them. Usually, these devices either have answers stored in them or can provide the solutions almost instantaneously.

6.      Using a Virtual Machine

Here, a candidate runs two operating systems at the same time within the same computer. This approach is a very technical one and requires students to know how it works. In this case, one OS runs the PC while you can minimize the other OS like a computer program.

Your computer will behave like two computers, and a friend can sit in the opposite direction and take the test for you. The main OS will run the webcam while the OS in the background runs the test. This technique requires the knowledge of running a host and parallel operating system simultaneously.


How to Cheat on an Online Math Test

Cheating on a math test is not the easiest thing in the world. However, the advent in technology has made it possible to cheat on math tests easily! Here are some ways to cheat on online math tests!

1. Using Technology

Program your calculator. Make sure you write a program the day before the test. Go to the “program” function on your calculator, type in formulas or cheat notes. You can hide your notes in the “Vars” (Variables) button under one of the 10 Strings listed. It’ll be difficult for your invigilator to detect if you put the notes in another section of the calculator.

2.      Sending a text message to your friend

You can send text the questions to a trusted friend that loves Math or is a Math genius. Make sure it’s not someone you’re currently writing the test with so that the person can respond very quickly.

3.      Reaching out to a teaching service through your smartphone

For instance, “Text a Tutor” connects you to a math tutor through your smartphone. Send your questions to them through an email or text message. You should also include pictures of the questions. Usually, tutor services respond in about 10 minutes.

4.      Using the PhotoMath app

The PhotoMath app scans your equation and then provides a solution immediately. If you have to show the steps in solving a problem, then you’re in luck because this app can allow you to see the various steps involved in solving the problem (not just the answer). This app can also serve as a good learning tool for you!


Online Test Cheating Hacks

1.       Rearrange your space before the exam

Know your environment well. Because if you’re doing an exam with cam, you have to act fast to pick a gadget or other thing you have to help you without raising your invigilator’s suspicions.

2.      Know the rules

Knowing the rules keeps you informed. This will help ensure you don’t break the rules and regulations governing the online test. When you make your teacher think you’re doing everything as expected, it’ll make him drop his guard, giving you the chance to do whatever you want.

3.      Don’t fidget

Act normal. If the online exam includes a webcam, you have to act like you’re doing everything right. Fidgeting will raise the invigilator’s suspicion and subject your work to more scrutiny.


What if You’re Caught Cheating?

Everyone knows cheating is wrong, but sometimes you got to do it. If you get caught, prepare emotionally for the embarrassment and failure that comes with it. If you plan to cheat, tell no one, and don’t be nervous to avoid suspicions.



To sum it up, the methods mentioned above are ways students cheat on online tests. However, cheating is an offense punishable by the law. Be wise. With the proper preparations, you don’t have to be a cheater.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to cheat on an online exam and not get caught?
Proctored exams follow very strict protocols aimed at discouraging cheating, but students still find a way to cheat and not get caught. Technology has made it incredibly easy for students to cheat. Although educators are employing strategies to curb cheating in the digital environment, students keep developing sophisticated cheating techniques.
Can online exams detect cheating?
Online exams can detect cheating through authentication procedures, data forensics, proctoring, and web monitoring, among other things. Proctored exam platforms have put in place protocols intended to make it hard for examinees to cheat and not get caught. However, students have discovered hacks to make them bypass those protocols and get away with cheating.

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