Top-20 Argumentative Essay Ideas For Your Academic Paper

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Writing an argumentative essay might become a challenging task due to various factors. Firstly, it’s a necessity to possess a certain level of knowledge, secondly, it’s a wide variety of academic requirements and finally, it’s the struggle during the choice of your future paper topic. That happens because many students underestimate the importance of proper argumentative essay ideas in the writing process of their papers. 

However, the truth is that the more time you spend choosing a suitable topic, the less challenging the whole process will become. Therefore, to make the topic choice less difficult we have reviewed more than 170 best argumentative essay topics and created a list of the top 20 best argumentative essay ideas that will help you prepare an A+ paper. 

Argumentative Essay on Abortion

Abortion is a medical procedure that causes heated debates around the world. Some people deny the necessity of restricting this procedure, while others are fighting to have this procedure banned at all levels. Therefore, by choosing an argumentative essay on abortion you have a great chance to prepare precise research and provide a logical position regarding the mentioned question. For example, if you consider yourself a supporter of abortion legalization, you need to include some valid facts to prove your point in the “Why abortion should be legalized argumentative essay”. For instance, you can operate with the fact that criminal liability does not stop women from resorting to the help of this procedure. In your abortion argumentative essay, you should also include some possible solutions that might help to prevent abortions or alternative methods, which may cause women to refuse this procedure. To make your paper more specialized you can describe the problem of abortion in one region or country. In this case, it will be crucial to add recent statistical data and other information that might help you prove the point.

Argumentative Essay on Gun Control

A gun control argumentative essay is a chance to share your opinion regarding the controversial question of bearing arms. It’s not a secret that laws regarding gun control vary significantly not only in the whole world but even among the neighboring states of the US. Therefore, you should take your chance and choose an argumentative essay on gun control, before one of your classmates does. As a result, you will be able to share your opinions and provide solid evidence regarding the necessity of allowing gun ownership or vice versa restricting it. As a hint, we suggest you check the statistics data regarding armed crimes in countries without gun control and with one. Also, depending on your position, you can check the different ways of solving the gun control question from the different politicians. We assure you that you will find plenty of inspiration sources even without entering the library.

Death Penalty Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay on death penalty is a challenging task that might become a great experience for any law student who is looking for a decent paper topic. That’s connected with the fact that due to the recent humanization of our society, the death penalty has become a controversial topic among many legal systems. The governments of most European countries have banned the death penalty and replaced it with other types of punishment, such as life sentences or long-term sentences. On the other hand, the U.S. legal system doesn’t refuse such a method and even experiments with different methods of sentencing. For instance, in the year 2024, in the state of Alabama, a convict was sentenced to death by nitrogen inhalation. Therefore, you have a great chance to compare both points of view in your death penalty argumentative essay and provide a logical conclusion to the debate. 

Social Media Argumentative Essay

By choosing a social media argumentative essay you will be able to take a closer look at Pandora’s box of the 21st century. The truth is that the phenomenon of social media has been rapidly developing since the beginning of the century. Therefore, in your argumentative essay on social media, you can start the discussion regarding the influence of popular social media platforms on modern youth. If you consider that social media does more harm than good, then you need to make sure to prove your point. In this case, you can provide your reader with some statistics that will show the role that social media plays in increasing psychological problems in teenagers. Or you can discuss the problem of scam influencers and their role in the formation of the majority opinion. However, no matter your position, there will be plenty to discuss in the paper regarding this topic.

Argumentative Essay on Animal Testing

If you have a pet or at least consider yourself an animal lover then we suggest you take a closer look at the argumentative essay on animal testing. By choosing this topic, you will be able to draw the public’s attention to the suffering of animals. As we all know, animal testing is commonly used in cosmetics, chemicals, or drug industries. Millions of animals are mercilessly subjected to examinations as a result of which they die. In your animal testing argumentative essay, you have a great chance to talk about this problem and reveal some facts that are not known to the average consumer. Of course, you are free to include citations from other papers related to this subject. Nevertheless, it would be great if you come up with some unique solutions independently. 

Climate Change Argumentative Essay

The climate change argumentative essay is a great way to receive an A+ in ecology. It’s not a secret that climate change has become a serious problem for our planet. Due to air pollution, destroying forests around the globe, and overuse of fossil fuels our climate has gone through a series of serious changes. Due to these factors, some climates have changed irrevocably, leading to serious circumstances around the world. That’s why influential people and famous scientists have been sounding the alarm for a long time. In your argumentative essay on climate change, you have to hook the user’s attention to this problem by providing some recent predictions of our planet’s outcome, if things do not change drastically shortly. To conclude your paper correctly, you propose a possible plan to your class or college group on how you can start dealing with climate change right now. 

Argumentative Essay on Technology

An argumentative essay on technology provides you with plenty of ways to conduct your research. You can choose any technology that you are interested in and come up with a paper on the chosen topic. Still, due to various of appropriate themes, it might become quite a challenge. But there is no need to worry because whether you need help with choosing a topic or writing a paper you can reach out to our argumentative essay writing service and receive qualitative help without unnecessary stress. Meanwhile, if you decide to conduct the research by yourself you can choose some relevant topics such as the use of artificial intelligence or the future of virtual reality, and come up with some interesting conclusions regarding the mentioned phenomena.

Argumentative Essay About Immigration

By preparing an argumentative essay about immigration you will be able to share your opinion regarding the immigration crisis that takes place in many European countries. To provide your readers with a full picture of the mentioned issue, your argumentative essay on immigration should contain preconditions of the crisis and the global consequences that Europe has been feeling recently. For instance, you can provide data about the increase in crime levels committed by immigrants, increased costs for countries that receive migrants, or assimilation difficulties. To further emphasize the scale of your argumentative essay immigration should be displayed with some precise numbers. Therefore it would be necessary to include some recent statistical data or sociological predictions regarding the future of immigration. 

Argumentative Essay on Global Warming

The argumentative essay on global warming is a complex question that needs an appropriate approach during the paper writing. Your global warming argumentative essay definitely should be based on the recent research of the leading ecologists, to convey the full global nature of the problem. During the preparation of such a compound research, we advise you to draw attention to the related issue of climate change. To be precise it would be worth mentioning that the phenomenon of global warming is a direct cause that leads to the occurrence of climate change. At first sight, it might look like these two issues might be even similar. However, the truth is that by finding the solution to global warming, humanity will have a chance to stop climate change as well. 

Euthanasia Argumentative Essay

Euthanasia is another controversial topic on our list. As you may know, this term refers to the intentional ending of a person’s life due to medical or legal conditions. In your euthanasia argumentative essay, you receive a great opportunity to persuade your readers of the rightness or wrongness of such a practice. For example, you can compare the different categories of euthanasia consisting of voluntary, non-voluntary, and involuntary types. You can question this practice by considering it from a different angle. Depending on your position regarding the mentioned practice, it’s worth including your own ethical and moral reflections regarding this issue, and the possible consequences that can occur due to the widespread use of such methods.

Minimum Wage Argumentative Essay

The question of the minimum wage remains a painful question for many citizens around the globe. Probably, there is no country in the world where each person is fully satisfied with the minimum wage rates for their region. In your argumentative essay on minimum wage, you will be able to compare rates of the chosen countries, provide factors that may influence the average rate and solutions that might be taken to satisfy the fair leveling of the minimum wage rates. A minimum wage argumentative essay is also a great chance to discuss the connection between increasing minimum wages with the possibility of inflation and high chances of mass layoffs. However, the only difficulty may lay in the fact that to prepare a solid paper on this topic, you will have to have sufficient knowledge in both economics and sociology. 

Is Healthcare a Basic Human Right Argumentative Essay

Healthcare security remains one of the most discussed subjects in the United States. Some recent statistical data tells us that only a few percent of the American population is satisfied with the level of healthcare and the current prices for medical services. Therefore if you choose to write “Is healthcare a basic human right argumentative essay?”, you will receive a chance to reveal all of the biggest problems of the American health system. For example, you can discuss the reasons that lead to such expensive rates for receiving medical help, difficulties with searches for a professional physician, lack of insurance coverage, etc. By revealing the weak spots of the modern medical system, you will have an opportunity to propose ways that may lead to the increase of sufficiency and reduction of cost rates. 

School Uniforms Argumentative Essay

At first glance, you might start thinking that this essay idea is less challenging or global than the ones we discussed above. Indeed, the previous topics from our list involved virtually global issues that affect millions of people. However, by choosing to write a school dress code argumentative essay you will receive a great chance to improve your writing skills on a less challenging topic. By the way, if you consider yourself an opponent of the school uniform then your “school uniforms argumentative essay” will provide you with a chance to convey your mind to the leadership of the school. And who knows, maybe if you prove your point with a few solid arguments, your whole school will be grateful to you for canceling forever the boring school dress code. 

Argumentative Essay on Romeo and Juliet

Do not consider the argumentative essay on Romeo and Juliet as a typical assignment from your literature teacher. Besides the simple analysis of Shakespeare’s story, try to look at this subject from different angles. For example, if you want to make your paper more unique, you can imagine the story of Romeo and Juliet as a metaphor. As a result, you receive a bunch of other situations that you will be able to analyze and work with. By looking at this question from different angles, you will be able to find some hidden senses that you have never noticed. However, even by uncovering the main plot twist of the tragedy you can discuss the sociological question of the conflict of society’s expectations and love desires. By diving deeper into Shakespeare’s symbols, you receive a chance to uncover new meanings and transform them into your vision of the chosen problems. 

Cyberbullying Argumentative Essay

Cyberbullying is another significant issue that occurred with the appearance of social networks and their spread among teenagers. As well as regular bullying, cyberbullying includes aggressive, offensive, or threatening behavior towards the person. The only difference is that this kind of behavior happens not in school, street, or the club, but directly on the pages of social networks. Therefore, a cyberbullying argumentative essay might become a great chance to draw significant attention to this sociological problem and provide valid solutions to the specified issue. If you are struggling with the introduction of your paper, you can take a closer look at the roots of cyberbullying, highlight the specific causes that led to the occurrence of the problem, and make a statement regarding your perception of bullying. 

Argumentative Essay on Video Games

Do you consider yourself a video game admirer and get confused when people say that video games do not contain anything besides violence and harm? That’s why we suggest you create an “argumentative essay video games: passion or harm?”  In such an article, you will be able to choose one game or specific gaming genre and conduct thorough research on the mentioned topic. If you are tired of empty and unconfirmed statements that video games lead to increased levels of violence or social isolation, then this topic is the best way to protect the video gaming industry with the help of solid facts and valid data. For example, you can build your position on the positive influences of video games such as educational benefits, improving cognitive and logical skills, learning of languages, etc. 

Racism Argumentative Essay

Racism argumentative essay is another complex and sensitive essay theme that aims to disclose the problem of racial discrimination. Unfortunately, even in the year 2024, we still haven’t eradicated racism from our society. Millions of people around the world get discriminated against based on their race, ethnic group, or skin color. World-famous organizations such as UNICEF or FIFA commit certain actions that are aimed at decreasing the spread of this prejudice around the world. However, those actions do not bring us any closer to the disappearance of this terrible social phenomenon. Therefore, by preparing a topic on this subject, you will be able to dig into the grounds of racism, including recent sociological research, provide examples from your personal experience, and come up with some decent solutions that might help humanity increase the level of hate towards each other. 

Police Brutality Argumentative Essay

Before we provide you with some instructions on how to conduct a police brutality argumentative essay, let’s take a closer look at the term and what it hides underneath. Police brutality is a problem that is connected with some specifics of the legal systems around the world. However, it’s worth mentioning that the United States still takes the lead in the question of police brutality. To start your argumentative paper, we suggest you take a closer look at the reasons for the high rates of police brutality such as racial discrimination, personal conflicts, inappropriate and inadequate local laws, etc. To strengthen your position we also advise you to add some precedents when the police exceeded their powers. Such an approach will help you to base your arguments on real cases, which will help in creating a proper position regarding the question. 

Should Parents Limit Screen Time Argumentative Essay

The relationships between kids and parents are a perfect way to prove your point in any argumentative discussion. As you may already have guessed in this paragraph we will discuss how to write “Should parents limit screen time argumentative essay”. We understand that this topic might not suit the college-level papers. Despite that, this theme is a great way to introduce the argumentative essay to middle school students. That’s why if you are a middle school attender, we suggest you take a closer look at this paper topic.  By writing a paper on this subject, you will receive a great opportunity to learn to successfully defend your opinion through a reasoned position. It’s also a chance to express the thoughts that overwhelmed you when your parents forbade you to watch a movie late at night. So, it’s a combination of learning and pleasure. 

Writing an Argumentative Essay About an Ethical Issue

If you decide to start writing an argumentative essay about an ethical issue, you might face the fact that you do not know which question to discuss in your paper. Indeed, this topic may not be as narrow-profile as the topics we already discussed above. Still, it has much more room for your thoughts and arguments, so it might be much easier to research such a topic. To provide you with a hint, we would like to define what the ethical issue means. The ethical issue is a definition of a certain situation, where the necessity to make a decision leads to a moral conflict. Such conflicts include data privacy, censorship of all types, conflict of interests, or even corporate espionage. All these separate events form the ethical issue question and can be easily used for argumentative papers of all kinds. 

Alternative Argumentative Essay Ideas

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We believe that any “How To Write an Argumentative Essay Guide”, should include a list of valid alternatives, that will help you to come up with your own unique decisions. Therefore, in our final paragraph, we would like to provide you with some ultimate argumentative essay topics that will become a great fit for students of all majors and ages. 

  1. Should physical education be a compulsory subject;
  2. Why college education should be free for all students;
  3. Is it possible for a state to exist without taxpayers;
  4. Does feminism have a point and why;
  5. Importance of family as a social institution;
  6. Why the “American dream” is a utopia;
  7. Importance of learning history for a state citizen;
  8. The importance of religion in a person’s life;
  9. Can humanity live without art;
  10. What is the most important profession and why;

Top 5 Simple Argumentative Essay Questions

We understand that in some cases you will have to write a short argumentative essay without conducting complex research. For this matter, we have collected the list of the most simple topics that will suit any college specialization. 

  • Has the Internet made society better or worse;
  • The difficulties of the online educational process;
  • What is the best pet for a big family;
  • Is there a life after death;
  • What does happiness means; 

As you already have guessed, argumentative essay writing can be quite a challenge. But we hope that our argumentative essay ideas will push you on the right pass towards your valid A+ paper.

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