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The writing process of the persuasive essay will require good knowledge of your subject and great persuasive writing skills. Meanwhile, this article is not about how to write a persuasive essay, but it still answers a fundamental question. As you might have guessed, we will guide you through the best persuasive essay topics, so you will be able to choose the theme, that will guarantee you a positive mark. So let’s get started.  

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For All Academic Levels

A persuasive essay is commonly used by teachers of all academic levels. Whether you are studying in high school or college, your teacher will most likely assign this task once in a while. However, there is still good news, because great persuasive essay topics are available for students of all ages.

How to Choose Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School?

It’s worth mentioning that persuasive essay topics for middle school do not imply difficult subjects. So regularly, if your teacher asks you to prepare a persuasive essay, you will have to choose some theme from your regular school program. However, it doesn’t mean that you will not have to persuade your reader to take a particular point of view. Therefore, it’s better to choose a simpler topic and select your evidence thoroughly.

How to Choose Persuasive Essay Topics For High School?

Persuasive essay topics for high school on the other hand imply a much higher level of expertise in the chosen subject. Thus, your essay should be much more extensive and cover more complex issues. No one is restricting you from choosing the topic from your school program. Nevertheless, your teachers will expect from you a more сompound approach. 

How to Choose Persuasive Essay Topics For College?

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In college, teachers expect their students to perform on the level of experienced persuasive essay writers. During this period, your persuasive essay topics for college should be much more complex than in your school years. As an example, you can take some difficult themes from your major, and turn them into persuasive writing. The one crucial point of your college papers is that you should be interested in your question because otherwise, your paper will not succeed much.

List of the Best Persuasive Essay Topics

So, let’s not waste another second and take a closer look at the list of some unique persuasive essay topics. As a bonus, each topic will contain a short guide that will help you create a paper on this subject. 

Persuasive Essay On Mental Health

Mental health is a great topic for your future persuasive essay. This theme provides you with a wide range of motion for future writing. For example, you can write about modern mental health issues and the way they affect humanity. In your paper, you can choose a separate problem or uncover a more global question such as the influence of psychological issues on the academic performance of students. For the evidence base, you should include recent scientific discoveries or statistical data. Of course, your paper has to be based on your opinion, but it’s crucial to use only reliable and scientific facts to prove your point.

Persuasive Essay About Bullying

This topic provides you with an opportunity to disclose the issue of bullying in the educational system, workplace, or any other social structure, that may include such a problem. In the introduction of your paper, it’s crucial to make a catchy statement to hook the reader to the problem. For example, you can include some statistics about the children who suffer from bullying in their social groups and make a claim about the necessity of attention to this problem. The main body of the essay has to include your arguments and possible solutions that in your opinion may decrease the level of bullying in society. In the end, do not forget to loop your essay correctly, to make the question open for further discussion. 

Persuasive Essay on Animal Testing

Animal testing is an important problem that has to be revealed to the world. By choosing this topic, you will have a great opportunity to uncover the animals suffering all over the globe. For example, in your essay, you will be able to talk about animal testing in the modern cosmetics sphere and the effective ways to solve the mentioned issue. To engage your readers even more, it’s crucial to provide relevant facts about the dangers animals use in unpredictable experiments. After that, you can move on to provide your arguments and your vision of the problem’s solution. 

Persuasive Essay on Immigration Reform

The sphere of politics provides you with a limitless number of good persuasive essay topics. One of these topics will be immigration reform. However, it’s up to you whether to support or resist immigration reform in your research. To start the paper, it’s crucial to disclose the background of the immigration problem and the consequences of immigration for your region or country. After that, whether you are a supporter or an opponent of such politics, it will be crucial to create a solid argumentative basis for your defense. Therefore, it will be easier for you to persuade them. 

Is the School Day Too Long Persuasive Essay

Is the school day too long? If you are still a school student and you frequently ask yourself this question, then it’s your chance to prove your vision of the mentioned problem. A proper way to start your essay is to ask your audience  “Is the school day too long?”.  This is a great way to make your reader think about this question and provide a great basis for future discussion. In the body, you can provide a few arguments on why you think that the school day is too long and the consequences that it has on kids. As a result, you will receive a great chance to propose an alternative way and reap the benefits of its implementation.  

Persuasive Essay About Global Warming

One of the most interesting topics for ecology students is global warming. This topic is a great way to tell the world about your vision of this environmental problem. For example, you can take a more specific aspect of the question such as the influence of global warming on human health and the possible solutions to the mentioned issue. Since it’s an ecological question, it’s crucial to add recent scientific facts or refer to reliable research to create a solid argumentative base. It’s crucial to write your paper by referring to solid facts, instead of your visions. It will help to create a proper argumentative base for a proper defense of your point of view. 

No School Uniforms Persuasive Essay

Continuing the topic of the school day, let us present you with the topic where you will be able to defend the implementation of the “no school uniforms” rule. In this topic, you receive a chance to explain the necessity of implementing the decision of “no school uniforms” in your school. Therefore, it’s crucial to present solid advantages of this decision, such as diversity in children’s looks, the ability for kids to express themselves, a decrease in conflicts in the school, etc. The better you present the benefits of this decision, the more persuasive your paper will become. 

Persuasive Essay on Recycling

Continuing the ecological topics, let’s take a closer look at the problem of recycling. You can not imagine a better topic for a persuasive essay than “The importance of recycling for the global environment”. We are sure that you will not face any difficulties by coming up with solid arguments for this statement. For example, you can mention the influence of recycling in reducing mineral extraction, solving the problem of ozone holes, preventing the deterioration of global warming, etc. Thereafter, you will be able to provide the audience with your vision regarding the importance of the reuse of resources and provide some unique solutions. 

Persuasive Essay on The Right to Bear Arms

The right to bear arms is a famous problem that has always caused massive discussion in the US and all over the globe. In your persuasive essay about this legal right, you will be able to provide your vision of the problem and provide arguments that prove the point of people who own weapons. For example, you can refer to the constitutional right for self-defense, and provide some situations when possession of a weapon leads to a positive outcome in life-threatening situations. You can also refer to the societies that actively support the right to bear arms and refer to the laws that ensure safe weapons ownership. To strengthen your position you can also include popular claims against your position, that you will successfully neutralize with your counterarguments. 

Cheerleading Is a Sport Persuasive Essay

Such an unusual topic as “cheerleading is a sport” will be a great challenge for students who are tired of commonplace topics. If you choose this topic, you will have to approach this question creatively. For example, you can start with the origin and history of this phenomenon and its influence on US society. In the introduction of your paper, it’s also crucial to state that you agree that cheerleading is a sport, and smoothly move to the body of your paper to present some of your arguments. As an example of an argument, you can present the fact that it requires serious physical endurance and competition components. 

Persuasive Essay on Abortion

Such a severe and grave essay topic as the problem of abortion is an effective way to prove the point of a ban or the legality of this medical procedure. Firstly, of course, you will have to make a statement regarding your point of view on the mentioned issue. After that, you can provide the reader with some historical facts like the attitude of the church, the ethical side of this phenomenon, etc. On the other hand, you can provide your reader with the medical conditions of an abortion, for example when this procedure is required to prevent serious health problems. 

Death Penalty Persuasive Essay

If your major is law then you might be interested in writing a paper on the death penalty as a part of capital punishment. You can consider this phenomenon from both ethical, moral, and legal points of view. Based on your vision of the death penalty, you will be able to form your argumentative base, which will form the main part of your persuasive essay. For example, you can also analyze the legal systems that support this form of punishment or vice versa deny it. Such an approach will assist you in the creation of the vision problem.

Persuasive Essay on Gun Control

The gun control law is a great topic to discuss in your persuasive essay. As well as the right to bear arms, it’s a very controversial topic that might cause a lot of difficult discussions. Therefore by choosing this topic, you receive a great chance to narrate your point of view regarding the necessity of gun control regulations. The gun control topic is a perfect theme for both supporters and opponents because each side has vital arguments in support of their position. For example, if you support gun control laws, you can talk about the possibility of reducing crime levels. If you are the opponent of this regulation you can mention some negative outcomes such as the possibility of receiving an overly controlled government.

Persuasive Essay on Dress Code

Dress code as a social phenomenon can become a great topic for your sociology persuasive essay. For example, you can uncover the necessity of the dress code for different social groups, and provide advantages and flaws of this set of clothing rules. Such a topic may help you to uncover the very essence of this social matter. Based on your attitude towards the mentioned set of rules, you might refute or vice versa confirm the necessity of people to dress a certain way according to a particular occasion or event.

Persuasive Essay About World Peace

The question of war and peace has worried philosophers throughout history. Augustine and Aristotle saw the war as something more than a conflict between two sides. And this is something that you will be able to talk about in your essay about world peace. As a little hint, we might suggest you glance at world peace as a utopian metaphor. Take a break to think about this statement. Is it overall possible to reach world peace at the current stage of human consciousness or is it just a utopia that will never be able to become a real life? It’s a philosophical question, so it’s up to you how to answer it. 

Persuasive Essay on Technology

Technologies are something that we face daily, which makes it a great topic for a persuasive essay. Therefore, you can choose any technology and transform it into your persuasive essay topic. For example, you can explore the influence of smartphones on early children’s development. Take a closer look at this modern issue, and present your vision of it, does it have more harm or good? If it harms, what are the ways to avoid the negative influence of certain technology? You can try to answer those questions in your paper. 

Romeo and Juliet Persuasive Essay

Romeo and Juliet have long ceased to represent only characters from the famous play by William Shakespeare. The reference to Romeo and Juliet has become something of a symbol that represents love or difficulties on the way to happiness. Therefore, it will be a mistake to perceive this topic literally. Try to transform it into a metaphor and take a closer look at it during your persuasive essay.  For example, you can write about the necessity to fight for your love, despite everything, or you can convince your readers of the futility of love.

Persuasive Essay on Smoking

Smoking is a bad habit of millions of people around the world. Despite that, it still can become a great topic for your persuasive essay. However, the question of smoking can be disclosed differently. For instance, if you are discussing smoking in terms of medicine, you can provide your readers with banal reasons why this habit is bad for your health. In the meantime, you can explore this habit from the psychological side, where you will be able to explore the mental reasons for this smoking and prove your view from this perspective. 

Persuasive Essay on Veterans

This topic is related to subjects starting from history and finishing with sociology and psychology. So you have a lot of ways to conduct your persuasive essay on the topic of veterans. For instance, from the sociological part, you can raise the problem of difficulties faced by war veterans in peaceful life and the ways of solving these problems. From the psychology side, you can highlight the need to provide mandatory psychological assistance for soldiers who have gone through military actions. The truth is that this question is important from all sides, so it’s up to you which side to uncover. 

Social Media Persuasive Essay

Social media is a controversial phenomenon of the twenty-first century. With the appearance of the first social media platform the life of humanity as well as of the human individual has changed drastically. That’s why, this modern invention is a great topic for writing your persuasive essay, regarding the harm of good that it provides to society. You can even combine the two mentioned effects, and make a statement regarding the ambiguity of social networks on the life of a human. 

Persuasive Essay on Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages have become a crucial problem in the modern world. It significantly affects the sociological institute of a family and of course, violates the laws of many world states. However, since you are the author of your writing you can take a look at arranged marriages from different angles. As an alternative approach, you can try to uncover the possible positive intentions because of which people can take such steps. Try to analyze this phenomenon and provide your objective assessment. 

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Examples of Good Persuasive Essay Topics

We have already provided you with descriptions of the best essay topics, however, let’s take a closer look at the list of easy persuasive essay topics.

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

In this section, we have collected a list of some easy persuasive essay topics that you will be able to use despite your academic level. Feel free to use it in your academic writing.

  1. Can money buy happiness, why?
  2. Why should college education be free?
  3. Can an educational system exist without homework?
  4. Are grades necessary in assessing students’ knowledge?
  5. Why is it important to reduce the working week?
  6. What is the main art in human history, and why?
  7. Importance of music for humanity.
  8. Why is history important?
  9. Role of influences in modern society.
  10. The negative aspect of vegetarianism.

Best Persuasive Essay Topics

Among countless persuasive essay topics, finding a suitable theme might be challenging. To facilitate your search process, we have collected the best topics for persuasive essays in the list below. 

  • The negative psychological impact of social media;
  • Importance of supplement regulation in professional sport;
  • Why should the death penalty be banned?
  • Importance of language for the nation;
  • Negative effects of global warming;
  • Why are gun regulations necessary?
  • Importance of maternity leaves in the workplace;
  • Children’s Instagram usage;
  • Why abortion has to be restricted?
  • Is a dress code necessary?

Unique Persuasive Essay Topics

In this article, we have provided you with some of the best persuasive essay topics that you will be able to use for your academic papers. Meanwhile, you might be wondering where is the list of the unique persuasive topics. In this case, we decided to allow you to come up with your own unique topics list based on our recent suggestions. Because there is no one out there who can come up with a more unique paper than you.

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