How to Write an Excellent Philosophy Essay & Receive Top Scores?

writing philosophy essay

If you wonder how to write a philosophy essay, you are exactly in the right place because in this manual you will get all the answers to your possible questions. You can write a philosophy essay if you want to convince someone whether the Earth is flat or that God exists. 

Indeed, philosophy papers differ from other kinds of papers. However, if you prepare and practice specific skills, you can create a true work of art and convince anyone. Learn how to buy philosophy essay now!

So what is a philosophy essay?

Wondering what a philosophy essay is, you must know that it is not a typical task. The target of this paper is not to review the works of other philosophers. Instead, you should become a philosopher, at least, during writing your philosophy essay. In other words, you should demonstrate your critical and analytical skills, and the ability to ponder eternal questions. This process might require lots of energy and time as well as thinking. 

To be more precise, a philosophy paper is a kind of student’s work where you should choose a certain thesis and provide for and against arguments. Also, you must back up your thesis with the ideas of professional philosophers. However, the most important part of each philosophical paper is your contribution to the specific subject.

What are the components of philosophy essay structure?

Similarly to any other type of paper, a philosophy essay structure contains the intro, the main body, and the concluding part. You would better stick to this structure to avoid extra stress when writing your philosophy essay. 

What must a proper philosophy essay outline consist of? 

Before you begin to compose the initial line of your piece of writing, you should create a proper philosophy essay outline. Check out the following tips when writing this outline:

  • Create a solid thesis. Make sure you know what you will be arguing for and against.
  • Review all the philosophical theory that provides answers to the subject of your essay. Take notes of these sources to be able to give counter arguments and arguments regarding your topic.
  • Make sure you have all the definitions of specific concepts to add certain meanings to your paper.
  • Once you do your reflections, you should organize all your thoughts and ideas according to the structure mentioned below. 

Structuring your philosophy paper

Philosophy essay introduction

So how to write an introduction for a philosophy essay? Well, writing a philosophy essay introduction is a very important part of the paper. Here, you need to clarify the question that you are planning to answer in your philosophy essay. Then, you should mention your thesis statement. In other words, you should provide the reader with the answer that you will argue for. Also, in this part, you need to explain all the philosophical terms that you are going to use in your philosophical essay. 

Here are the philosophy essay introduction examples for you to check out:

  • I will argue that eating meat is immoral.
  • I will consider whether abortions are acceptable.

Philosophy essay main body

Here you should provide arguments. Also, you need to refute all the main objections. Once you finish, you should describe other potential answers and the reasonings. Add main arguments to back them up.

Philosophy essay conclusion

In the philosophy essay conclusion, you should suggest a paragraph that summarizes the work you accomplished. In this part, you are prohibited from adding any controversial or new information. In other words, do not add here more data than you discussed in previous parts of the paper. At the end of your essay, there must not be any surprises. 

If you wonder how to write a conclusion in a philosophy essay, you should keep in mind that here you must sum up all the possible answers. Also, you need to highlight the reasons why your answers are the most viable. 

What are the most popular philosophy essay topics?

It might be difficult to come up with philosophy essay topics by yourself because some questions do not have clear yes or no answers. So feel free to use our list of philosophy essay topics to choose the most appealing to you:

Leadership philosophy essay topics

If you want to write a personal philosophy of leadership essay, these leadership philosophy essay topics might be useful for you:

  1. Is authoritative leadership an ethical one?
  2. Is formal leadership essential to ensure the productivity of the team?
  3. Can we measure leadership somehow?
  4. What are the most vital qualities of a leader?
  5. Is leadership an acquired skill or is it a gift?
  6. Is it possible for a team to exist & function without a leader?
  7. Is it a must to follow a leader no matter what happens or is required?
  8. Are power and leadership synonyms?
  9. What is the main reason why people follow leaders?
  10. Can we name influencers as modern leaders?

Philosophy of teaching essay topics

If you are looking for the freshest philosophy of teaching essay topics, check the following examples out:

  1. Generating a theoretical framework for the teacher’s philosophy of education.
  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Education Leadership.
  3. Philosophy and history of education and special education.
  4. A conservative philosophy of education or essentialism.
  5. The role of relationship building in my philosophy of education.
  6. What are the targets of the philosophy of education?
  7. Developing a personal philosophy of education.
  8. Teaching philosophy and the use of technology.
  9. Rethinking the philosophy of education.
  10. Why does the philosophy of education play an essential role in the development of young people’s abilities?

Personal philosophy essay topics

If you are searching for personal philosophy essay topics, check them out in the following list:

  1. How to find joy in the face of life’s adversity?
  2. What does the phrase ¨Just do it!¨ mean in my life? 
  3. What is my personal philosophy of nursing?
  4. Research on my personal philosophies and moral values.
  5. What is my personal philosophy or what does the phrase ‘I am who I am’ mean to me?
  6. Persistence & determination – Are they keys to success?
  7. What does the word ¨love¨ mean to me?
  8. The strategies & my personal philosophy of success.
  9. What are the theories of other forms of life’s existence in the universe?
  10. What is the core of Socrates´ philosophy on life after death?

Philosophy of Life essay topics

Are you in search of life philosophy essay topics? Here the most interesting philosophy of life essay topics are:

  1. What change would you like to see in the world?
  2. The concept of death in human life and literature.
  3. What is your individual perspective on responsibility?
  4. Life changes: Negative & positive effects.
  5. Is there life after death?
  6. What is Kant’s view on homosexuality?
  7. What is the main difference between right & wrong?
  8. Are body and mind related?
  9. Are happiness and money related?
  10. What is the spiritual world after death? 

What are the most useful tips when composing a philosophical essay?

If you feel stuck composing your philosophical paper, these tips will help you speed up the process of writing & assist you fast:

  • Try to elaborate on the subject the way you usually talk. If you write the way you speak, you will avoid being too convoluted. Your writing will be good if you utilize more familiar and straightforward words.
  • You should ignore the idea to concentrate on cultivating a precise answer at the end of your paper. Note that there might be multiple answers in your essay’s conclusion which is absolutely normal.
  • You are not supposed to provide your reader with an answer to every single question that was raised in your essay in the beginning. Keep in mind that even pro-philosophers do not have such answers, so why should you bother?
  • At the beginning of your essay, try to get straight to the point. Avoid warming up your reader and inflating the word count.
  • Do not utilize quotes often. Try to explain the philosophers´ points of view using your own words and terms. However, if you feel like it is impossible to explain something without a quote, use it correctly.
  • Unless you are not obliged to write the essay in the third person, try to write it in the first person.
  • It would be great if you start to craft your philosophical paper as early as possible. For instance, you should begin it in advance two times earlier than you think because it requires lots of analytical and thinking activities. 

What are the main mistakes you should avoid in composing a philosophy essay?

Often, if you are aware of the things you need to avoid, it will help you create a well-written philosophical essay and get good grades. Check out the list of the main possible errors most students make not make them by yourself:

  • Do not appeal to authority. Most students make this mistake. However, instead of doing it, you should try to develop your stance.
  • Do not try to appear more intelligent than you are by using too convoluted sentences. Use simple methods to deliver the meaning you want.
  • Do not add essential or interesting material if you do not tie it to your claim. Each of your counter arguments and arguments must be backed up by an explicit idea or pieces of evidence.
  • Always try to deliver value when inflating your word count. 
  • Do not make poorly explained claims. Your reasons either for or against must be explicitly presented.
  • Define all the core concepts. You should explain every concept and term that you use in the intro part of the essay.
  • Do not worry about being wrong. If it comes to philosophy, everyone is considered to be right. 

Order a philosophy paper without plagiarism

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Final thoughts

Hope that this manual was useful for you and you will grab the main ideas of how to create a real philosophy essay masterpiece to impress your professor. However, if you feel exhausted or do not have enough skills to compose the paper, there is a nice way out for you – ordering a paper online! Ask for a pro essay writing help to get maximum scores.

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