170 Best Argumentative Essay Topics For Any Essay

A student is writing down argumentative essay ideas.

The argumentative essay remains one of the most effective ways to check a student’s knowledge, particularly in any academic subject. Many college professors and school teachers resort to this method when they want to take an unwarned test or just to check the fulfilment of homework. 

Still, many students openly dislike this kind of academic writing. We are confident that you will agree with us that one of the main difficulties is the process of searching for interesting argumentative essay topics for your papers. That’s why, in the next paragraphs we will reveal to your attention some of the best topics for argumentative essay, that will guarantee you an excellent mark. 

What Are Good Argumentative Essay Topics?

As you may already have guessed this article doesn’t contain a detailed manual on how to write an argumentative essay. Instead, we’d like to focus on the point that makes up to ninety-nine percent of your essay’s success. And the secret to your excellent essay is a suitable argumentative essay topic idea. So what are good argumentative essay topics or how do you determine them? The thing is that there is no such thing as good or bad topic ideas. There are only suitable and unsuitable ones. That’s why, in this article, we have collected the very best argumentative essay topics for any subject, age, and academic level. 

Good Argumentative Essay Topics For Each Academic Level

Argumentative essays are a common thing for students of any academic level starting from middle school and up to the day of receiving a Ph.D. level. Unfortunately, due to inexperience, you might simply choose a topic, that will be too difficult for your current academic level. As a result, it usually ends with a writing failure and despair in your writing skills. That’s why, we would like to present you with a list of argumentative essay topics for students of all academic levels.

Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

Middle school argumentative essays are usually not complex and are aimed at forming logical and subjective thinking. Therefore time in middle school is a great time to learn what makes a good argumentative essay. For that matter, it’s better to choose some simple topics that are related to the basic school program. In this section, we have collected some good argumentative essay topics for middle school.

  1. Why holidays are important for children;
  2. Why smartphones should be allowed at school;
  3. What is my favorite subject and why;
  4. Importance of friends in the educational process;
  5. Why schools should have rules;
  6. Is there an alternative to regular homework;
  7. Is there an unnecessary school subject, why;
  8. Importance of grades in the evaluation of students;
  9. Should kids be allowed to use the Internet in class;
  10. Why computer games bring more good than harm;

During this period, children can choose any topic that they are interested in because the point of middle school papers is to teach students to form their minds and build logical connections. By and large, the main factor is how you will write your paper, while the topic itself plays a secondary role.

Argumentative Essay Topics High School

The high school will not become an exсeption in the matter of writing argumentative papers. That’s why, you should prepare in advance that you will have many different assignments and they all might be challenging. Still, the difference between high school essays and middle school essays will not be significant, because usually it is based on the same questions from the school program. However, if your teacher asks you to write a paper on a free topic, we have already prepared an ultimate “argumentative essay topics high school” list. Therefore, all that remains for you to do is to choose the topic you like the most.

  1. What is the harm of social media on modern teenagers; 
  2. Importance of the gap year before college;
  3. How to choose a major correctly;
  4. Difficulties that graduates face and how to deal with them;
  5. Why a personal schedule is necessary; 
  6. What is the last important lesson you learned;
  7. How to deal with your own mistakes; 
  8. What is the most important quality for teenagers;
  9. What advice would you give to yourself and why;
  10. Methods to face challenges successfully;

The topics for the high school level should differ in complexity and originality. Of course, while you are studying at school no one will ask you Ph.D. level papers. Still, it would be necessary to show some level of writing and logical growth that you have gained over your time in middle school. 

Argumentative Essay Topics For Students in College

College is the next stage in your education path. This period will be filled with many challenges such as moving away from parents, making new friends, and first-time difficulties in learning.

Still, there is only one thing that will remain unaltered, and that will be your argumentative essay assignments. However, to be precise it’s worth mentioning that even your assignments will change as they become more and more complex. That’s why, to make your college life easier we have collected some of the common topics among the popular college majors.  

  1. Influence of computer technologies on society; 
  2. Challenges that pursue Generation Z;
  3. How to facilitate job searching; 
  4. The essence of the immigrant crisis; 
  5. Can racism be defeated in the modern world;
  6. How to deal with bullying; 
  7. What person inspires you;
  8. Reflections regarding the parent’s education methods;
  9. Is feminism important for modern society;
  10. Ways to solve world’s hunger;

The college era is a unique time when you will face many different challenges. One of these challenges might be countless academic paper assignments. Still, we believe that with some hints from our best college essay ideas, writing a paper will no longer be an overwhelming task for you. 

The Best Argumentative Essay Topics For Any Discipline 

In the previous paragraphs, we gathered some ultimate argumentative essay ideas that encompass global topics and can suit students of any academic level. However, it’s better to be prepared that the argumentative assignment essay can become a surprise for any student, regardless of their specialisation. The good news is that the structure of any argumentative essay is pretty similar, so the only thing that separates you from a good grade is a topic choice. To make your life easier we collected the ten best essay ideas for the main college majors. 

Psychological Argumentative Essay Topics

Psychology is a common major specialisation that engages researchers with various interesting scientific topics. If you are studying psychology, you can consider yourself lucky due to the large number of undiscovered questions. Still, writing a psychological essay will not be an easy walk for you, due to a bunch of different factors such as lack of sources or topic complexity. Nevertheless, we believe that our list of psychological argumentative essay topics will be able to significantly reduce your stress at least with your topic choice. 

  1. The psychological effect of bullying; 
  2. Why mental health is as important as physical well-being;
  3. Psychological aspects of addictions; 
  4. Main signs of toxic relationships and how to deal with them; 
  5. The positive effect of sport on mental health; 
  6. Psychosomatics from a psychological point of view;
  7. Psychological causes of bulimia;
  8. Should each person visit a therapist, why;
  9. The role of the family during the psychological maturation process; 
  10. Meditation as a form of treatment: pros and cons; 

The choice of a psychological paper idea should be considered based on several factors such as scientific interest, the availability of reliable sources, and the amount of available time. During our research we focused on these factors, to provide you with some suitable psychological argumentative essay topics

Historical Argumentative Essay Topics

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, we’d like to start our discussion with the saying of a famous American philosopher – George Santayana. Unfortunately, a lot of modern students and citizens underestimate the role of history in today’s life. On the other hand, students who study history have a great chance to reveal the secrets of the past and look behind the curtain of the future. Therefore, if you are interested in some unique historical argumentative essay topics, just make sure to check our list. 

  1. What if allies have lost in World War two;
  2. The Role of the Holy Roman Empire in the world’s history;
  3. Who is the most brutal dictator and why;
  4. The impact of socialism on the political map of the world;
  5. The role of the Pope in the medieval age;
  6. What was the purpose of the Holy Inquisition;
  7. The most influential President of the United States;
  8. Difference between nazism and fascism; 
  9. The Civil War in the United States; 
  10. What was the greatest achievement of Abraham Lincoln;

In this section, we didn’t provide even the smallest share of the possible historical essays. We would not be able to provide you with all interesting historical topics, even if our article consisted entirely of historical topics. However, let’s hope that this article managed to light the research spark, which will help you come up with a unique research topic by yourself. 

Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

Nurse is a common profession in the healthcare field. Many students around the world have to go through this stage on their way to receiving a doctor’s diploma. It’s worth mentioning that some students even prefer to stay in this profession due to the possibility of greater communication with patients, and the desire to bring as much benefit as possible. But do not think that nursing education will free you from argumentative writing because it will not. For this reason, allow us to present you with the best nursing argumentative essay topics. 

  1. Why nursing is an important profession;
  2. Ways of increasing nursing competence; 
  3. How to deal with biases against the nursing profession; 
  4. How to avoid professional burnout in the nursing field; 
  5. Why the healthcare system cannot exist without nursing;
  6. Implementation of modern technologies in the nursing field;
  7. Importance of the nursing qualification system; 
  8. Reasons for increasing minimum wages for nurses; 
  9. Why is nursing not a female profession;
  10. Why nurses are as important as physicians;

Nursing is a complex and important healthcare profession that hides various challenging topics. In this section, we have gathered the most famous ones, so you can transfer them into your unique academic works.

Science Argumentative Essay Topics

Science has become an indispensable factor in the modern age. The contribution of science to our development is truly improbable. The fact is that without science all our clothes and gadgets, vehicles and houses, and everything around us would  simply not be possible. All of that provides you with countless options for possible science argumentative essay topics. During the preparation of this list, we carefully checked the relevant scientific themes. Therefore, we have managed to find some of the most interesting topics for your science paper.

  1. Can humanity live without science;
  2. What is the most important subject in science;
  3. The influence of AI on science;
  4. Is it possible to go back in time;
  5. How fast would we be able to settle on Mars;
  6. Are we alone in the Universe;
  7. Is there a weapon more powerful than an atomic one;
  8. Why human cloning is not possible;
  9. What is dark matter;  
  10. Does the universe have an end;

The good news is that there are enough topics for everyone to write an interesting science essay. In this section, we have collected some topics that might be a real interest in you. Still, you are free to use these examples as inspiration for your ideas and research. 

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

Sport is a unique thing that connects people around the world. It helps to bring people together by creating a special connection that leads to the occurrence of a sense of community or even fraternity. All that makes sport in all its manifestations a perfect subject for academic writing. To save you the trouble of going through them all, we have collected some of the best sports argumentative essay topics in the list below. 

  1. What is the best sport ever created, and why;
  2. How to stop doping in sports;
  3. The impact of cybersport on other sports;
  4. Influence of the Olympic Games on modern politics;
  5. Which sports should be banned and why;
  6. Is the high pay for football players justified;
  7. How to avoid fatalities in Boxing;
  8. Should betting be considered a sport;
  9. Why are weight categories needed in sports;
  10. Why is cheerleading considered a sport;

We believe that this list will help you come up with your unique sports ideas. Otherwise, you can simply choose an idea listed above, and create a great argumentative essay without any difficulties. 

Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

Social media became a real phenomenon in the twenty-first century. In the last decade alone, the daily lives of billions of people have changed beyond recognition. We began to date, talk, study, and live online. Most of our friends and family members have social media accounts. The most important thing is that they actively use them. So what makes social media so unique? We suggest you discuss this question in your argumentative essay. As a hint for your future paper, let us present you with our social media argumentative essay topics list.

  1. What are the benefits of social media;
  2. Can humanity reject social media at this point; 
  3. Influence of social media on self-perception; 
  4. How to reduce the negative effects of social media; 
  5. What is the best social media platform, and why;
  6. Is it possible for anyone to become an influencer;
  7. False media visions as a part of social platforms; 
  8. Should teenagers be restricted from using social media;
  9. What are the advantages of online communication;
  10. Was life better before social media;

Researching the phenomenon of social media is a great chance to receive an A+ for your argumentative paper. You can take any controversial question that is connected to social media and transform it into fresh and catchy research and we hope that our list will come in handy with this matter. 

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

Music is a form of art without which we can no longer imagine our existence. During our long history, music has gone through a lot of changes starting from simple sounds during the Paleolithic period to the most complex symphonies of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and other genius composers. Due to such complexity and diversity, you can come up with hundreds of different ideas for your future paper. To save you some time, let us present you with some possible music argumentative essay topics

  1. What is the best music genre and why;
  2. Importance of soundtracks in the film industry;
  3. What is the philosophical aspect of music;
  4. Positive psychological effects of music;
  5. Is there a music genre that should not be considered music;
  6. What is the future of music;
  7. Who is the most influential composer of all time;
  8. Why classical music is better than other genres;
  9. The positive effect of music during education;
  10. The negative effect of technologies on music; 

Music is an important part of our lives that cannot be described in words. Still, we would like to encourage you to try that yourself in your argumentative essay, or to hire an argumentative essay writer who will gladly do it for you.

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

The writing process of an argumentative essay on psychology.

We know what you are thinking right now dear reader. That’s why, we are ahead of you regarding the question: ”Why did you split the psychology topics into two sections?” However, the answer to this question is pretty simple, and is concluded in fact that this area is extremely large-scale, so we decided to create a separate list for psychology argumentative essay topics

  1. Why psychology and psychiatry cannot be united;
  2. Why is the presence of a school psychologist necessary;
  3. Can psychology harm;
  4. What are the most effective techniques in psychology; 
  5. What is the impact of psychology on other studies;
  6. Is forced psychology necessary;
  7. What is love from a psychological point of view;
  8. Are manipulations a form of psychopathy; 
  9. Preventing abuse from the psychologists’ side; 
  10. What is the global effect of psychology on our society;

You can look at psychology as an endless source for your argumentative essay ideas. Fortunately, psychology doesn’t stand still and is constantly developing. In this section, we tried to include some of the most unique ideas for your psychology paper, however, you are free to expand this list at your discretion.

Argumentative Essay Topics Technology

Technology is another interesting subject that we decided to include in our article. We came up with such a decision because it expands the phenomenon of science and provides other interesting solutions for writing reliable argumentative papers. So let’s take a closer look at our list of “argumentative essay topics technology”.

  1. What is the most important technology nowadays;
  2. Has humanity reached its technological limit;
  3. Was technology brought by aliens;
  4. Is modern technology used humanely;
  5. Use of technologies for refining the environment;
  6. Technologies and global warming;
  7. Why are technologies making us lazier;
  8. What is the future of human technologies;
  9. The influence of technologies on our environment;
  10. How to use technologies for the good of mankind;

Technologies are another controversial side of human nature. On the one hand, they make our lives better, on the other hand, they possess certain negative effects that slowly destroy our world. In your paper, you have a great chance to take a closer look at this question and try to answer this complex question by yourself.

Bonus Topics For Argumentative Essay

In the first part of our article, we managed to reveal some basic argumentative essay ideas. But do not think that this is where our ideas end. In the last section of our article, we would like to encourage you with some bonus topic ideas that we decided to gather in this section.

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you looking for some easy argumentative essay topics? Choose one of the topics listed below and complete your argumentative paper in a matter of hours. 

  • What is the best age for becoming a parent;
  • Why walking is better than driving;
  • Importance of sleep for good health; 
  • What is your favorite movie, and why;
  • Can a person live without love; 

These are some of the easy paper ideas. But do not look at them as an example but more as a guide for what an easy argumentative essay topic may look like. 

Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you still convinced that there are no interesting argumentative topics? Allow us to change your mind by presenting the list of our extraordinary argumentative essay ideas. 

  • Why higher education is important; 
  • What is the age of becoming an adult;
  • Is it okay to live with parents after college;
  • What do you think is success;
  • Can happiness be bought with money;

We understand that each person has their own understanding of what is interesting. Nevertheless, we believe that our proposals will arouse some keen interest in you.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

Are you looking for some controversial argumentative essay topics? The good news is that in this list we have the ideas that will truly surprise your readers.

  • Can a man stay unmarried for life;
  • The effect of voluntary childlessness on modern families; 
  • What is the best age for raising children;
  • Can love be bought with money;
  • Is a world possible without the existence of money;

By choosing one of these topics and expanding your point of view you will be able to gain the readers’ attention and at the same time explain your vision of such issues.

Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

We decided to wrap our article with a list of unique argumentative essay topics. So if none of the previous ideas didn’t please your interest, we hope that one of these topic ideas will.

  • Why euthanasia should be allowed;
  • What is the best country to live in;
  • The uniqueness of the Norwegian correctional system;
  • Why animal testing should be banned; 
  • Why pronounce is an artificially invented issue;

To sum things up it’s worth mentioning that writing a unique argumentative paper is a real challenge. But we believe that with the right topic, the writing process will turn from a dull task into an interesting pastime.

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