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narrative essay

Imagine sharing your most memorable life experiences through words, captivating readers with your personal stories. That’s the magic of narrative essays. They’re like windows into your life, offering a glimpse of your adventures, challenges and lessons learned.

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argumentative essay

The ability to argue effectively in writing is an invaluable skill. And as a student, you will be required to show that you understand the nuances of writing argumentative essays at one point or another.
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check What Is a Process Analysis Essay

A process analysis essay is a narrative essay that explains the steps of a particular process. It’s useful for explaining how something works and why it works the way it does.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of process analysis essays?
Process analysis essays can be in two major forms: directional and informational process analysis essays. In a directional essay, you are telling your reader how to carry out a process – say cook biscuits. In informational analysis essays, you inform your readers on how something is done without directing them on how to do it.
How best to start a process analysis essay?
First, decide which approach you want to take in writing: are you going directional or informational? That is, do you want to tell your reader about a process or show them how it is done? Considering that this type of essay must be clear and easy to follow, your structure is very important.
check how to write a dbq essay

Asides the standardized test, college preparation requires different kinds of exams. One of such exams is the Advanced Placement (AP) course exam. This exam features a special kind of essay known as the DBQ Essay.

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