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Come See What A Good Essay On Gun Control Is All About

Gun control is always a hot-button topic with divisive language and both sides seemingly unwilling to compromise. For this reason, being assigned an argumentative essay on gun control should come as no surprise. Essays on gun control can take any side you wish or try to find a middle ground between two fiercely opposite sides.

Guns are an issue, but not “the” issue

Guns don’t have to be such a great divider in our society. When people get talking about guns, tempers often begin to flare. One side views gun ownership as an inalienable right and a vital part of their culture and heritage, the other as an unnecessarily aggressive, uncivilized and possibly extremely violent past-time. It would seem, therefore, that neither side is willing to meet the other in the middle or give up ground.

Are guns really the issue they are made out to be though? Surely topics like poverty, access to medical care and education should be more important than what someone has, or doesn’t have inside their own private home. It is something which very much sums up the urban-rural divide in the country and unfortunately the problem seems to stem from a lack of understanding on both sides. With concerted political effort that gulf in understanding one’s countrymen should be bridged, not exploited.

For both sides to reach an agreement it would be necessary for them to come closer to an acceptable middle-ground. For example, by allowing increased background checks on gun-owners and lowering their magazine capacity the major problem of mass-murders caused by guns could be decreased. Similarly, anti-gun activists should accept that everyone is entitled to a way of life within the bounds of the law, and hunting and target shooting are an important cultural element for many communities in the country.

There are bigger problems out there in the world and often the gun debate seems a lot like tribalism, with people having to put themselves in either one camp or the other. This is used by politicians to stoke fears and align themselves with the right “tribe” to get themselves elected. By accepting one another’s differences and seeking an agreed compromise, the two sides can hopefully remove guns from the list of debate topics and force discussion on things that actually affect people’s wellbeing and livelihoods. Nobody is expected to agree all the time but mutual respect can solve a lot of issues, especially gun control.