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Global warming essays are very common right across academia because the subject touches upon so many different issues like politics, economics and the sciences. However, with so many different approaches to the topic it can be quite difficult to know where to begin or what angle to take. Here we’ll give you a sample essay about global warming to give you an idea of what it should look like.

Global Warming Is Something We All Need To Focus On

Global warming is an emotive and tense subject right across the world which can be split into various camps depending on the prism through which it is being viewed. This essay will address the increasingly important political stand-off between the major polluters of the world (i.e 1st and 2nd world countries) and those who are being affected most by climate change (the 3rd World). With discussions constantly getting bogged down in internal conflicts and naked greed, as well as the general flouting of rulings made, the world seems to be careening towards disaster, with the poorest citizens suffering the most.

Global warming has been theorized about for generations and there is now almost universal (97%) consensus that human beings are causing it. So, considering that it’s accepted as a fact and that its causes are well known, why isn’t more being done to stop it? Surely as something which will alter life on Earth to an unimaginable degree it should be the major focus of every nation, government and citizen on the planet. The reasons why it’s not can be placed squarely at the feet of the world’s richest nations in Europe, North America and Asia. Ever since the Kyoto Accord in 1997 these countries have proven themselves unwilling to make any commitment which might potentially make life more difficult for their citizens.

Such caring attitudes might seem well-intentioned, but when one considers the massive disruption to life currently being suffered through drought and rising sea-levels across the world they are in fact selfish and short-sighted in the extreme. Through Kyoto, Doha, Rio and Paris, the past 20 years have seen countries like the USA (producing 25% of the world’s pollution) refuse, obfuscate and avoid concrete commitments to lower emissions. Naturally if the biggest climate abusers won’t take the lead, other countries like China, India and Brazil feel it would be unfair for them to have to take the hit instead. So, in a vicious circle of non-commitment, everybody keeps with their behavior with no-one ever taking a noble first step.

As can be understood from the argument laid out, the world seems to be on a path of mutually assured destruction, with the large-scale definitive action required to remedy global warming not being taken by world leaders. Without a clear plan and pan-global agreement that everyone must commit to and implement huge cuts in carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions there might be no saving the planet. As the saying goes, the best time for action was yesterday, the second-best time is now and without it, life on the planet may be doomed.