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Do You Need Some Help On A Family Values Essay?

Writing about family or an importance of family essay in theory shouldn’t be so difficult. Even if one doesn’t have a family it’s a widely accepted and talked about phenomenon in every culture in the world. The problem is that it’s a very personal issue and lots of students are either unused to or uncomfortable with addressing the subject and writing an essay on family. So here we will try and help you out by giving an example of a paper about family.

Is the erosion of family values an obstacle to development in the western world?

Family structures and values vary from region to region and indeed from each individual family to the next. Thus, defining or explaining what family means or should mean is quite difficult. That being said, it is also something which everyone has an opinion on and generally an active interest in. In this essay, we will look at why family values are important for our general wellbeing in a way that is often overlooked in social and economic planning.

What we call western capitalism has driven some of the greatest innovations ever in mankind. The profit motive, excellent use of resources and a reward system based around hard work has driven huge growth in technology and living standards since the Industrial Revolution. However, one of the downsides of this has been the disintegration of family bonds. This has come about through increased personal independence and an encouragement for people to “make it on their own”.

With a move towards greater individualism people are taught to rely less on their families and this has unintended negative consequences. Children move out when they reach adulthood, parents don’t want to “weaken” their children by providing too much financial support and grandparents are sent to be cared for in homes for the elderly as they are not viewed as a responsibility by their offspring. The result is the breaking of links of experience and love which human society has always depended upon to enhance knowledge and ease psychological burdens.

Through the problems noted, modern societies, particularly in the West, now face many unforeseen difficulties. Mental health and suicide are increasing worries, while the recent growth in extremist ideologies shows that the harsh lessons of the past century are being increasingly forgotten. While a return to three or four generations living under one roof is impractical and not without its own issues, a return to the love and respect of traditional family values can have a very positive impact on human life.