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Against the nature free essay sample

Joris-Karl Huysmans was the French novelist, essayist and art critic; he was born in 1848 and died in 1907. He happened to be popular author and became famous for his novel ‘against the nature’, a critic novel. He was the son of Elizabeth-Malvina Badin, a French schoolteacher, and Victor-Godefried-Jan Huysmans, a painter, printer and lithographer from Breda in the Netherlands. Against the nature absolutely enthralled me so much regardless of what other readers say about it, because it condemns the vices in the world.

I support the work of Huysmans in the Against Nature because it boldly point out the short comes and decadence in of literature and world at large. Huysmans novel ‘against nature’, majorly concentrated in the decadence in the field of literature and stood to criticize the perpetrators (James, L. 1954). His disapproval for humanity developed even further and he later came to fathom that the entire world is made up of people who are not positive thinkers. It also became clear to him that he could not entertain any hope of finding in someone else the same inspiration and animosity that he had, and that at no time on earth will he find the mind that thinks as his own.

Huysmans in his novel pointed out corruption in Churches and criticized it so much that he went ahead expressing his mind that worshiping the devil is not as insane as worshiping God. His statement perhaps meant that it is better to worship the devil due to the fact that even church is corrupt. His contempt to churches grew faster due to the endless decadence in the church by the worshipers. Huysmans cried and pitied the world saying that it is useless to live in this world (James, L. 1954).

In conclusion Huysmans critics have helped so much to transform the world at large especially to those that have read his novel against the nature. This book is a must read to everyone who needs to live a life of fairness and justice without any form of decadence.


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